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6 Relationship Lessons from The World of the Married

Here are the 6 relationship lessons from The World of the Married which many married couples are being hit by this new Korean drama of JTBC. The drama tackles marriage, family, love, betrayal, and respect. This drama is inspired by the Doctor Foster series from the United Kingdom. 


The story of the Korean drama The World of the Married (부부의 세계) is about a successful family doctor Sun Woo (Kim Hee-ae) who thinks she has everything. A happy family, a great career, and good friends. But one day, she found out that his husband Lee Tae-oh (Park Hae-joon) was cheating on her and her friends knew about it. Thinking about his son, she decided to forgive him but finding out that his husband took everything that she owns she made up her mind divorcing him.

6 Relationship Lessons from The World of the Married

1. You can’t love two people at the same time

It might be possible that you can love two people at the same time but love and affection are not the same. Especially when you have a long time relationship that became less intimate and the sexual connection fades and you fall for someone who’s opposite from your current relationship. So if you fall from in this situation, then it does not love – it’s just LUST.

2. It’s not a crime to fall in love BUT…

It’s not a crime to fall in love BUT it’s a mistake when you’re in a relationship especially when you are married. You decided to marry and give your vows to each other that you will love each other till death. That you will be together from sickness and in health or for richer or poorer. If you are unhappy, leave for a while and think about how and where did you start.

3. It’s not bad to follow your heart and go with the flow.

When we are in love with someone else we try to give chances but when it reaches our limits and it’s hurting us so badly it’s not bad to follow what is right. Divorce is far different from just breaking up especially when you have kids to consider. But it’s better to be alone than be with someone who doesn’t want to be there. So when the time comes that things don’t go as planned, it’s not bad to follow your heart and go with the flow.

4.  Don’t be fucking mad when you have done the same

You know when a man cheats on you the world seems just fine but when a woman cheats she’s been always criticized wherever she goes. Like what happened to Sun-Woo and Lee Tae-Oh, he was caught cheating and slept with another woman while fooling her wife, he thought that it’s fine. That men are like that.  But when she slept with another man, he was freaking and telling her wife “How could you sleep with another man?” Isn’t he crazy and selfish? Though always remember that ‘One mistake cannot be corrected by another mistake’, so if he/she hurts you don’t do the same. There are still many ways to get revenge.

5. Don’t trust anyone

Even though you love someone so deeply never entrust everything to him or her especially when it comes to financial matters. Money can make someone greedy and that person will make an advantage to you when they knew your weaknesses. Above all, even everything seems so perfect, trust your instinct. Not all people who are close to you are honest with you.

6.  Don’t be in a relationship that can kill you

Some might have a happy relationship on the outside but live in hell on the inside. Don’t choose a relationship that can kill you which means don’t be a battered wife or girlfriend. Once he hit you and says sorry, don’t expect that it will not happen again. Once is enough and twice is too much. Remember that people don’t change that easy to think that you can change him or her when you stay.

If you think you are in a relationship like from the Korean drama The World of the Married, think twice especially when you have kids. The kids suffer the most when their parents got separated. But it’s not bad to leave and start over when you’re into a hard relationship. Love is a powerful feeling, it can make you happy and sad, but it can make you blind and do crazy things too. So better be careful when you fall in love especially when you fall from the wrong man.

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