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Seoul K-Medi Center: Foot Bath Salt Making Experience

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Seoul K-Medi Center offers a Foot Bath Salt making program which is very easy and fun to do! It’s K-healing time!

When I was in the Philippines, I used to visit spas to pamper myself but after moving to Korea, I never had the chance to visit any spa or massage shop. It became the last on the list of my priorities since I became a mom and wife who has a busy schedule every day. But then as the days passed by, I realized that I need to pamper myself too. I don’t want to spend much money on beauty and body products that’s why I always join free programs offered by the multicultural center or organizations like Global Seoulmate, Seoul Tourism Organization, and Seoul Global Center.

Foot Bath Salt Making using Medicinal Herbs

foot bath salt making
My finish product

This time I experience the Foot Bath Salt Making at Seoul K-Medi Center which I mentioned last time on my blog. The footbath salt making was very easy and it’s actually lasted 10 minutes. We used Epsom salt which is a magnesium sulfate compound that is really known as a good pain reliever even in the old times. These days Epsom salt is commonly used in hot baths and foot soaks because it is good as a stress reducer.

There are also four different kinds of herbal powder that we can choose from.

medicinal herbs
Four Kinds of Medicinal Herbs
  • 진피 (Jinpi) – dried orange peel
  • 백년초 (Beaknyeoncho) – it’s a prickly pear from Jeju
  • 감초 (kamcho) – licorice in English
  • 어성초 (eoseongcho) – houttyunia cordata

I choose the dried orange peel and prickly pear from Jeju to create a pinkish finish of my foot bath salt. While licorice and houttuynia cordata will make a green finish. So here’s how we made it.


Materials needed
  • Epsom Salt
  • Medicinal Herbs (4 kinds)
  • Bottle
  • Spoon
  • Alcohol
  • Hand Gloves


  1. Make sure your hands are clean and wear hand gloves.
  2. Spray the alcohol inside the bottle about 3 times. Then shake the bottle upside down.
  3. Put the Epsom salt in about 3/4 of the bottle.
  4. Then choose 2 kinds of powdered herbs and put 1 spoon each on the bottle where you put the Epsom salt.
  5. Shake the bottle until the powdered herbs and salts are mixed well.
  6. Put the lid and you’re done!
All done!

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Making foot bath salt is quick and easy right? Share your thoughts below!

Xoxo, Hyejin 
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11 Replies to “Seoul K-Medi Center: Foot Bath Salt Making Experience”

  1. It seems that experiencing the Foot Bath Salt Making at Seoul K-Medi Center is really amazing. This js a great place to help you relax and give some good time for yourself. I really wanted to try it too. Hope to have an opportunity to experience it someday.

  2. Foot Bath Salt Making looks fun and easy to make. I wanna experience it myself too. It is interesting to use the four herbal powder, I can’t choose which one I preferred.

  3. Ang gandang experience po talaga nitong Foot Bath Salt Making. Talagang matutunan dito kung paano Ito gawin at ano ung mga needs at tamang procedure. Thanks for sharing this Ms abby. So nice dahil they have four different kinds of herbal powder🥰😍

  4. We actually need this .Relaxing and calming ,it was beneficial and awesome. How I love to give a try.

  5. Going here a K-Medi Center is a great opportunity to separate yourself from life’s everyday stressors and have some precious ‘me time’. Thankfully they have the service of foot bath salt which I think a good idea to relax and receive some health benefits. Worth to try because it will not take too much time.

  6. So nice naman po dahil Nag-aalok ang Seoul K-Medi Center ng isang programa sa paggawa ng Foot Bath Salt. Perfect place po talaga ito. Para kahit papaano makapag relax din tayo. Must visit po talaga dito..

  7. Very Nice Product Mommy Jin, Looks Nice and Effective Po talaga.. at nakakaExcite makagamit din nito mukhang masarap nga po ito gamitin sa ating mga Paa.. Truly Salt is one of the reason para manatiling healthy yung mga paa natin hindi pawisin at hindi mag Amoy Daga… salamat sa paIngredients Mommy Jin.. very nice and so impressive ..

  8. Wow, I wanna try this too! It looks like an amazing and fun activity to do during this pandemic. You will learn smething nice, useful and practical. Who knows maybe one day, you can create a business out of this!?

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