I am Happy to be Part of the Global Seoul Mate 2021 – Again!

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Last year, I’ve been part of the Global Seoul Mate, and this 2021, I am happy to be part of the Global Seoul Mate again!

If you are a reader from my old blog ‘My Onni You’ you’ll know that I was chosen to be part of the Global Seoul Mate 2020 and last January they posted a new announcement stating that they’re recruiting for new Global Seoul Mates 2021. In the same process as last year, I signed up a form and submitted it crossing my finger to be chosen again. Anyway, before we get to the main story let me tell you about Global Seoul Mates.

What is Global Seoul Mate?

Global Seoul Mates are a delegation of foreigners living in South Korea. Yearly the Seoul Tourism Organization selects new Global Seoul Mates to create and share content that will show Seoul’s beauty and hidden attractions. In short, they are selected to promote Seoul’s tourism in the global community.

Recruitment of Global Seoul Mate 2021

Photo Source: VisitSeoul.net

The application period lasted for one month from January 14 to February 14, 2021. Then the selection was announced last February, 25. There are given criteria to be able to join the program. You need to a foreigner, a resident of Korea who loves Seoul and can able to do at least one given mission every month.  Aside from that, you need to be an active user of social media like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and etc.

Global Seoul Mate’s Program Details

First, Each selected Global Seoul Mate must complete the given monthly missions (mandatory, optional, special missions) by visiting Seoul attractions, festivals, and events.  Second, the GSM member will create images like taking photos or videos to promote the visited attractions, festivals, or events of Seoul. Lastly, the GSM member should upload the content on her/his personal social media accounts to promote Seoul’s tourism.

The program starts in June till December of this year.

Global Seoul Make Gift Box

Since I was selected to be part of the Global Seoul Mate 2021, they sent me a gift box. It is the same with the other members who have been selected. The gift box includes Bae-b (The Seoul Tourism Smart Guide) and a banner which I think we will gonna be using in our missions this year. It also includes a canvass bag (which I really like!), seasonal sticky notes, portable plastic bag, strap for smartphone, and travel organizers.

Last year, I got a shirt, calendar, picnic mat, and ID. They didn’t send IDs this year but they gave us more gifts this year. Anyway, thanks to the Seoul Tourism Organization, Visit Seoul, and Global Seoul Mate Team for choosing me again to be part of the GSM 2021.

Xoxo, Hyejin 💕

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  1. This is very excited for you and congrats to be part of this programme. Will wait for other updates and dont forget to blog about it!!

  2. That activity looks fun and interesting. Personally, I would have loved to join to meet new people (as an extrovert! 😂)

  3. Yey! I’m one of the readers who knows your story about Global Seoul Mate! Congratulations! As your follower, you really deserved it. You create really engaging content

  4. Congrats, Hyejin! Have another fun and meaningful year with the Global Seoul Mate program and looking forward to your stories on this 🙂

  5. Congratulations sis and please share to us your experience and learnings from Global Soul Mate!

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