6 Tips for New Moms to Get Back into Shape After Childbirth

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Are you a new mom and worried about losing yourself? Here are the 6 tips for new moms to get back into shape after childbirth.

The months after giving birth can be an exciting yet challenging time for new moms. Your body has gone through immense changes during pregnancy and delivery, and now you are adjusting to life with a newborn.

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As sleepless nights and endless feedings become your new normal, exercise is likely the furthest thing from your mind. However, getting active again soon after having a baby is important for your physical and mental health. Here are ten tips to help new moms ease back into exercise and get their pre-baby body back.

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6 Tips for New Moms to Get Back into Shape After Childbirth

Take Professional Help if Needed

Getting back in shape after having a baby can be very challenging, both mentally and physically. New moms may benefit from seeking additional professional support during this transition period. Consider meeting with a personal trainer, nutritionist, or postpartum counselor. They can help create customized fitness and diet plans tailored to your postpartum body and needs. 

Keep in mind that getting back in shape takes time. Do not opt for quick fixes like tummy tucks or liposuction right away, as these procedures come with risks and long recovery times. Moreover, please do not get breast implants or breast augmentation surgery until after you’re done breast-feeding. It is advisable to wait for 3-6 months at least. Also, it would be best to do your research on safe procedures instead of getting silicone injections to enhance your appearance since these can lead to serious health risks. However, if you’ve already undergone any procedure involving this harmful substance, consult a silicone injection removal doctor right away!

Follow a Consistent Exercise Routine

To stay consistent with exercise in the postpartum period, try to set a workout schedule and exercise at the same time each day when your baby is asleep or with another caregiver. Mix up your routine with a combination of cardio, strength training, and stretching. Even short 10-15 minute workouts a few times a week can make a meaningful difference in how you look and feel. Consider joining a gym with childcare if you need some time to focus on self-care while your baby is looked after. Making exercise a regular habit, even in small doses, will help you regain strength and energy.

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The most important thing is to listen to your body and ease back into activity gently. Be patient, stick to a plan, and don’t give up. With time and consistency, you can safely get back into shape after having a baby. 

Try Stroller Workouts

Taking your newborn along for stroller workouts is a great way to multitask bonding time and exercise as a new mom. Going for brisk walks with your baby can provide a mood boost for both of you while also getting your body moving. The fresh air and change of scenery from your usual neighborhood route can make the workout extra enjoyable.

You can also find specialized stroller workout classes at many gyms and community centers designed just for postpartum moms. These group classes allow you to meet other new moms while also breaking a sweat with your little one by your side. Just be mindful not to go too fast or do anything overly bouncy or intense that could shake or disturb the stroller. Keeping the intensity low to moderate is best for stroller workouts. Focus on maintaining good posture and form while pushing the stroller at a steady, comfortable pace. 

Invest in a Baby Carrier

Using a structured baby carrier like the Ergo or a wrap-style sling allows you to keep your infant close while keeping your hands free for workouts. Going for hikes, walking on the treadmill, or doing yoga flows while safely carrying your baby in a front pack is a great option. Just be cautious not to do anything too strenuous or high-impact. 

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Listen carefully to your body’s feedback when wearing your baby in a carrier, and take frequent breaks to hydrate and rest. Carriers can be a very convenient option to allow you to multitask bonding time and exercise while ensuring your baby’s comfort and security. 

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Along with exercise, focusing on healthy eating habits is crucial for getting in shape. Don’t try to restrict too many calories, as your body needs proper nutrition to heal, produce breast milk if you are nursing, and keep up with the demands of caring for a newborn. Avoid unhealthy food and eat a balanced diet with plenty of whole foods like fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats. 

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Drink plenty of water daily, as breastfeeding can make you extra thirsty. Consider taking a postnatal vitamin to support your nutrient needs—meal prep healthy snacks like yogurt, nuts, hummus, and cut-up veggies for easy grab-and-go options. If your appetite is low, opt for smaller, frequent meals throughout the day. Prioritizing healthy foods will greatly help you to get your transition early.

Stay Motivated

There are many great ways to stay motivated with postpartum workouts. Finding an exercise buddy or joining a mom’s group fitness class can provide accountability and social support. Setting small, achievable goals each week and rewarding yourself when you reach them can help. For example, you might plan three 30-minute walks over the week. After accomplishing them, treat yourself to a restorative yoga class or massage. 

Keep in mind that even a little physical activity is better than none at all – every step counts! Be proud of what your body has achieved during pregnancy and childbirth. Stay focused on your health and well-being rather than being anxious to bounce back to your exact pre-baby shape. Celebrate small victories and be kind to yourself as you adjust to this new chapter of life.


Getting active after giving birth may require some creativity and flexibility. Listen to your body, start slow, and don’t be too hard on yourself. With your doctor’s go-ahead, most healthy new moms can begin some gentle workouts within the first few weeks postpartum. Make exercise a priority by setting a schedule, recruiting help from your partner, and taking advantage of at-home or baby-friendly workouts. The physical and mental benefits will make the effort worthwhile. With time, patience, and perseverance, you will regain strength, energy, and your pre-baby fitness.

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