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I’m Hye Jin, a Filipina married to a Korean. I’m currently living in Seoul, South Korea for 6 years. I am sociable on social media but in real life, I am a loner. I am an aspiring photographer and a frustrated writer. This page is all about KOREA including Korean drama filming locations, travels, and life in Korea.

Aside from being a mom, wife, student, a traveler, I am also part of the Global Seoul Mate 2020 and 2021 as a promoter of Seoul Tourism. Last 2020, I was selected as one of the Honorary Reporters of Korea.net.

my favorite quote!

“At the end of hardship comes happiness.”




25 Best Korean Lifestyle Blogs and Websites, Feedspot July 24, 2022

Damunhwa Leader Mom 2018
Korea.net Honorary Reporter 2020
Global Seoul Mate 2020 3rd place Awardee
Global Seoul Mate 2021
Shopee Korea Ambassador 2021