Eungbongsan: Snap the Stunning and Amazing Views of Seoul

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If you don’t know, Eungbongsan has stunning and amazing views of Seoul. An easy hike for a perfect view and a place to unwind.

It’s been years since I was planning to visit the mountains in Seoul but it never happened until last weekend. Although I’ve been to Naksan and Namsan, I still really wanted to try the real mountains. But according to a hiker, if you are a beginner it is better to start with a short and easy hike before trying the difficult ones. So I decided to visit Eungbongsan (san means mountain) with my son last week. Also, the reason why I love to see this mountain is to try my ability to climb up because I am also afraid of heights. And the great thing that happened was we did it!

Get to know Eungbongsan Mountain

Eungbongsan [응봉산] is a mountain in Seoul located in the Seongdong district. It has an elevation of 94 meters where you can hike up for about 30 minutes thru the wood stairs. From above you will be able to see the Han River, Seoul Forest, Lotte Tower, Namsan Tower, and Jamsil Sports Complex.

Palgakjeong Pavilion

There’s an octagonal pavilion at the top of Eungbongsan Mountain which is called ‘Palgakjeong’. Aside from the stunning and amazing views of Seoul, benches and exercise equipment are also available at the top of the mountain which is really unique. Well, you know Koreans love to hike and exercise.

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Stunning and Amazing Views of Seoul

Perfect isn’t it? As I always say Seoul has many things to offer from culture to nature. This place will be my favorite spot on Seoul’s list.

The Best Time to Visit Eungbongsan

First Sunrise (January 1st)

Eungbongsan Mountain is famous to locals and tourists during the first sunrise of the new year. There are also events and performances at the pavilion while waiting for the sunrise. I will definitely see the first sunrise next year!

Forsythia Festival (April)

Forsythia yellow flowers

Aside from cherry blossoms, the yellow flowers known as forsythia or gaenari (개나리) in Korea are also famous during the spring season. It is a native plant in Korea and blooms abundantly across the country. In addition to that, Eungbongsan has the beautiful scenery of gaenari’s that’s why they celebrate the Forsythia festival during April.

Night Time

The mountain is 24 hours open so visiting is allowed anytime. If daytime gives you stunning views of Seoul, nighttime is amazing as well. I haven’t been at night but I’m planning to visit soon and share with you the night view of Seoul from the Eungbongsan.

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How to Get at Eungbongsan?

Take a train going to Eungbong Station (Gyeongui-Jungang Line) and get out from exit 1. Turn left and walk about 800 meters. When you see the yellow flowers and wooden path it means you’ve arrived already and are ready to hike. If you can’t follow directions, just follow the group of people and they’ll bring you there.

Here’s a tip for you!

If you are thinking of going home after hiking up at Eungbongsan don’t do that because there are two walking paths from the mountain to go to Seoul Forest.

First, you can follow the stairs where the arrow is pointing which lead you to Yongbigyo Bridge and Seoul Forest’s entrance gate 9.

The second is a longer route but worth it because on this path you’ll be able to get great shots of cherry blossoms during spring. Get down from Eungbongsan and cross the Jungnangcheon stream. Follow the path going to the footbridge directing to Seoul Forest. Or you can follow the red lines on the map below.

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The views of Seoul are so stunning and amazing from Eungbongsan, isn’t it?

Xoxo, Hyejin 

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  1. The views are stunning indeed! I would love to visit Seoul one day I once had a student from there and he would always tell me how beautiful Korea is.

  2. I wish I could visit these beautiful places someday or the soonest time.. I’m very thankful for all your shared post kahit papano I can tour Korea from the photos you shared

  3. the view from the top overlooking the bridge lined with forsythias is stunning. i went up here years ago and I loved it~!

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