Accomplishments and Failures in 2021

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Looking back on my accomplishments and failures in 2021 makes me believe that it wasn’t bad at all. So let’s see how’s my 2021.

Just like other people I also do a personal self-review. I used to look back on the things that I have achieved and failed in the past years to know what should I improve and what should I leave to lessen my excess baggage. If you are my reader, you’ll know the milestones of my achievements and hardships when I came here to Korea. Just like the unending study of the Korean language, failing and passing the Korean Citisenzhip exam, and applying for citizenship. Over the past year, I am able to build new friendships and new traveling goals as a Global Seoul Mate for 2 years.

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Is 2021 was the worst year?

They say 2021 was the worst year because of the pandemic but it also gave a lot of opportunities for freelancers like bloggers, vloggers, and even stay-at-home parents. What I am saying is there are more online jobs offered than offline ones since everyone cannot able to do office work. Even classes were done online. Stay-at-home parents discovered their passion as family influencers and a lot more.

On the other hand, some people also suffered from depression and anxiety which made them lose hope. Some also lost their family members due to corona. Some businesses were closed, then online delivery platforms were born. The year 2021 was worse for many and maybe good for others.

Accomplishments and Failures

Looking back on my accomplishments and failures in 2021 makes me believe that it wasn’t bad at all. Even though I lost some I was still able to cope and experience other opportunities.

2021 Global Seoul Mate

You know that I’ve been part of the Global Seoul Mate since 2020 and the same as last year. I was able to work with Visit Seoul and Seoul Tourism Organization which was a really nice opportunity. Aside from that, I met new friends and visited many Seoul tourist spots that were really fun to experience. Just like the Panorama Seoul on Sebitseom Island and DDP and Yacht Tour at Seoul Marina Club and Yacht. Through Global Seoul Mate’s program, I was able to experience K-Healing through Seoul K-Medi Center, join exhibits at Lotte Museum of Art and Lotte World Tower, and had fun adventures at Lotte World.

Unfortunately, this year 2022, I am not allowed to join the program anymore since I am holding Korean nationality. Global Seoul Mates program is only open to foreign nationals living in Korea. So if you are a foreigner and you want to join the said program, you can check out Visit Seoul’s official Instagram for more details.

I got a part-time job

Last year, I also got a four-month job contract as a Leader Mom. Wait, what is Leader Mom? This is a group of immigrants from different countries that can teach multicultural education to children. But in other places around Korea, it is well known as a Multicultural educator. So as a Filipino, I was expected to teach Philippine culture to students.

My job ended in June of last year and never got a new one until now. That’s sad but on the other hand, I am able to take care of my son because the pandemic got worse in 2021.

Became a Shopee Korea Ambassador

Losing my job gave me time to build my profile as a blogger/influencer. I was selected as an ambassador of Shopee Korea which made works with different big brands including Mediheal, Cosrx, Dewycel, Some by Mi, Manyo, Grafen, and many more.

Seoul Lantern Festival Supporter

Another opportunity came before 2021 ended when I was chosen as a supporter of the Seoul Lantern Festival. As a supporter, I need to take photos, make a review about the festival and upload them to my SNS.

At first, I was hesitant because the contents should be written in Korean, and don’t have that confidence when it comes to my level of Korean. But at the end of the activity, I was chosen as one of the most active supporters and received an additional cash gift.

Thoughts over 2021

2021 gave me a lot of opportunities to be productive as a multicultural educator (even if it was a short experience), traveler, and blogger. Maybe I am not as famous as others still I managed to get good insights and performance in my works.

Despite the good things that happened there were also down moments where I thought of leaving the blogging world. Just what others say is not all things we see on social media. Even though I am a blogger, I still keep my private life to my followers and still keep what I really feel. There are days I am in a dilemma where I am between light and darkness. My anxiety is killing me sometimes. That is why I don’t post anything and listen to anti-anxiety meditations on youtube until I feel better. Through that, it helps me from time to time to get myself on track.

This 2022, I am looking forward to a better me and I wanna stay happy. All I want is good health, happiness, and of course financial freedom. I’m also hoping that I can do all my responsibilities as a parent and wife. Also, my goals as a blogger will not change, keep creating new and good content. Please be good to me in 2022!

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How’s your 2021?

Xoxo, Hyejin 

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  1. Such a Great Blogging talaga maam! Thanks for sharing this ! Have a great day and Godbless u always!

  2. Such a good blog ma’am! Thanks for sharing this maam! I really appreciate this po!
    Have a great day ☺️

  3. Yung 2021 talaga dami natin struggle sa buhay gawa ng pandemic pero im so happy po kasi despite of pandemic ang dami pa din opportunities ang napunta sayo Ms. Abby and nalabana mo yung anxiety. Sana nga po ngayong year maging ok na and sympre healthy ang family.

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