How I Met Korean Actor Lee Je Hoon for Free

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Here’s my story of how I met the Korean actor Lee Je Hoon for free. Where, when, and how did it happen? Check this story out!

When you are a Korean drama lover, you’ll always wish to see your favorite actors in person. But for some reason, not all of the fans can afford fan meets to see them. But did you know that here in Korea, there are some ways to see your idols or favorite actors for FREE? And that’s how I also have one of my favorite actors Jung Il Woo. I also saw some actors like Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Kim Nam-Gil, Jang Nara, and others.

You will notice that I wrote that I wrote I met and I saw some actors. There’s a difference between the two. For me meeting someone is you’d able to meet and talk to him while saw is you are watching from afar and have no close contact at all. So if you have got the chance to talk to him or shake hands with him you are so lucky especially if the event is free.

So going back to the real story of this post, I’m gonna share with you the story of how I met the Korean actor Lee Je Hoon for free. But before that let me share with you a short piece of information about him.

Who’s Lee Je Hoon?

Lee Je Hoon is a Korean actor born on July 4, 1984. Before he became an actor he started with indie films, then started filming commercial films like Front Line, Architecture 101, and My Paparotti, and Korean dramas like Fashion King, Secret Door, Signal, Tomorrow, With You, Where Stars Land, Taxi Driver, and Move to Heaven. He’s also one of the main characters in the movie I Can Speak (2017) with Korean actress Na Moon-hee.

How I Met Korean Actor Lee Je Hoon

A few days before the event, I saw a post on Instagram (@ok_hira) about Lee Je Hoon’s fan signing event. Though the event on how to join and win the fan sign was done already I just decided to go to the venue since it is not quite too far and it was a holiday too.

On the day of the event, June 6, I decided to buy a simple flower although I am not sure if he will accept it or not. The fan signing event will start at 2:00 pm. We waited about an hour and a half before the event started. Even though the weather was hot there are so many fans who went to see him too.

We waited in line thinking that the spot we are in was a good one but it was not. I should’ve lined on the other side. But it’s fine since we also had the chance to meet and say hi to him in surprise.

That day there are 30 people who received the fan sign and they are so lucky, isn’t it? Before the event ends, my son went in line to give the flower to Je Hoon but he was not on the list so the security asked him to wait and go back to me. Then the security Ahjussi asked me if we will give the flowers to Je Hoon and I answered ‘๋„ค” means ‘YES’ in English.

As the event will come to an end, to my surprise the security Ahjussi told Je Hoon that a fan would like to give a gift to him. And he came towards us. My son gave the flower and he accepted it saying ‘thank you’ and he even asked my son if he came with his mom. My son answered ‘yes’. I had the chance to say ‘I’m the mother’ and he even say thanks to me too! What a lucky day! It was not unexpected. I may not have the fan sign but will always cherish the moment that I am able to meet him closely.

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  1. You’re so lucky po โค๏ธ maybe next time you can have the fan sign but truly this is an amazing moment to treasure. โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

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