4 Ways to Enjoy the #AllofUsAreDead Pop-Up Event

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Here are the 4 ways to enjoy the #AllofUsAreDead Pop-up Event in Seoul this holiday and experience the Zombie Escape Challenge.

The new Netflix zombie series #AllofUsAreDead is gaining popularity after being released on January 28, 2022. All of Us Are Dead is not just an ordinary zombie story because the plot tells where, who, when, and how it started. It is an experiment that failed and quickly spreads out in the entire school and province of Hyosan. Aside from that, the virus learned to manage the human mind that’s why there are ‘hambies’ in the series. ‘Hambies’ are half human-half zombies which can be cruel if unhandled like Gwi-Nam or can be helpful to others too just like what Nam-ra did.

Enough with the spoiling so let’s go back to my main post. Last week, January 27, I went to Express Bus Terminal and went to Shinsegae to meet a friend. While waiting I saw a pop-up event of All of Us are Dead. The event hasn’t started yet because from what I saw they’re taking photos and videos for promotion. So I asked one of the staff about some details that I need to know.

I will write the details below so keep on reading!

4 Ways to Enjoy the #AllofUsAreDead Pop-up Event

1. Join the Zombie Escape Challenge

Challenge your strength and timing on how to escape and kill the zombies. You can choose from a baseball bat or fire extinguisher as your weapon.

Joining the challenge requires QR code, temperature check, hand sanitizing, and wearing hand gloves.

2. Play the Vending Machine

Just like at the Squid Game Pop-up Event there’s also a vending machine here at the All of Us Are Dead. Play the vending machine and receive a gift.

3. Take photos

Take photos as many as you want to keep as souvenirs at the #AllofUsAreDead pop-up event. Pose as a normal person, zombie or hambie.

4. Get Printable Photos

Uploading the photos in your SNS like Instagram using the given hashtags will allow you to print your photos.

Other Information

Where: Shinsaegae Gangnam Branch 1st Floor
Transportation: Express Bus Terminal(Line 3,7,9) exit 3
Opening Hours: 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm
When: January 27 to February 6, 2022

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#AllofUsAreDead is the only zombie series that made me cry.

Xoxo, Hyejin 

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  1. Wow ma’am ang ganda diyan, and ito ang isa sa mga favorite ko now 2022 na movie grabe! And mga pasabog! Ng movie na to!

  2. Thank you for sharing this . Ang saya din pala ng mg ganitong pop up event . Mat vending machine and printable photos etc . Still watching pa dn ako nito . And tlga nman maganda siya 😍❤️

  3. Thank you for sharing Ms. Abby trending nga ito ngayon sa fb madalas ito yung nakikita ko post. Kaso hindi ko pa nasimulan panoorin takot kasi ako sa mga horror 😅lalo na wala kasama manood.

  4. I haven’t watched this yet, but ive been seeing it across social media. Zombies aren’t really my thing but the plot is intriguing!! I sure the fan loved taking pictures in that pop-up.

  5. This TV series is huge here now. I joined the bandwagon on Vincenzo and Squid game, I haven’t tried this one yet.
    So in Korea, they have events held to celebrate hit TV shows? Cause I remember Squid game seems to have one, too.

  6. That is an awesome experience! I watched a few episodes and it is entertaining translating the metaphor scenario into reality.

  7. Thanks for sharing this, i haven’t watch this movie yet but its on my list now. i really love horror movies for me, it looks so much fun, i can wait to watch this.

  8. While reading this ba, I thought about Train To Busan if it was a series. Baka iiyak din ako ng sobra like how I did with AOUAD. Ayaw na ayaw ko sa zombie movies hahaha but I still watched it and kung nandiyan ako sa pop-up event, there’s no way I’d join the zombie escape challenge.

  9. I saw your photos from this. after Squid Game, pop-ups na ba ang uso? ang ganda at glaing kasi interactive. ang aga-aga mo dyan db?

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