Hidden Gem of Seoul: Mullae Arts Village

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There’s one hidden gem in Seoul where art and industrial culture both exist. It is known as ‘Mullae Arts Village’ located in Mullaedong3-ga.

Did you know that Seoul has so many hidden gems where you can find a special place which you’ll never think it would be so nice to visit from time to time? When I got my mandatory mission for  April as Global Seoul Mates, Mullae Arts Village was on the list and it was the first one that got my attention. The other mandatory mission was attending the 2021 Yeongdeungpo Spring Flower festival. I’ve been to Ihwa Mural Village and Bukjeong Village which really represent modern art and the old lifestyle of Koreans. That’s why I choose to put Mulle Arts Village on my list. Let’s see what I found in this hidden gem of Seoul.

What is Mullae Arts Village

If you are looking for an exotic place in Seoul to visit with a combination of art and industrial culture, Mullae Arts Village is the perfect place. It is a place where steel factories and art studios exist together. In the 1970s and 1980s, this place is the home of many machinery works. But in the 1990s, the industry had started to slow down then shops began to close. Young artists from Hongdae and Daehak-ro started to move to Mullae Arts Village after they found inexpensive shops and turned it into a studio.

Time flies, more artists had moved and join the place building different kinds of studios, workshops, cafes, and restaurants. Visiting this place made me see the combined beauty of the old and modern industry of Seoul. Also, it really proves that this place is such a hidden gem to preserve and keep till the end.

When to visit Mullae Arts Village?

Visiting Mullae Arts Village depends on the time you want to see the place. In mid-morning, the industrial shops are alive and doing their work like grinding, welding, cutting steel, and others. If you are visiting at this time, be careful not to hurt yourself due to hazards and heavy materials that you may see at the place. Also, please do not disturb the workers while working because it is dangerous.

If you wanted to visit coffee shops and restaurants, shops are open from lunch to evening and during the weekends. The industrial shops are closed during weekends. Visiting during the evening is a bit different since it gives a cinematic scenery during nighttime.

Where to eat?

Old Mullae

Old Mullae

Many restaurants and coffee shops can be found but Old Mullae is the famous one. Old Mullae is a cafe in the daytime and bar during the nighttime. My friend and I tried their Chicken wings and Salad which costs 20,000 won. I find it cheap and it’s very delicious. The lemon tea costs 5,000 won and it’s so refreshing.

chicken fries salad lemon tea juice

Address: 433-6 Dorim-ro, Mullae-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Hours:Mon-Thu: 12:00nn – 12:00midnight, Fri-Sat: 12:00nn – 02:00am, Sun: 1:00pm – 10:00pm
Phone Number:
Price Range: 10,000~20,000 won
Nearest Station: Mullae Station, Exit 7

Gallery Mullae (갤러리문래)

Gallery Mullae

If you walk a little from Old Mullae you’ll find the Gallery Mullae. It is the same with Old Mullae, it serves coffee, alcoholic drinks, and delicious food like pasta and pizza. You can also find the yellow door and bike which is best to have some instagrammable photos.

Address: 3 Dorim-ro 131-gil, Mullae-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Hours: 11:00am – 1:00am (next day)
Phone Number:
Price Range: Less than 10,000 won
Nearest Station: Mullae Station, Exit 7



Want to go to Hawaii but can’t travel too far? Waves gastropub is the answer. This restaurant theme is Hawaiin made by sculptor Lee Daeseok. The interior really looks like you were on the Hawaiian beach and the best thing I love in this place is you can dine in alone which is awkward in other resto or pubs. They served Hawaiian cuisine, cocktails, and craft beer.

Address: 58-34 Mullae-dong 3(sam)-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Hours: weekdays 11:30-02:00 (Mon 17:00-), Sat 11:30-02:00, Sun 11:30-24:00
Phone Number: 070-7681-0101
Price Range: 10,000~20,000 won
Nearest Station: Mullae Station, Exit 7

Yeongdeungpo offers a guided tour on Mullae Art Village that costs 10,000 won. You may visit the Yeongdeungpu website for more details.


  • The place has many factories or machinery shops operating especially in the daytime so please do not disturb them while working since it’s dangerous for them and of course, for you too!
  • Be careful not to hurt yourself due to hazards and heavy materials that you may see at the place.
  • Be quiet and courteous when approaching the studios or private offices.


  • Wear comfortable shoes, since the places have no labels you’ll be walking a lot while exploring the whole place.

How to get here?

Mullae Station

Take the subway going to Mullae Station (Seoul Subway Line 2) and get out at exit 7 or 1. Walkabout 5 minutes, if you have seen steel shops and machinery workshops you are in the right spot.

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  1. It’s really nice to be in a place like that. One of my dreams in life is to visit different places in the world. It’s really nice that you shared your experience to us for us to have an idea of what would we expect if we visit this place. It’s also nice that you have mentioned a lot of things that people might encounter while visiting the place.

  2. One of the Best place.. isa rin ito sa mga gusto kong mapuntahan syempre gusto ko kasama ang family ko. Gusto ko sabay sabay kami makapamasyal dito. Ito talaga ang unforgettable moment ❤️❤️ Kaya talagang binabalik balikan ng mga tao dito.. Thankyou din po sa pag share samin nito..

  3. Grabe ang ganda nman po dito sa lugar na to . Mullae arts village , ung balik balikan tlga .. ung arts npaka ganda 🤗❤️ sana makarating din ako sa mga ganitong lugar na thimik lang 🤗❤️

  4. This is a nice place to visit. I like arts so I will surely enjoy this place especially the murals. I like that you also include direction so we might not get lost if we will have a chance to visit this place. I like the foods as well, delicious and affordable.

  5. I’m curious if these studios and workshops are for arts like painting or more like the industrial stuff? I really can’t wait to go to SK so Imma pin this, thank you!!

  6. Its look like familiar to me.. I think I have already seen this somewhere in Korean Drama lol. I hope someday I can visit South Korea, and i will definitely go there! Thank you for sharing!

  7. you know this place is nakakahappy. ive always been amazed with street arts, well im sure in all ways magaling silang pintor, painter, artist.. this is one place id love to visit someday.. and yes.. makapag OOTD dito kami ni bagets hahahaha

  8. You mentioned that the place coexists as an art studio, I wonder what kind of art to they exhibit? What medium do they showcase? btw, this really is a hidden gem, are there tourists there? I think you are enjoying the place alone! hehe

  9. Hi! I love tourist attractions that combine art, culture, history and food in one destination. Learning a thing or two from the place’s origin sounds really interesting. This reminds me of my trip to Juifen in Taiwan.places like this are worth the travel time!

    1. Oh I badly want to go there. After pandemic talaga pupunta kami dyan. Will make this article a reference para we can include Mullae Arts Village sa itinerary namin.

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