K-Healing at Seoul K-Medi Center

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Have you heard about Seoul K-Medi Center? If you haven’t heard about it then keep reading and join me for my K-healing experience!

Looking for a place where you wanted to feel relaxed and healed without emptying your wallet especially this summer? The answer to your query is the Seoul K-Medi Center! As a part of the Global Seoulmate 2021 together with Seoul Tourism Organization, we were given a chance to visit Seoul K-Medi Center and experience the K-healing culture.

Summer in Korea is very hot and humid. It’s actually different from the summer season in the Philippines. Here, I prefer to stay indoors rather than going outside. The summer season here really makes me sweat a lot. When the sweat dries in my body I always get back pains and  I am more prone to fatigue. At first, I always just endure the pain but this time, it’s worry no more! Because Seoul K-Medi Center is the answer to boost my energy and removed all those body pains.

What Seoul K-Medi Center is all About?

Seoul K-Medi Center

Seoul K-Medi Center is a place where you can learn about Korean herbal medicines and traditional medicine exhibits, lectures, and experiences. It was open to the public last October 27, 2017, to promote the excellence of traditional K-Medi not just in Korea but all over the world. They offer different activities like foot bath experience, cooking class, and others.

It is located at the Yangnyeong Market in the district of Dongdaemun, Seoul which is one of the popular oriental medicine markets in Korea. The Yangnyeong Market was the relief institution called Bojewon during the Joseon era and it is the place where they take care of ill people. That’s why Seoul K-Medi Center was built on this historic site.

What to see?

Beauty Shop

K-Medi Beauty shop offers the best quality cosmetics which are made from oriental herbs and environment-friendly ingredients.

Product Promotion Hall

The K-Medi Product Promotion Hall offers different kinds of medicinal stuff, teas, and health foods. Through this hall, you’ll able to know the leading and most famous oriental medicines from the Yangnyeong Market.

Image Experience Room

On the first floor, you’ll able to see the Image Experience room. It is the room where you can see learn about the sowing, cultivation, and harvesting of Korean oriental herbs through interactive video.

Seoul Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Museum

Herb Medicine Museum

The Herb Medicine Museum is located on the second floor and the admission fee is 1,000 won only. It is the major attraction in the Seoul K-Medi Center where you can learn about the history and process of traditional Korean medicine.

K-Healing and Cultural Experiences

I was excited to do my mission this time since I am able to experience the K-healing culture. Here is the list of activities that I have experience with.

Foot Bath Salt Making

foot bath salt making

The footbath salt making was very easy and it’s actually lasted 10 minutes. We used Epsom salt and there are four different kinds of herbs powder that we can choose from.

  • 진피 (Jinpi) – dried orange peel
  • 백년초 (Beaknyeoncho) – it’s a prickly pear from Jeju
  • 감초 (kamcho) – licorice in English
  • 어성초 (eoseongcho) – houttyunia cordata

I choose the dried orange peel and prickly pear from Jeju to created a pinkish finish of my foot bath salt. While licorice and houttynia cordata will make a green finish.

Foot Bath Experience

The footbath experience feeling is extraordinary. Immersing your feet in warm water and medicinal herbs while watching a nice view of the sky under the traditional house is such a great K-healing. It’s not just healing your body but also your heart and mind.

Operating Hours: 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 3:00 pm, 4:30 pm
Admission Fee: 6,000 won (for 20 minutes)
Where to get the ticket?: Information Desk (First Floor)
Other Information: Please come 5 minutes before, children are allowed together with parents

NOTE: Herbal Foot Bath is not available during winter

K-Medi Moving Clinic Bojewon

Thermo-massage Beds

The K-Medi Moving Clinic Bojewon is located on the third floor. According to the book that I’ve got from the Seoul K-Medi Center, Bojewon is a relief institution that was built in the Joseon dynasty to treat ill people especially those who are living in poverty.

Seoul K-Medi had the same purpose that’s why they provide a Bojewon (Korean Medical Clinic) at the center too. They offer diverse traditional Korean medicine counseling services to seniors, people with disabilities, Medicaid recipients, locals, and even to foreigners.

We didn’t have health counseling but we experience the thermo-massage where we lay down on a bed, a herbal eye patch that we put on while listening to relaxing music for at least 20 minutes. We also had hand therapy and a legs massage.

Operating Hours: 11:00 am, 2:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 4:00 pm
Admission Fee: 5,000 won (for 40 minutes)
Where to get the ticket?: Information Desk (First Floor)
Other Information: Please come 5 minutes before, preschools are not allowed

Cooking Class

Aside from the things I mentioned above Seoul K-Medi Center offers a cooking class. Where visitors can learn to cook using medicinal herbs. If you are interested in becoming a medicinal food and liquor expert the center also has intensive certification programs.

Traditional Clothing Experience

korean traditional clothing

If you are an ancient Korean drama fan and aiming to experience the look of the famous Nurse Dae Jang Geum, you should try the Traditional Clothing Experience. But sad to say, due to the sudden level 4 social distancing in Seoul we are not able to try it so I just asked permission from the staff if I can take a photo of it.

Other Information:

Address: 26, Yangnyeongjungang-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
How to get here?: Jegidong Station (Seoul Line 1, exit 2) walk about 5 minutes
Other Amenities: Parking lot, wheelchairs, elevator, restroom, audio guide

Final Thoughts

It was a great experience to try Traditional K-healing at the Seoul K-Medi Center from time to time. I know that modern medicine is good but sometimes our body needs natural healing and repair like what I have experienced. After the foot bath and thermal body massage, my body and mind felt so relaxed. I am thinking to go back again after few weeks to get another massage or acupuncture to boost my energy level and keep away my back pains. The admission fee is not that expensive, for only 11,000 won you’ll able to get relaxed and calm. Plus it has an amazing view from the outside where you can take photos after.

girl in blue dress hanok k-medi
It’s me after the foot bath and massage experience!

The only lacking in our experience was to try the tea tasting. I think it will be great to have a cup of refreshing traditional tea after the massage. But there’s a K-Medi cafe at the front so we just had our tea there.

friends hanok
K-healing with K-friends!

Aside from the K-healing experience of course doing the mission with friends is better. I went to the Seoul K-Medi Center with my friend Paula, she’s also a Pinay (you can follow her on Instagram @its_just_paula) and we met Faye from Turkey and she’s also a GSM member (you can follow her on Instagram @kakaopei13).

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Seoul K-Medi Center

Thank you for reading!
What kind of K-Medi experience would you like to try? Write down your thoughts below.

Xoxo, Hyejin 💕

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  1. I love to visit this Seoul K-Medi Center. I like to try this K-healing culture. It’s nice that there’s still a place like this where you can experience the Korean herbal medicine and traditional medicine lectures, exhibits, and experiences. It will be fun trying the different activities they offer especially the foot bath salt making.
    Jewel in the palace is one of my all time favorite kdrama so I will not miss the chance to visit the K-healing culture and Traditional Clothing Experience.
    I already added this place to my bucket list 😉

  2. Done reading this blog po. Ang ganda naman po talaga dyan sa K-Healing at Seoul K-Medi Center 😍 Must visit talaga ito and ang ganda ng place ang dami pang pwedeng gawin at you can learn about korean herbal medicine pa and mga traditional medicine nila. Instagrammable din ang place I really want to visit this someday 😍🥰

  3. That was a really nice experience and the place was good and relaxing that you can take pictures everywhere. But I guess the traditional K-healing is the reason why people want to go back here at Seoul K-Medi Center becuase always feel good to try natural healing.

  4. i want to try the thermo-massage and acupuncture. but… learning how to cook medicinal herbs seems fun too! 😁 will consider this activities when we visit Korea

    1. I already read this blog, So nice naman po nitong Seoul K-Medi Center. Must visit po talaga Dito. , Sobrang nakakarelax po ang lugar nato. Napaka gandang experience din po talaga nito . Gusto ko din pong matry itong K- healing Culture. 🥰 Sana talaga pag matapos ang pandemic mabigyan ako ng chance na makapag visit dito. 😍

  5. Wow, I like the concept of K healing. It’s great to learn about traditional medicinal treatments as well as indulge in a few pampering sessions. I’ve really been wanting a back massage lately.

  6. Its really nice to have a place to relax during this summer without worrying about emptying our wallet. Its really interesting that there’s a place that offers such kind of opportunity for us which is the Seoul K-Medi Center. I’m really sure that people will be excited to visit the place when they heard the news about this place. This is really interesting. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

  7. Thank you for featuring this place. this is a place that I really wanted to visit because I wanna learn some natural ways to keep my body fit and healthy. Koreans are very creative, they always surprise me with their ideas and culture!

  8. Oh! How very interesting. When I go to Korea, I hope I can find the opportunity to try learning how to cultivate and harvest medicinal herbs, and learn to cook with them, too. These are the things I’d like to experience when we travel.

  9. It was really nice and cool. Thank you for introducing it to us . Been hearing a lot of good feedback’s about that place from my students.

  10. That’s a nice tour. I loved the DIY aspect of this, with the making of your own bathsalt and getting to enjoy your “Foots” of labor with a nice soak in the foot bath… okay no more jokes. 😀 I am so sure that people will go add this one to their itinerary once the pandemic is over and we can all travel again. Is there a way to actually buy bath salts from that place though, and not

    1. I didn’t see any bath salt at the Beauty shop and Promotion hall but I think you are able to get some medicinal herbs like that one they put on the water while were having the footbath.

    1. Yes! It’s actually my first time to experience traditional K-medi culture and it’s not that boring. There’s a lot of things that I have learned too.

  11. I do think visiting K medi center is worth a visit. Nakakatuwa yung everything that our heart and soul need to refresh, they have it – make up, food, something to destress, massage! the ambiance of the place is so nice and i bet ang saya when you are with your friends here. glad you had an awesome visit there!

  12. Looking at your photos and reading your comments, I certainly can tell you had a good time. It’s like a huge hub of holistic wellness where people can go whenever they are tired, want to relaxed, and be healed. How I wish there’s a facility like that in Manila. I would love to get a massage and try out the cooking class.

  13. This made me really wanna go there soon. My number one dream country would be Korea, really. Apart from my boys, (my idols) my love for their beauty industry and culture makes me really wanna go there. I love everything you mentioned. Gaaahh. When can I travel again!

  14. You have no idea how much I’m tempted to visit spas and alike. I would love to try the footbath and thermo-massage and hopefully once it’s safe to travel again, visit South Korea and experience the authentic k-healing. Would also love to join the cooking class!

  15. Ohhh ang ganda pala dito nuhhh
    Aside sa daming nating nakikita ,we learn a lot and great experience if we visit here

    1. Wow sobrang ganda pala jan sa k-healing at seoul k-medi center.. bukod sa ng enjoy k n mg travel madami ka pa malalaman tulad ng sa korean herbal medicine…must visit this place😍😍

  16. I love this kind of travel, especially experiencing others culture is kind of amazing 💓 I’ve only learn Korea’s Culture on our course but, I never really tried to be in there. But, hopefully soon I can also visit and enjoy the authentic experience 💕

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