5 Things to be Learned from ‘Thirty-Nine’

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After watching the Korean drama ‘Thirty-Nine’ I have seen that there are 5 things to be learned from it.

The drama series that I am watching recently are ending just like ‘Thirty-Nine’. Honestly, I can’t still move on with the last episode because I can relate to it. Thirty-Nine is a story of a trio that is turning in their 40s.

The drama ‘Thirty-Nine’ revolves around the characters’ friendship, happiness, love, and pain. Cha Mi-jo (Son Ye-jin) is a warm character who came from a wealthy family where she manages a derma clinic with her sister. Jeong Chan-young (Jeon Mi-do) is dreaming to be an actress but she ended up being an acting teacher and later on fulfilled her dream to act. She’s a straightforward person but she’s always sincere with her words towards her family and friends. Her parents own Jeong’s Kitchen in Yangpyeong. Jang Jo Hee (Kim Ji-hyun) is a cosmetics manager at a department store. She has a timid persona but she’s sweet and caring.

After watching the drama, I realized so many things about life as I can relate to because I am also in my 30s (37 to be exact). I’ve also asked myself what if I was adopted by wealthy parents just like Cha Mi-jo? Will I be like her? It also crosses my mind Jo Hee’s timid personality. Some people say that I am strong and have a lot of courage but the truth is I also lose my confidence most of the time just like her. I am not blunt and harsh when it comes to words like Chan-young but I have also had the same thoughts as her.

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5 Things to be Learned from ‘Thirty-Nine’

1. Adoption is a good thing

If you are a Korean drama fan, you’ll always see the scenario where most of the parents are against their son/daughter’s relationship when the partner is an orphan or adopted. Why? Because in Korea, they always care about the family’s character and background. They always believe that your character will always be based on your family.

Parents will always be parents. They will care for their children no matter what. I don’t blame some people who cannot accept the fact that they can’t stand the adopted ones. But just like what Cha Mi-jo’s mom said, you had nothing to do with what happened. So don’t be intimated and embarrassed by your situation.

There’s nothing wrong with being adopted because the truth is, it wasn’t your choice to be left and abandoned. It might be an anxious feeling most of the time just like Cha Mi-jo and I understand her willingness to find out where she came from. Do you know why? Even though adopted kids were raised well there’s always a small hole and empty space in their hearts that were looking for answers. Just like what I did 12 years ago.

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2. Life is too short to be unhappy

If you are in your 30s just like me you’ll also realize that life is too short to be unhappy. Just like the characters of ‘Thirty-Nine’ we also don’t want to end up miserable when we turn in our 40s.

“Instead of looking back, let’s just do everything that we’ve always wanted to do.” – Cha Mijo

Instead of looking back, do the things that make you happy. Travel with family and friends, have a date once in a while, and create happy memories when you still can.

Don’t live a life that is full of regrets.

3. True friendship is rare

They said ‘true friends are hard to find, and it’s true. Having true and cool friends is a recipe for a happier life. In good times and bad times, you are there for each other. A true friend will also let you know what’s right and wrong. And will care for you no matter what. There might be times that the friendship might be fragile but you will always end up hugging and accepting each other’s fault.

4. Quality over quantity

As we grow older we tend to care less about nonsense things. When it comes to friendship, we choose quality over quantity. The less the better, true friendship is more important.

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5. Grief and the fear of letting go

“Everyone dies. But I don’t know what will happen to me once I die, and I think that’s what scares me.” – Chanyoung

The fear of leaving the people we leave behind is so painful. Just like Chan-young her thoughts also came to my mind. When the time comes that I need to leave this world, what will be my funeral like? Will the people I chose to love will cry or not? What will happen to me when I die? Am I able to stay beside my loved one just like Cha Yu-ri from Hi Bye, Mama? Can I borrow someone’s body just like Ji Hyun from 49 days?

There are so many thoughts about this topic but I will leave it to you so you can also think about it and share what’s in your mind.

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  1. i strongly believe in “Quality over quantity” in any aspects in life especially when it comes to friendships.

  2. Thanks for giving us idea on what to watch next.
    You are right, life is too short to become unhappy. You always have a choice which path you will go.
    True friendship is one of the greatest treasure. They are very rare to find, and most of the time they are irreplaceable.

  3. finally a blog of yours na kasabay ko! haha! pero hindi ko pa din tapos! but what i love about it is the friendship and i can truly relate with their friendship. nakakamiss my bestfriends arent here in Manila 🙁

  4. Yes, true friendships are rare. There was a time I thought I had so many, then realised later on, when I was no longer “serving” their needs, that I only have a handful. But that’s okay. I even had so-called BFF’s who betrayed me.

    Anyway, I’m currently watching Business Proposal, but I’ll check Thirty Nine out. Is it available on Netflix?

  5. I haven’t watched the drama but you are listing here valuable life lessons that we can all relate with.

  6. finally finished watching. i cried so hard. their friendship is/was truly a gem! i believe i have a couple of friends like that, yun lang medyo busy na now since me kanya kanyang family. but all the more, my heart grew bigger because of their children! very precious story, one that i can really relate to

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