Korean Passport: How to Apply and Its Benefits

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Got your Korean citizenship and want to have your passport? Here’s a complete guide on how to apply for a Korean passport.

Did you know that Korea’s passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world? Although most of the foreigners married to Koreans are not after this benefit after acquiring their citizenship. Usually, they apply for citizenship because their kids and family are here in Korea. Also, when you gain your Korean citizenship you also have the right to vote which is not applicable to foreign nationals.

Benefits of Having a Korean Passport

Acquiring Korean citizenship gives you also the benefit of having the 2nd most powerful passport in the world. South Korean nationals are enjoying their visa-free travels in almost 190 countries.

According to IATA, Japan and Singapore top the most powerful passport in the world in the year 2022.

Complete Guide on How to Apply for a Korean Passport

Passport is the one used to identify the citizenship of a person upon international travel. It is an identification where the holder’s complete name, birth date, gender, photo, and passport number are written.

In Korea, there are three types of passports:

  • Ordinary passport – this is the one issued to normal citizens with 5 or 10 years validity. In December 21, 2021, the new version of the Korean passport was issued to some nationals. The cover was changed from green to blue.
  • Diplomatic passport – this one is issued to diplomats (like ambassadors) and nationals who serve under diplomatic terms. The diplomatic passport is color red.
  • Official passport – this one is issued to the member of National Assembly and civil servants in Korea. The passport for officials is color dark gray.

What to prepare?

  • Korean ID
  • Passport picture (1 copy)
    – the photo must be taken less than 6 months. The picture size must be 3.2 cm x 4.5cm and the face should be 3.2 cm x 3.6cm with white background.
  • Application Form
  • Passport Fee 53,000 won

How to Apply?

  1. Visit the passport office in your district, fill out the application form and submit to the counter.
  2. Wait for the further instructions from the employee like showing your ID, passport picture, finger prints and signature.
  3. Pay the passport fee depends on many pages you want. 24 sheets is 53,000 won and 12 sheets is 50,000 won.
  4. Receive your application receipt and keep it because you will need it when you pick up your passport. Proceesing of Korean passport takes about 3 to 5 business days.
Sample of the Passport Application Form

How to Receive the Passport

  1. You will receive a message when your passport is ready for pick up.
  2. Present your receipt and get your Korean passport.
  3. That’s it. You’re ready to travel!

Other Information: Passport Fees

Multiple Passport Adult – 10 years (18 years old and up)
24 sheets (48 pages): 53,000 won
12 sheets (24 pages): 50,000 won

Children/Minor 5 years (18 years old and below)
24 sheets (48 pages): 45,000 won (for 8 years old and above)
12 sheets (24 pages): 42,000 won (for 8 years old and above)

24 sheets (48 pages): 45,000 won (under 8 years old)
12 sheets (24 pages): 42,000 won (under 8 years old)

Single Passport Disposable passport within 1 year: 20,000 won

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  1. Congrats on your Korean passport. Kulang na lang talaga makapag-travel ka… magagamit mo din yan as soon as maluwag-luwag na ang mundo ng pagtatravel ulit.

  2. Thank you for sharing po Ms. Abby very informative ganda din talaga ng benefits pag meron ka passport lalo na pag korean.

  3. Wow , are you holding a Korean passport? these information are helpful and inspiring for those who are interested. Applying for a passport I easy but are they’re open for immigrants?

  4. Congrats for officially gaining your 2nd passport! Nowadays having a 2nd passport / citizenship is the new asset. I’m so happy for you!
    How’s the citizenship exam? Deeds please!

    1. It was hard cause it took me less than 3 years before I finished studying and passing the exam. The exam was a bit hard since it’s not written in English which multiple-choice, essay, and interview. Failed on the first try but passed on the second. It’s been a year already when I got my citizenship.

      1. Glad that South Korea allows their citizens to get dual citizenship. I’m also planning to get my 2nd citizenship (Australia) and I am excited about it. When its possible then collect it!

  5. Ohh! May mag different types of passport pala talaga yung Korea. I was interested to know about the diplomatic passport nung nakita ko tong post mo ’cause I remember nabigyan yung BTS ng diplomatic passports. Napaka angas! Btw, ilang years ba dapat stay mo sa Korea para ma grant ka ng regular Korean passport?

    1. We have also in the Philippines. The red ones are for officials and the blue ones are for diplomats. A Filipino can get a Korean passport by being married to a Korean, stayed in Korea for 2 years and above and passed the Korean Citizenship exam.

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