The BTS Meal Packaging DIY Tips

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Are you a BTS fan and looking for some ways to preserved the BTS MEAL packaging? Here are some tips on how to DIY it.

Photo Source: McDonald’s Corporation

If you are a true ARMY or BTS fan you know that McDonald’s and BTS collab together and launch the ‘THE BTS MEAL’. The meal was launched first in the United States and 11 countries last May 26.  It was followed by other countries like South Korea (the home country of BTS), Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

What is ‘THE BTS MEAL’ about?

The BTS Meal includes 10 pieces of McNuggets, medium fries, a regular-size coke, and two kinds of sauces – Cajun and Sweet & Chili dipping sauces. The dipping sauces may be new for other countries but here in Korea, it’s actually included in the menu when you order chicken McNuggets or Chicken.

The BTS Meal Set
The BTS Meal Set released in South Korea

Some people who have tried the BTS Meal said that there is nothing special about it but actually for a true fan it is special. Why? Because it’s the BTS members’ favorite meal at McDonald’s. It doesn’t include a burger since other BTS fans don’t eat meat because of their religions and I salute BTS for that.

Weverse Shop

Aside from that, Weverse shop also launched the BTS x McDonald’s collections which include shirts, bags, slippers, cushions, keyrings, and hoodies.

Going back to the main topic, many of the BTS fans showed their creativity on how to DIY the BTS Meal packing all over the world so I tried to collect them and list them here.

The BTS Meal Packaging DIY Tips

Phone Case Back Cover

phone cases

I created my own phone case back cover using the BTS Meal paper bag and @sliceofk also showed some of her DIY creations too. You can also check her other DIY’s of BTS meal on her YT channel: Random Republika.

Turn it into a tumbler


When you’re a BTS fan and a coffee lover – the cup sleeve and the paper bag of the BTS Meal are not a waste since you can turn it into a tumbler. I made a video on my TikTok account, The BTS Meal Packaging DIY Tips using a Starbucks tumbler and you can check it out there.


BTS fans also showed their creativeness in making their DIY BTS Meal Keyrings. Found @chubbychimmy_ design which is so cute and the same with @louxe_ela_de_vil. Perfect as a bag, wallet, or AirPods keyrings.


Journal lover BTS fans like @lola_journal and @ailahkathrina also showed the designs of their journals using the BTS Meal set packaging.

Box or Frame it

@taeraxv showed her creativeness by framing the paper bag of the BTS meal. It was simple, neat, and beautiful! I also have an empty clear plastic box and thought of putting the packaging there after cleaning. @rebbeca.cordova from Mexico framed the BTS Meal trinkets and shared them on her Instagram account. BTS fans are so brilliant!

There are so many ways to recycle or preserved the BTS Meal, so if you have other ideas you are free to share them.

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  1. A lot of BTS fans are very happy because of this especially my friends who keep everything included in their BTS meal except for the foods. They are putting it on their post and I can see it every time I open my social media accounts. This is just a proof how they love BTS.

  2. Ang cute naman.. Ang ganda at ang galing ng pagkakagawa. 😍😍 Marami ka din palang pwedeng gawin dito…. 😊😊 Ang Galing ng naisip na idea.. Nakakatuwa lang dahil ang dami nilang naisip kung ano pwedeng gawin dito tulad ng gumawa ng isang frame, inilagay din sa case ng Cellphone etc.. Nakakamangha talaga at para sa kanila isa itong Remembrance 🤗😍

  3. Super Cute po talaga ng PagkaPurple Nila .. and really Nice DIY, Super Effortless po talaga, and Gaganda ng pagkakaGawa, so Inspiring at makikita mo talaga yung Genuine Love nila sa BTS .. Very Nice and Awesome Blog ate Jin

  4. saving every moment and tangibles by creativity. nice way to have everything in your BTS meal to be cherished and not ending up in the trash. very helpful especially for the BTS fans

  5. Nakakatuwa yung pagka-creative ng mga BTS fans para mapreserve yung merch ng Mcdo. Yung kahit hindi ako fan nagorder din ako nyan tapos binigay ko sa isang BTS fan ung packaging. Syempre support support din tayo sa BTS boys kahit KDrama fanatic talaga ako.

  6. Ang galing! I honestly did not preserve the packaging because I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I was really just after the sauces, haha! And to think I have ordered it thrice already. But now that I see this, I just might give the creativity a go.

    1. Friend mo pala siya! I asked her permission if I can share her post since target ko talaga is global fans nung sinulat ko ito.

  7. The response to the BTS meal is phenomenal! Honestly, we bought one out of curiosity for the sauces. But since we are not fans, we really didn’t think of saving the packaging. These are great ideas for BTS fans though.

  8. My sister is an avid BTS fan and she just had her birthday recently. I did a project for her that also involves recycling (you have no idea how many BTS meals I had to buy – worth it naman kase yummy yung Cajun sauce). 😍

  9. You’ve been so creative and savvy! I reckon the BTS x McDonald collaboration is a huge success and didn’t expect na ganito ang laking effect. BTS Army worldwide learned to recycle as well.

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