How to Apply for Korean Resident Registration Number

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Here are the steps and tips on how to apply for Korean Resident Registration Number after receiving your Korean Citizenship certificate.

If you are an avid reader, you’ll know how much time and effort that I put into studying to pass my Korean citizenship exam. It took about 3 years and 8 months to finish my KIIP (Korean Immigration & Integration Program) class. I failed twice on levels 3 and 5 that’s why it took me a long time. There are also times that I’d stop because the truth it is not easy at all especially if you have a child and family to take care too. But thanks to God he gave me so much strength and guidance all the time.

After passing my Korean citizenship exam in 2019 earning 73 points out of 100, I prepared the documents that I need then applied in January 2020. The result came out in September last year and received my Korean Citizenship certificate (대한민국 귀화증서). How did I know that my application was approved? I got a text message that my application was approved already and also they called me if I want to receive the certificate by mail (due to corona) or if I want to visit the Immigration Office? Since I decided to receive the certificate by visiting Immigration because I need to fill up some papers too. I signed a paper 외국국적불행사 서약서, this means that we are giving up our foreign nationality. After signing up for this paper, I went to the window where Korean citizenship certificates are issued and received my certificate.

Steps and Tips on How to Apply for Korean Resident Registration Number

If you think that you are already a Korean after receiving your certificate not yet. There’s still a long way to go. I’ve waited for 2 weeks and went to our Community Center and registered for Resident Registration number or Korean ID number by signing up the 주민등록 신고서.

주민등록 신고서
Resident Registration Form

For the registration of a Korean ID Number, you need to bring the following:

  • 대한민국 귀화증서 – Korean Citizenship certificate received from the Immigration
  • ID picture – taken at least within 6 months

If your husband is not with you when you visit the Community center, please bring the following:

  • Husband’s ID
  • Husband’s stamp or 도장 (dojang)
  1. You need to sign the 주민등록 신고서 and give your id picture together and certificate.
  2. They will ask you to wash your hands before doing the fingerprints so better do what they say.
  3. After the fingerprints, you need to wait for a little while to get your temporary ID.
  4. After two weeks, go back to the Community center (주민센터) and receive your ID.
  5. Update your personal details at the bank, phone, insurances, and others.

Why temporary ID? Well, you need to wait another 2 weeks to receive your ID card. In Korea, the ID is printed with a name (Korean and Hanja), Korean ID Number, and address. It also includes the issuing office and your thumbprint.

After 2 weeks, I received a text message that my ID was out already and ready for pick up. So I went to the Community Center, returned my temporary ID, and received my resident registration card. By the way, after receiving your temporary ID, you need to send your Alien Registration Card to Immigration but take a photo and keep it just in case you need it.

I got my resident registration card already and I’m done. Not yet actually! After receiving your ID you need to get a 주민등록표 (초본) and 기본증명서 (상세) to update your bank details, phone details, and others.

Tip! For the 주민등록표 (초본) tell the employee at the Community center (주민센터) to include your Alien Registration Number. Some banks and insurances usually ask for this. If you are receiving your son’s monthly allowance from the government, you also need to update your resident registration number to them plus your updated bank account.

When you have updated all your personal details you’re all done. But when you want to change your name into a Korean, then you can read my article How to Change Your Name into a Korean Name.

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  1. Wow tlgang very helpful ito sa mga gustong mag apply ng korean resident , easy to apply lang din basta kumpleto ng requirements . Thank you for sharing this po 🤗❤️

  2. It seems that it’s not that easy to Apply for Korean Resident Registration Number base on your experience. And taking your Korean Citizenship certificate is not that easy as well. But I would like to thank you for sharing these steps and tips because this will give those people who wants to Apply for Korean Resident Registration Number an idea that will obviously help them a lot.

  3. so nice naman po nito ms jin and very helpful pa lalo na sa mga mag aapply for korean resident registration card or for korean id number. Thanks for sharing your tips and steps po

  4. I like that you have listed the requirements and steps, it’s a nice guideline. I think the application is convenient coz they are informing the status thru text messages and giving you options. Thanks for the tips too.

  5. i realized to be a “legit” person living there ang dami dami palang kailangan ano? and you should really be knowledgeable with it. thank god for blogs like this that could help a lot!

    1. Yes sis! I’m proud of myself kasi sa totoo lang ako lang din nag aayos nyan mag isa. Pirma pirma lang ang asawa ko haha pero all in all ako pa din nag aral at nakikipag communicate pag may need ipasa na requirements etc.

      1. Thanks for your awesome and realness stories! This gives me idea on how to become an Australian too, from PR to citizenship. Happy for you that you are now a Korean citizen!

  6. It’s indeed a process but it is worth it. Congrats in passing it! So nice of them to message and call you! 🙂 This article is so helpful, will not forget your blog when I get the chance to go to Korea!

    1. Yes! I’m still thinking if I will apply for dual citizenship. Mas complicated pa yung pag aapply for Filipino citizenship ulit 😂

    2. Save ko to for reference para pag na isipan tong gawin ng husband ko, ready na ko. how I wish ganyan din ka organize dito sa Pinas

  7. What I like about Korea based on your posts is that they are systematic and organized when it comes to these documents. Happy for you that you already have your resident registration card already. I bet this post is helpful to those aiming to have one.

  8. Thank you for the detailed post!! Sorry if I missed it in your post/old blogs, who are eligible to apply for the citizenship exam? Thank you so much for the insights! I am studying Korean right now, I’m low level 1B based on the Sejong Test and I really want to know more about citizenship too.

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