4 Ways to Enjoy the BTS x SIDIZ Pop-up Store

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Hi Armys! There’s a new collaboration between BTS and SIDIZ. Here are the 4 ways to enjoy the BTS x SIDIZ pop-up store!

These days the weather is getting warmer and actually perfect for outdoor activities. I found a hot place which is really perfect for weekend dates with friends, girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s in Seongsudong where a new BTS x Sidiz pop-up store was opened. The pop-up store features a special collection of products featuring the theme of BTS music.

BTS creates non-stop merchandise from albums, apparel, figure and toys, and many more. BTS is a K-pop group consisting of seven members – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Formed in 2010 and debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. Since then, BTS didn’t fail to amaze their fans all over the world. Due to their remarkable talent and extraordinary performances, BTS literally brought billions into Korea’s economy. The BTS is also Seoul’s tourism ambassador.

This time they collaborated with SIDIZ. A leading brand that manufactures and sells high-quality ergonomic chairs for offices, children, students, and other related products. Founded in 2010 and currently sponsoring the museum chair of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

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So let’s see the beautiful chairs of BTS from SIDIZ

4 Ways to Enjoy the BTS x Sidiz Pop-up Store

Before I slept the other night, I was browsing Facebook when I saw the event post from SIDIZ. It states that they’ve set up a pop-up store in Seongsudong. I have work the next day but decided to have an off in the afternoon and went to Seongsudong. I don’t usually take an off if it is not important. But lately, I’m quite stressed and want to unwind. So I ended up visiting the pop-up store and enjoyed the pancakes at Maple Top.

1. Main Photo Zone

This is the main photo zone and you’ll see it right away when you arrive at Seongsu Yeonbang. The pop-up store is expressing the message ‘LOVE YOUR SELF, LOVE YOUR LIFE’. It is a reminder that despite the hardships that we face every day, we must always remember to love ourselves and our lives.

2. Product Exhibition Zone

Behind the main photo zone, there’s the product exhibition space that features the special collection of BTS and SIDIZ. From the visual desk chair LINIE, the universal stool FUNGUS MOVE, and the handy and portable chair OLLY.

3. Music Theme Zone

There are four booths in the music theme zone which include DNA, Boy with Luv, Dynamite, and Butter. These are actually BTS music that really hit the fans every now and then. At the music theme zone, visitors can able to sit, touch, and take photos in each booth.

Boy with Luv

4. Pop-up store On-site Event

Printed photo and a gift (random stickers)

BTS x SIDIZ prepared an on-site event upon visiting. Take a photo in each booth, and upload it on your Instagram using the given hashtags #BTS, #시디즈, and #LOVEYOURLIFE. After uploading, go back to the product exhibition zone and print your photos at the kiosk. Show your photos to the staff and receive a random gift!

How to get here?

Address: 성수동 성수이로14길 14 성수연방 (Seongsudong Seongsuoiro14gil 14 Seongsu Yeonbang)
Transportation: Seongsu Station, Exit 3 and walk about 5 minutes (use Kakaomap or Navermap for GPS)

BTS x SIDIZ Pop-up Store #Event

How to participate?

  1. Visit the BTS | SIDIZ pop-up store at Seongsu Yeonbang.
  2. Take a photo of you sitting on the chair at the main photo zone or music theme exhibition.
  3. Upload your photo with the required hashtags! (check the details above)

Event Period: April 29 to May 15, 2022
Prize: BTS | SIDIZ FUNGUS MOVE moving stool (3 winners/random color)
BTS | SIDIZ OLLY portable chair (10 winners/ random color)
Starbucks Americano gift icon ( 30 winners)

The announcement of the winners will be on May 23, 2022, via DM.

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사랑, Hyejin 

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  1. BTS pop up stores here are in the malls, and it’s just as well because of the current heat! I just might treat myself to it this weekend for my birthday.

  2. Ang super cute ng color palette, nakakawala ng stress. Hope mag concert rin dito sa Australia ang BTS.

  3. yay! any Army would love this!! i remember merong BTS Store dito, i cant remember if it was megamall ba. grabe dami tao. ill share this to my friend’s daughter im sure she’d want to fly there asap! haha!

  4. Wait, I noticed you’re at different pop up stores in SoKor and i’m downright jealous especially sa mga pop-up ng mga movies 🙁 I’m not a super duper BTS fan but I’m inlove with Yoongi hahaha the Boys with Luv music zone is me.

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