Learning the Korean Language with BTS

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Learning the Korean Language is now easier with BTS with their new learning Korean books set which includes a speaking pen. Amazing right? 

BTS is one of the most admired K-pop bands these days and I am not surprised by that because they’re really talented. I’ve listened to their songs and watched their music videos and they’re amazing. They have non-stop album and merch releases. But this time, their Learn! Korean with BTS Book Package caught my attention.

Many K-pop and K-drama fans really wanted to learn Korean and the release of these learning books is really timing since everyone are staying at home and looking for new things to do and learn.

Learn! KOREAN with BTS book package consists of four books, one speaking pen, a micro USB cable, and two pieces of Hangeul Korean sticker sheets. For those who bought the first edition, there’s a study note included in which you can make a list of your study plan.

What’s Inside the Box?

The books are about Bora the ARMY who traveled to Korea and met new AMY friends in her journey. Each book represents different regions like Seoul (Book 1), Gyeonggi, Gangwon, and Chungcheong (Book 2), Jeolla and Jeju (Book 3), and Gyeongsang (Book 4). These regions are related to BTS that’s why Bora the ARMY visited them in the book.

Through the books, you can also learn basic Korean traveling phrases which are very important when traveling to Korea.  Aside from the basic Korean phrases the books also included the colorful culture of Korea.

Speaking Pen

The speaking pen is really helpful, especially when studying the correct pronunciation of a Korean word. The speaking pen has an optical camera and reads the Ncode (the tiny dots printed in the book) that’s why it can read the words and phrases out loud. Another thing, the pen can also speak in four languages, Korean, English, Japanese and Spanish.

The speaking pen also includes a high-quality speaker with a clear sound so the listener can understand the correct pronunciation of every word or phrase.

The speaking pen is rechargeable so it includes a micro USB cable.

How to Use the Speaking Pen

Turn on the pen and tap the designated language you want to use and tap the words or phrases and listen. For better learning repeat each word about 5 to 10 times.

To make this book more exciting, you can learn the Korean Alphabet by writing the names and songs of BTS. In addition to that, there’s a QR code where you can scan with your phone to watch videos of BTS. Pay attention to the videos because there are questions that you can answer to practice your Korean language skills.

Hangeul Keyboard Stickers

To make yourself familiar with Korean consonants and vowels Hangeul keyboard stickers are included in the package where you can use and put them on your keyboards.

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  1. I really want to learn Korean language, kakanood ko ng kdrama medyo natututo pero this is a big help. Plus included pa ang speaking pen and stickers, wow! ❀

    1. Amazing.. I studied korean language too and its not that easy.. This is a big help to those who really want to learn the language..

  2. This is very helpful to those who want to learn the Korean languange. Bts Army will be happy for this.

  3. Super nice ng book. I love the speaking pen makakatulong talaga to sa mga gusto matuto ng korean language lalo na ako.

  4. #BTSFanClubs sobrang Cool nito.. super dami tlagang matututunan jan Thanks for sharing this ate Abby

    1. Who knew that BTS isn’t only a music group who sells the typical merch and albums?
      Oh, how fun would it be to learn Korean with this set! I’m really interested with the keyboard!

  5. This is too cute and innovative. I love the mix of pop culture and actually being educational. Korea is one of my favorite places and I will definitely check this out. πŸ™‚

  6. Ay ang cute! I am definitely showing this to my sister who is such a fanatic of BTS. Gustong gusto rin niya makapag aral ng ibang language and this is a nice thing to have. Sana may japanese version nito though, (and yes I know BTS is korean) pero ang neat ng item na ito to make learning possibly other languages easier like maybe japanese or french πŸ™‚

  7. for sure this is sold out due to the bts fans! but im sure nakaka enjoy to learn to learn the language if its coming from your fave.. from your bias.. ooops. im learning fandom words too XD

  8. Gusto kong matuto mag-Korean, okay sana ito. Syempre, BTS yan kaya malamang pricey yan. Di ako Kpop fan, pero kung Army ako malamang kahit mahal pa yan, bibili ako. Hahaha.

  9. for sure, it will be sold out soon due to number of bts fans out there. feeling ko magiging part ito ng memorabilia ng mga kpop fan. they will enjoy reading and learning korean language at the same time

  10. BTS is really a big help to the image of KOrea. They are so big yet they are so inspirational. Now, they are being educational. I like the way they innovate themselves and keep on finding new things to promote themselves and Korea.

  11. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see an educational merch of BTS. I mean, they are love by everyone even young kids. This is such a great idea to touch younger hearts, not just with music but for them to love studying too. Perooo wait, my kid-at-heart self would definitely love that talking pen! HAHAHA πŸ˜€

  12. This is awesome! The first time I tried to learn Korean language, I was only 14! Hahahaha. Pero I got stuck so this would really help me . Gusto ko rin yung speaking pen. Na-try ko na sya once sa mga children’s book. Meron din palang ganito for leaning. Nakakatuwa!

  13. Woah! Now all of my student’s would love to learn the language if I introduce this to them. Aha. Lalo pa’t halos lahat ng girls (and gays) makaBTS na.. I hope there’s someone naman who can appreciate second gen kpop since that’s my time and my jam. πŸ™‚

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