Why ‘Move to Heaven’ is Worth the Watch?

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Why ‘Move to Heaven’ is worth the watch? This Netflix series has been the talk of the town so let’s find out what is all about.

If you have been my reader, you know that I love to write life and love lessons from Korean dramas like Psycho But It’s Okay Crash Landing on You and The World of the Married. This time I’ll be writing about the tear-jerking series ‘Move to Heaven’.

Netflix Series ‘Move to Heaven’

The series has been the talk of the town these past few days and I was intrigued why the title was ‘Move to Heaven’. The story was about a young man who has Asperger syndrome. Their family owns the Move to Heaven trauma cleaners. His father died suddenly so his uncle helped him to do the work.

What are Trauma Cleaners?

The thing that caught my attention was the trauma cleaners. It was my first time to hear about this job. So I did some research to understand what kind of job they do. I’ve searched the internet and found out that trauma cleaners are the expert cleaners when it comes to cleaning up crime scenes or unattended deaths. Never heard about this before and because of this Netflix series, I found out that there’s a job like this all over the world. Upon watching the drama, I’ve realized that this job is not just an ordinary one. They just don’t clean but they disinfect and remove the trauma from the scene. I’ve also read that the annual salary of trauma cleaners ranges 35,000$ to 80,000$.

Why ‘Move to Heaven’ is Worth the Watch?

Move to Heaven is a heartfelt and emotional Netflix series with 10 episodes with different stories to tell. It was inspired by the book ‘Things Left Behind’ by Kim Sae Byul and aired last May 14. Starring Lee Je-hoon (from Where the Stars Land and Model Taxi Driver) and Tang Joon-sang (from Crash Landing on You). It was directed by Kim Sung-ho.

Lee Je-hoon and Tang Joon-sang from ‘Move to Heaven’

The series made me cry in buckets from the start to the end. It made me realize leaving this world alone and lonely is more painful and sad. That no one is there to keep and clean up our belongings that’s why trauma cleaners do the job. They just don’t clean but they also relay the untold messages left behind by the deceased.

Aside from that, the series talked about love and tackled some social issues from family and work relationships. From the pure love of a son to his parents. A longing love from a boy who’s looking for his biological mother. A heterosexual love where a man loves a man which is not acceptable yet in Korean family and society. A one-sided love or false love that led to killing the woman he likes. A couple’s true love show’s that till death they’ll be together, live, and die happily. The unconditional love of a brother who never stopped to find his long-lost young brother. A father’s love who’s worried about leaving his son alone but stayed firm and brave to show his son that everything will be all right.

Aside from the love and social issues, it also shows that people with Asperger syndrome are not stupid but they are geniuses and special. They shouldn’t be treated like slow-witted but they should be accepted in society as normal people too.

Realization and Recommendation

Each death has a different story to tell and the trauma cleaners are the ones who share the untold stories of the deceased through the yellow container. The container keeps the important belongings of the deceased and returned them to their family or burns them if they don’t have relatives.

In short, when we leave this world, our life will be summed up in a box and it’s no different from the walls of our room where we sleep, rest and eat.

Above all, we should know that is important to live. The actors also portrayed their roles very effectively and this series is highly recommended and worth the watch.

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Move to Heaven

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  1. Aww highly recommended and worth the watch mga ganitong movie ung gusto ko dn napapanood ung ramdam ramdam natin . My mga bagay din tlga na need natin research para mas maintndahn pa natin . Ngayon ko lng din narnig itong trauma cleaners hndi pla tlga basta bsta ang job na ito 🥺 gusto ko na siya mapanood .

  2. Sa dami po ng twist sa series na to from relationship,love and social issues sigurado madami din po g mapupulot na aral at madami din makakarelate sa story ng series na to. Knowing na korean shows at korean actors sobrang gagaling magportray ng kanilang mga roles panigurado mafefeel mo talaga yung story niya behind the title❤️❤️❤️

  3. Looks so interesting naman po panoorin nitong ” Move to Heaven ” sure na madaming matututunan dito lalo na when it comes to different kinds of love and matatackled din dito ung mga some issues about sa relationship of family and friends. Panoorin ko po ito talagang nakaka excite din panoorin and at the same is nakaka curious yung story nya 🥰

      1. opo nga po ms jin talagang after netong isang kdrama na pinapanood ko yan po ang isusunod ko😊

  4. Looks so interesting naman po nitong Move to Heaven. Sure na madami kang lesson na matututunan and malalaman lalo na when it comes to different kinds of love. And matatackled pa dito yung mga some issues about realationship of family, friends and co-workers. Panoorin ko po ito momsh dahil talagang ang interesting nya and nakaka curious ung kwento yung plot twist sa story kaya nakaka excite din😊

  5. Kedami ko ng mga naka bookmarked na panonoorin sa netflix hahaha tas eto nadagdagan pa nga 😀 Hanggang listahan lang ata eh! HAHA btw, super cute ng blog mo huhu ang linis i laveeet!

  6. Oh my I couldn’t see myself to do that job! I think I would cry buckets myself! I just learned that about now! I will put this series on my list on my journey to try Kdrama 🙂 hehe

  7. First time to hear this kind of job “trauma cleaners” meron pala nun.. sana meron ding money problem cleaners haha. Kidding aside, parang ang sad naman nyan, pag usapang death medyo sensitive ako eh..Pero gusto ko pa din syang mapanood.

  8. tempting eto panoorin ha. kaya lang baka maiyak ako neto:-(. first time to hear about the trauma cleaners, too. napagoogle din ako while reading your blog.

  9. In some western movies, trauma cleaners are just called ‘the cleaners’. And indeed, in reality the cleaners are earning heaps. They are knowledgeable in various chemicals and substances that being used for their jobs. Some of them are professionals in the medical field.

    I’ll check this movie and hope it will be available in Netflix Australia!

  10. This sounds really interesting, but I am currently not into drama-ish drama recently. I feel like it can trigger something in me although would love to try watching this in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wait, trauma cleaners? Learned something new today, thank you! I’m not much into dramas or emotional series so I’m not sure I’ll actually watch it (mostly because I get emotional quite quickly and can’t afford to mull over a story for days). I’ll add it to my watchlist though and see when I’m in the mood for it!

  12. My husband told me the same thing. Worth it daw talaga panoorin to. I will add this to my Kdrama list to watch!

  13. I’m hooked with the story.il definitely watch it .thanks for sharing interesting movie to watched.

  14. I’m intrigued because the story is about Asperger’s Syndrome, a condition which I suspect I have and something which my eldest son might have also inherited from me.

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