Flowers By Naked in Hongdae

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They said that there’s a new exciting exhibition in Seoul! Let’s check out what’s inside the Flowers by Naked in Hongdae!

Doing our September mission for the Global Seoul Mates I got the chance to visit one of the featured places introduced by Song Kang in his Energy of Seoul video. The video was about the lively and energetic beautiful spots in the city. If you haven’t seen the video, you can watch it on Visit Seoul TV on Youtube.

Well, going back to the main topic, there’s a new digital exhibition located in Hongdae which has been being famous over the internet. It started last April 30 and I think will last until December 31 this year.

flower by naked

What is Flowers by Naked?

It’s an indoor exhibit was called ‘Flowers By Naked’ where you can able experience different kinds of flowers. When I saw it with my own eyes I said it was so magical and whimsical. There are eight different zones inside so let me share with you what’s it all about. This was located on the 4th floor of AK & Hongdae, and you’ll see it right away.

But before that, we booked our ticket at Naver with my friend Paula for reservation but still, walk-ins can still purchase tickets because honestly, it’s not too crowded due to corona. First, before entry, we got our two tickets, then scan our QR codes, and explained to us what do we need to do and do not do inside, then scan our tickets. So since it’s an indoor exhibit, the mask should be worn on all premises.

So let the magic begin!

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Big Book (이야기의 시작)

As we entered, we saw a garden with a large digital book that turns its pages into different seasons. The flowers are so nice and I felt like I was in a magical place.

flowers by naked

I also enjoyed the tiny bubbles that suddenly burst out of the ceiling. It was just the start but I felt like I wanna stay here forever.

Chill (저는 꽃잎과 피어나는 생명)

flowers by naked

The next zones show the changing season from winter to spring. The snow is falling while the cherry blossom leaves are filling the air.

Dandelion (평화의 바람)

flowers by naked

I’ve posted this on my TikTok and you watch the video on how it works. I’ve read from an article that before you can blow at the Dandelion but due to corona, they changed it by clapping your hands.

Glowing Garden (설렘의 황홀경)

flowers by naked

As you open the dark curtain for the next zone, I saw shining mirrors that will give you magical illusions. You’ll be able to see your reflection in the mirror while the colors of the flowers are changing.

Big Flower Garden (향기로운 초대)

On the next path, big flowers will say hi to you. If you get close to the flowers it will show you petal animations behind.

flowers by naked

It was really cool and I think I keep on coming back to each of the flowers many times.

Spring Trail (봄의 오솔길)

When you’re busy playing with the Big Flowers, I think you’ll not notice the spring trail unless you are familiar with the different zones of the Flowers by Naked.

flowers by naked

It was beautifully decorated with different flowers and lightens up the trail of the garden.

Cherry Blossom Garden (핑크빛 벚꽃정원)

flowers by naked

At first, I thought this was already the last zone but it’s not. It’s actually the main attraction of the exhibit where you can experience cherry blossoms all year round.

flowers by naked

You can take hundreds of photos here while posing under the tree or while touching the Flower. Flower petals will appear when you touch the wall just like the one in the video.

Secret of Secret Garden (비밀 실험실)

flowers by naked

This is the last stop of the exhibition that looks like a flower laboratory where you can touch and smell the flowers. Though I didn’t tough any because the glasses were breakable and I don’t want to break any.

Gift Shop

flowers by naked gift shop

When you get out from the last stop, you’ll see a souvenir shop where you can buy some postcards and others. It was late to see that they also have a locker where you can rent and put your belongings.

BitesN Cafe

BitesN Cafe

Aside from the gift shop, they also have a cafe named BitesN where you can able to get a 10% discount when you see the Flowers by Naked exhibition.

The cafe served different kinds of beverages like coffee, ade, smoothies, and others. They also have signature cakes which cost 12,000 won.

Other Information

Address: 4th Floor AK& Hongdae
How to get here: Hongkik University Station (Seoul Line 2), Exit 4
Ticket Prize: Adults – KRW 20,000
Teenagers – KRW 16,000
Children – KRW 12,000
Business Operation: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

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It’s a beautiful experience, isn’t it? Would you like to visit this place when you get a chance to visit Seoul?

Xoxo, Hyejin 

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  1. How magical and whimsical view! How fantastic and awesome glimpse. How I really wonder of this place , really appreciate everything little details you showed us

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    Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience The so called Flowers By Naked’ where you can able experience different kinds of flowers.
    How i wish to visit this plce someday,🥰

  4. I really want to visit this Flowers by Naked in Hongdae. It so magical and beautiful! 🤩 Nakaka amaze ang ganda po dito. Must visit talaga and instagrammable din. Sarap magpicture picture. Hoping soon makavisit din po ako dyan. I saw your photos and tiktok vids about this. Grabe namangha po ako sa ganda 🤩💞

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  6. Wow that’s awesome ! Thanks For Sharing The Great Capture Images Of Hongdae Worth it To Visit This Kind Of Beautiful Place !

  7. Wow that’s awesome ! Thanks For Sharing The Great Capture Images Of Hongdae Worth it To Visit This Kind Of Beautiful Place The best attractions tlaga this blog helps me to encourage to go there to see this beautiful grass

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