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Do you love playing online games and do you have your all-time favorite online classic games? Are they free or do you spend money to play?

In this generation, there are so many online games that have been made and developed. Many Gen Z are more fond of video games like Mobile Legends, Call of Duty, Nintendo Games, and many more.

Though there are more creative, interactive, colorful, and metaverse game platforms the classic online games are still my favorite. Why? Because they are more simple, easy to follow, and yet knowledgeable.

5 Favorite Free Online Classic Game

There are times that I am bored and can’t do anything then I’ve thought of searching for some online games that are not too hard to play or understand. While searching online I’ve crossed the site I found out that they have been my favorite games since I was in high school.

In this article, I will share with you my 5 favorite free online classic games that you can play anytime and anywhere.

Word Seach

A Word Search is a game where you need to find or seek the letters of words placed in a grid which usually has a square or rectangle shape. This game actually keeps the mind active and helps the brain to be in tip-top shape. If you are able to solve the word puzzles it means your brain is still working and had no problems.

I feel intelligent whenever I play this game.

Letter Scramble

Same as word search, Letter Scramble also is a fun and interactive game that stimulates the mind. I love this game because it also helps me to discover new words and do my best to broaden my English vocabulary.

Cooking Mahjong

To play this game – Cooking Mahjong, you need to combine three different ingredients to cook. And remember that you can combine the free stones together. You can check the recipe in the upper left corner and you can also shuffle the stones (from the right lover button) if you have no stones available.

Cooking solitaire helps my mind relax and focus on what I am doing.

Candy House

Candy House is like a color-matching game that develops your strategic skills. To play this game you need to match or swap 3 or more of the same color of candies in a vertical column or horizontal row. If you’ve matched 4 or more candies in the same color you’ll get power-up pieces or boosters that can destroy other pieces on the same line or any color you choose.

Solitaire (Classic)

Solitaire is one of the games that I’ve played since I was young. But since I am not able to bring cards anywhere I am glad that has it. I can play my favorite game anytime and anywhere.

The aim of solitaire is s to sort the cards according to their suit from ace to king. You won if you are able to complete the foundation with the whole deck of cards just like my cards from above.

Also, they always say that playing cards is like a game of life. Sometimes we have bad and good cards just like our bad and good days.

Advantages of playing online games

Playing online games moderately has some advantages too as it gives us new ideas, develops analytical skills, and improves concentration and cognitive abilities like memory retention.

It is also a way of relaxation as we are able to focus while playing. On the other hand, some people are earning while playing too so it can also be a source of income.

But do always remember, too much of everything is bad. So always play in moderation to keep our body and mind healthy.

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These games are free and user-friendly! You can play these games for free at!

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