5 Life Lessons from ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’

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Here are the 5 life lessons that I’ve learned from the Netflix series ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ which is a drama that talks about mental health.

Hello friends! I hope you are all doing fine. I’m feeling a bit better now after having a bad cold last week. I really hate being sick, it’s not just because I need to take medicines but it will make me stay at home and ruin my plans. I missed the autumn foliage this year. So sad. However, staying at home made me rest and sleep well. I also had the chance to watch a few dramas like ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’.

This drama made me realize that taking care of our mental health is really important just like the Korean drama ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay‘. That’s why I’m writing about the life lessons that I’ve learned from the drama. But before that let me share with you some ideas about what is drama all about.

Story of Daily Dose of Sunshine

Daily Dose of Sunshine is a Netflix series released last November 3, 2023, directed by  Lee Jae-kyoo. The drama was based on the Kakao webtoon by Lee Ra-ha. Its story revolves around Jung Da-Eun (Park Bo-young). She’s a skilled nurse in the Department of Psychiatry at Myungshin University Hospital. A soft-hearted psychiatric nurse who takes good care of her patients. With the help of people around her, she was able to surpass all the challenges that came her way.

The other casts are Yeon Woo-jin, Jang Dong-yoon, and Lee Jung-eun.

5 Life Lessons from ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’

I am not a psychiatrist and I am not a good adviser when it comes to mental health issues but I wanted to share my thoughts about it because having good mental health is very important. Sharing is caring, right?

Learn to say what you feel

When people say that you are so kind, do you know the boundary of being kind? Being always kind sometimes leads us to many issues. There are instances when we don’t know how to refuse when someone invites us or asks a favor to us. We always consider others first before ourselves. Due to this other people that we are okay with everything because we never learned how to say what we really feel.

It’s not wrong to say what’s on your mind or what you feel. It’s okay to say NO. So it won’t lead to any misunderstanding.

Don’t push yourself too hard

Most of the time we’ve put our family and work first before ourselves. Due to this we always set aside ourselves. In life, we must learn how to pause when things are falling apart. We should not push ourselves too hard. We must learn to slow down. Did you know that when we slow down, we make better decisions, are able to connect with our family and peers, and realize that life has so much to offer without getting burned out?

“Don’t push too much. It’s gonna be hard. You’ll give everything, but you’ll still be so hard on yourself, for what you couldn’t do. The guilt will eat at you. It’s just so much to carry.”

Kwon Ju Yeong

We must also find our own happiness so we won’t forget ourselves. Recognizing our emotions or negative thoughts will lead us to acceptance and good mental health.

Self-love & care is important

Many people these days always say ‘Remove toxic people in your life‘ especially if they cause stress. This is a kind of action to take care of our physical, mental, and emotional health which means ‘self-care’. Surround yourself with positive people who will inspire you and lift you up.

“I do hope you can love yourself a little more in the future.”

Nurse Jung Da Eun

Honestly, I never knew this until I realized that I must love myself to be loved by others. We must learn to accept ourselves before others and this is what we call ‘self-love’. We must be aware of our own worth and we must protect it.

Learn to reward or compliment yourself

Whatever we do in our whole day, we must learn to compliment ourselves. Self-praise is a positive way of letting ourselves know that we did an excellent job without the need for others’ validation. By this, we will never forget ourselves. Aside from that, we must also learn to compliment others. That they did a good job or if they failed, we must remind them that they can do better in the next round.

You are not alone

Did you know that mental health challenges can affect everyone? Just like what happened to Jung Da-Eun. It was hard for her to accept that her patient died which led to her depression. Keeping it alone will not give a positive result instead it will lead you to mental illness. That’s why we should learn how to listen to others and talk about our own struggles too. Listening to others can help us to be more understanding, compassionate, and kind people.

But on the other hand, listening or sharing your problems with others is not easy. Some people listen and gossip when someone shares their problems with them. If you are uneasy about sharing your problems with others, either you write your own diary or get help from some institutions that specialize in mental health.

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How do you find the life lessons that I’ve learned from ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine‘? Remember that despite the anxiety, pain and struggles we must find our way out and shine again.

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  1. Gandaa dn pala tlgaa nito , daming leaenings na matutunan and realizationa na dn . Ito ung mga learnings na dapat tlgaa alam natin at gingwa natin . Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Thank you ms.jin for sharing this..
    Sometimes life is hard.. ..pero grateful ako na isa aq sa mga followers mo ms.jin.. at na re-refresh ung isip ko sa mga article mo.. masaya syang basahin ..may lesson tlga na pwede iapply ..sa sarili..

  3. I havent watch it yet though thanks for sharing your thoughts about it! Im guilty with some of the lessons you shared especially when you have your own family already we tend to forget ourselves. Will definitely watch it!

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