Visiting the Hannae Forest of Wisdom Library

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First time visited the Hannae Forest of Wisdom library located in the neighborhood of Nowon district in Seoul and discovered something.

Did you know that aside from being rich in culture Korea is also a place of wisdom? One thing that I have noticed when I came here to Korea is Koreans love to read books that’s why libraries in Korea especially in Seoul are available everywhere.

There are many libraries in Seoul just like the Seoul Metropolitan Library located near the Seoul City Hall. Jeongdok Public Library in Bukchon is also famous and likewise, the Chungwoon Culture Library is famous for its beautiful scenery.

I’ve also got the chance to visit some including Seoul Book Bogo and the Starfield Byeolmadang Library. Hopefully, I can visit more libraries this year and I’m starting around my neighborhood.

6 Facts about Hannae Forest of Wisdom

The Hannae Forest of Wisdom is a community center and a library in Seoul. It looks like a house in the middle of a small forest that has adjusting scales to form natural lights all over the place.

1. Built in 2017 by UnsangDong Architects

Hannae Forest of Wisdom was designed by UnsangDong Architects in 2017 which is known for their unique architectural designs in Korea. They focused on offices, mixed use and public architecture. They also designed the Imagination Circle (an observation tower) located in Nowon district near the Buramsan mountain.

2. The design is very unique

I find the structure of the building so unique and neat. It was made from concrete from the outside, wood in the inside. There’s also a big glass window where sunlight comes in naturally and gives a beautiful scenery of the park outside.

3. Operates as a library and a cafe

Built in an abandoned space and a broken fountain, the Hannae Forest of Wisdom operates a library to local people. As kids and parents in Korea loves to read books this space is really helpful to everyone instead of letting the kids pay computer games.

The library also has a cafe which is very convenient to visitors. Due to corona, the cafe is temporary closed.

4. Has an after-school learning class

Learning and studying in Korea is non-stop especially for children that’s why after-school learning classes are also indemand. For some, it’s a burden since academy fees are a bit expensive. But for a mom like me, I like this project of Hannae Forest of Wisdom.

They have Bookstart class for kids who are born from 2018 to 2020 and lives in Nowon district.

5. Located in Wolgye-dong, Nowon district

Hannae Forest of Wisdom is located in the Hannae Neighborhood Park of Wolgye-3dong in the district of Nowon. One bus ride from Seokgye station and a few meters away from Seoul Hancheon Elementary School.

6. Korean Drama Filming Location

Accidentally found a photo on one of the shelves with a sigh of the Korean actor Woo Do Hwan. I haven’t watched the Korean drama ‘Tempted’ but luckily found one of its filming locations.

Other Information

Address: 1-6 Wolgye 3(sam)-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul
Operating Hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday (until 5:00 pm during Satruday) and closed on Sundays
How to get here: From Seokgye station, take a bus (1132, 1135, 1222, 1136) going to Wolgye Miryeong Apartment (월계미륭아파트) and there is it.
Others: Restroom is available


  • QR code and body temperature checking is required
  • Leave your shoes on the shelve and wear the provided slipper when going inside the library
  • For visitors who will take photos and videos, writing your contact details is recommended.

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