11 ‘Psycho But It’s Okay’ Must-Have Items

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There are 11 ‘Psycho But It’s Okay’ must-have items especially when you are a fan of this drama. Wanna know about it?  Then just continue reading.

Psycho But It’s Okay (사이코지만 괜찮아) or It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is the comeback drama of Kim Soo Hyun after his hit drama My Love from the Stars 5 years ago. It took him 5 years to come back on the screen because he served his military service for 2 years. While Seo Ye-Ji’s last drama was in 2018, the Lawless Lawyer.


Psycho But It’s Okay (사이코지만 괜찮아) or It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is a new romantic Korean drama that revolves around Kim Soo Hyun who plays Moon Kang Tae, a caregiver who works in a psychiatric ward. While Seo Ye-ji as Ko Moon Young is a famous writer of children’s books.

The story is about how they will heal both their emotions and psychological issues when one doesn’t believe in love and the other knows nothing about love.

Aside from the cast, story, ost, and filming locations, fans are also waiting for the featured items from the drama. And I made a list of these items which you can have as a collection.

11 ‘Psycho But It’s Okay’ Must-Have Items

1.  The Boy Who Fed On Nightmares (악몽을 먹고 자란 소녀)

The story of the book is about a boy who always wakes up from an awful nightmare. He wanted to forget the bad memories of his past but it keeps coming back every night through his dreams.
Then one night the moon became bloody, and the witch showed up to take what he promised to her. Then the boy who became an adult and no longer had nightmares shouted to the witch full of resentment. He said that his bad memories were all gone but he wasn’t happy.
The witch took his soul as they promised and told him that only those who have deep regrets, and hurtful and painful memories that are buried in their hearts can become stronger, more passionate, and emotionally flexible. Only those who felt pain and bad memories can find happiness.
So the witch told him that he shouldn’t forget any of his bad memories. He must remember it all to overcome everything. If he can’t overcome it he will always be a kid with a soul that never grows.

Where to buy?: Yes24 website
Price: 12,000 won (500php)

2. Zombie Kid (좀비 아이)

It’s about a mother who has a child with pale skin and large eyes that looks like a zombie. When the mother realizes that his son doesn’t have any feelings whatsoever she looked him up in the basement and kept him there for many years.
She fed his son with stolen livestock from their neighbors. But when a pandemic came and many of the village people and animals died. Those who survived left the village but the mother cannot leave her son alone.
Her son was so hungry and crying, to stop him, the mother cut her one leg, her arm, her limbs, and nothing left but her torso.
The mother embraced his son for the last time so he can eat what was left but for the first time the child spoke and he said: “Mom, you’re so warm“. But the boy got confused about what he really wanted. Satisfied his hunger or feeling his mother’s warmth.

Where to buy?: Yes24 website
Price: 12,000 won (500php)

3. The Cheerful Dog (봄날의 개)

The Cheerful Dog’s story is about a dog who’s been tied up for a long time and he was called “The Cheerful Dog” because he was so cheerful like springtime. But the truth is he just wanted to run freely on the field and play but he cannot. But one day, he also found a way to cut his own leash.

Where to buy?: Yes24 website
Price: 12,000 won (500php)

4. Mangtae Doll (악몽인형)

Mang-tae is a doll that would eat up all your nightmares. Later on, Gang-tae gave it to Moon-young for the same reasons. Because Moon-young is also having nightmares.  Then Sang-tae and Moon-young fight over the doll’s ownership.

Where to buy?: Ch3 website
Price: 18,000 won (800php) *Shipping fee excluded

5. Dinosaur Doll (공룡인형)

The dinosaur doll belongs to Sang-tae and there’s no doubt that in this drama Psycho But It’s Okay or It’s Okay to Not Be Okay he loves dinosaurs.

Where to buy?: Ch3 website
Price: 18,000 won (800php) *Shipping fee excluded

6.  The Hand, The Monkfish (손,아귀)

This book was narrated in Episode 14 and the story is about a mother who has a beautiful baby girl. She raised the baby girl thinking that she will be perfect. She fed her and carried her on her back.
But one day the mother told her child that she needed some rest and asked her to get some food. But the child answered that she doesn’t have a hand because she never tried using it so her hands vanished. The mother asked again her child if she can carry her because her legs are hurt. But the child answered that she has no feet. But she only has a big mouth.
The mother got angry and threw her child into the sea. She said that her child was a failure. That’s why there’s a humor that the fishermen usually hear a baby’s cry during windy days out on the sea. The child called her mom to please come back and get her.

Where to buy?: Yes24 website
Price: 12,000 (500php)

7. Psycho But It’s Okay Script Book 1 (Chapter 1 to 8)

This book is the first 8 episodes of the drama with 504 pages. It’s sad to say that this book is fully written in Korean only.

Where to buy?: Yes24 website
Price: 16,800 won (700php)

8. Psycho But It’s Okay Script Book 2 (Chapter 9 to 16)

The Psycho But It’s Okay Script Book 2 has been posted in the online market today and will be released on August 27, 2020.  It includes episodes 9 to 16 of drama with 520 pages.

Where to buy?: Yes24 website
Price: 16,800 won (700php)

9. Finding the Real Face (진짜 진짜 얼굴을 찾아서)

There are three people who lived in a castle whose true faces were stolen by a Shadow Witch.  To find their real faces they rode the camping car and started their journey.
Through their journey, they met a mother fox who’s crying because she dropped her baby in the snow. The Masked Boy saw how sad the mother fox was and he didn’t notice the warm tears running in his eyes. But when the snow melted, the baby box soon appeared.
Then they ran into a clown who was dancing naked in the field of thorny flowers. The Emotionless Princes asked the clown why he was dancing at the thorny field knowing that he might get pricked by the thorns. The Clown answered,  that it was the only way people can look at him.
So the Emotionless Princess danced with him in the thorny field. While dancing and hopping, there’s a loud clanking noise inside the Emotionless Princess’s torso. And then the people began looking where the sounds came from. They watched their dance and gave them a clap of applause.
They continued their journey, and the evil Shadow Witch came and kidnapped the Masked Boy and the Emotionless Princess for what they did. The Box Ahjussi found them in a mole tunnel but he can’t go inside because the entrance was too narrow. He took the courage to remove the box from his head and went to the tunnel to save the Masked Boy and the Emotionless Princess.
The two can’t stop laughing when they saw Box Man’s face filled with dirt. They laughed and giggled till the Masked Boy’s masked fell and the same with the Emotionless Princess’ torso.
Then the Box Man said that he was happy.  The Shadow Witch did not steal their real faces but it was their courage to find their own happiness.

Where to buy?: Yes24 website
Price: 12,000 won (500php)

10. Psycho But It’s Okay Fairy Tale Writer Special Package

Here’s a Fairy Tale Writer special package from the drama which includes a Fiber Castle Pencil Roll Set (12colors) and a coloring book.

Where to buy?:  Ch3 website
Price: 75,000 won (3,200 php)

11. Psycho But It’s Okay OST

The Original Sound Track of the drama consists of 2 discs with a total of 36 songs. The OST also includes a cover box, 2 discs, a booklet, two random photo cards, a bookmark, and a pop-up card, plus a poster.

Where to buy?: Yes24 website
Price: 33,000 won (1,400 php)

So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now! You may also check these articles Kdrama review for Psycho But It’s Okay and 10 Life Lessons from Psycho But It’s Okay.


Xoxo, Hyejin 💕

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  1. All of those are cute stuff! As an art enthusiast like me, I think I’d love to try the faber castell pencil colors! I like the effort you put into this, btw! You get so much details from the series! 🙂

  2. Wow! These are amazing items. I want to buy no.10. Lol! It is so cuteeee but I know I will not able to use it. Despite that, this is such a great list! It is a must-read for fans of it.

  3. I want all of these items! I haven’t watched the show, but I’ve been hearing great feedback and it seems like the underlying topics they touched on were dealt with appropriately. I love a show that raises awareness on emotional & psychological issues without demeaning anyone affected by any of it.

  4. I remember my sister being addicted to these kind of dolls especially those voodoo dolls with buttons as eyes! These are great items for me and for those who wants to feel emo at times. HAHA

    1. I haven’t seen this yet but those are very interesting items! I’m sure many people would love to collect them! Those dolls look intriguing.

  5. I’ll be watching the KDrama this week. Hehe! So I opted to read a few parts lang po But the stories itself, from your must-haves are really essential especially if you are a fan of the KDrama because some parts of it are relatable while others have an amazing plot.

  6. Hindi pa ko super makarelate sa kilig and sa urge to buy all these items so I am going to watch the series muna. Ang tagal ko na curious, I just do not have the time yet. Huhu.

  7. These look so cool! It’s my first time knowing about this drama series. I’ll definitely check it out and watch! It seems so interesting and it looks like it dwells a lot on the issue of mental health, which is so great! <3

  8. My sister told me it’s a good series to watch. So cute these merchandise! Reading all your good comments about the plot makes me want to watch it on my free time I wouldn’t be surprised if I get hooked to collecting these items too. 🙂 haha

    The Cheerful Dog would be my pick because I have dogs too 🙁 and he looks pitiful in that one

  9. Alam mo naman na because of your post, I’d been looking for the books hahaha… Hopefully, bukas na talaga kami makapa-bookstore. Thanks for letting me know kung saan pwede makabili, ha.

  10. ang cute ng nga memorabilia from Its Okay Not to be Okay. I know fans will be happy having these things.

  11. hi ate Abby, Support lang po , I really Enjoy To Read everything you posted here.. sobrang sarap basahin ng mga messages and caption .. hindi po nakakasawa at sobrang nakakaInspire. Gaganda din ng mga stories , Really You are so Amazing ate Abby
    Keep Safe always ate Abby,

    IG: @_roxasedgardo1992_

  12. I absolutely love to have the Mangtae Doll and Dinosaur Doll para sa room ko to remind me of how much I love this drama series. Akalin mong hanggang ngayon di pako nakaka move on hahaha and I’m probably gonna watch it again na walang pahinga hahaha katamad kasi nung time na inaantay yung episodes every week eh hahaha 😀

  13. matatapos ko na to!!! OMGGG!! i want the books. nakita ko nga kay karla kung san oorder. nag iisip ako ano bibilin ko sa mga books. ano tingin mo pwede sa kid? shempre gusto ko yung finding the real face. iniisip ko kung the cheering dog or the boy who fed on nightmares. hahahaha

    kaso di ko alam papano ko babasahin ko coco. gagamitan ko na lang ba ng google translate ba yun hehehe

  14. Dahil medyo natatakot ako sa mga cover ng book nila, dun na lang ako kay Mang Tae at sa Dinosaur doll. Gusto ko talaga magkaroon nung Mang Tae tapos titignan ko kung di na rin ako magkakaroon ng nightmares haha

  15. Great review💯ganda po siya lahat natakot lang ako sa zombie kid😅Pinaka bet ko yung “Finding the Real Face” interested ako malaman kung nao ending niya🤩.

  16. Ang cute lahat ng items Nila pero gusto ko yung mangtae doll🥰🥰 tsaka nag karoon po ang intersect basahin Yung zombie kid ano kaya mangyayari sa bata at mother nya

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