4 Reasons to Visit Cinnamoroll Sweet Cafe in Hongdae

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Here are the 4 reasons to visit the cutest cafe in Hongdae, the Cinnamoroll Sweet Cafe. Don’t skip and just keep on reading!

Are you a fan of Sanrio characters? Well if you are Seoul has a great treat for you because of the popular Sanrio Lover’s Club Café to Cinnamoroll Sweet Cafe. These days the Sanrio characters are getting famous here in Korea, especially Cinnamoroll and Kurumi. But this time I’m going to feature the cutest cafe in town where you can enjoy it with your kids. But honestly, it is not just the kids who enjoy these trending cafes.

I remember when I first came to Korea, I was able to visit a Hello Kitty Cafe in Myeongdong and in Hongdae. If I am not mistaken, the place where Sanrio Lover’s Club is actually the Hello Kitty Cafe before. But, anyway, let’s go back to Cinnamoroll Sweet Cafe and I’m gonna write down the 4 reasons why you must visit it when you come to Seoul.

Cinnamoroll Sweet Cafe

This cafe has no pre-required reservation like Sanrio Lovers Club Cafe but when I visited I actually book a reservation online. That is because I’ve read from other visitors that they input their number at the entrance and wait for their turn. But since it is a bit famous to locals and tourists you can’t avoid waiting too. Although this cafe is actually inside the AK Mall you can roam around while waiting. There’s actually a K-pop shop beside the cafe too.

4 Reasons to Visit the Cafe

Small but Instagram-worthy: The cafe is actually smaller than the Sanrio Lovers Club Cafe but I can say that every corner is Instagram-worthy. The interior comes with pink, blue, and ocean green pastel colors.

The food is cute and delicious: You know sometimes some pop-ups only depend on the cuteness of the places or the plating of their food. But Cinnamoroll Sweet Cafe has a cute and delicious menu. It was actually my first time having a waffle with a rice cake filling.

They have a pop-up store: Aside from the cafe they also have a pop-up store where you can buy authentic stuff from Cinnamoroll. From small to biggest sizes of stuff toys, bags, keyrings, pens, mugs, and many more.

It’s in Hongdae: The Cinnamoroll Sweet Cafe is located in Hongdae where you can do a lot of things like visiting the shopping street, and other cafes, and watch busking in the evening. Also, you can visit the famous Line Friends shop, Korean drama filming locations, and of course, try some Korean delicacies.

Menu and Prices

The cafe’s menu ranges from 4,500 to 18,000 won. My friend and I actually ordered Cafe Mocha, fruit waffle, and strawberry banana parfait.


How to get here:

Address: Hongdae AK&, 188 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (서울 마포구 양화로 188 홍대 AK&)
How to get here: Hongdae University Station (Line 2), exit 5
Hours: Every day: 11:00 am ~ 10:00 pm

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  1. Yes fan ako ng sanrio . Gandaa ng cafe na ito ang instagrammable ng place plus msasarap na foods . Kung mkakavisit man ako korea dream ko tlga to , isa ito sa ppntahan ko 🥰🩷

  2. Woww this is so cute and beautiful cafe 🤍🤍
    Plus they also served a delicious foods and drinks
    Kaya ganitong cafe ,sarap balik balikan especially sa mga malalapit lang dito and Thank You For sharing a great review Ms.Jin

  3. Very IG-Worthy, at talagang MagEenjoy Ka ng Sobra 🥰🥰 i defenitly Loved this Vibes. Saraaap mag Coffee Dito Even the Desserts Was so Goood and Mouth Watering 🥰🤤🤤😋😋

  4. This is too cute!!! Not suprised you need to have a reservation prior to going over there. Good to know they are not just instagrammbale but actually offer good food, too.

  5. Beautiful photos! I love your post! May I know where you booked online for the reservations? Thank you!

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