I Got My 1st Dose of Covid Vaccine: How Am I Feeling?

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I got my 1st dose of Covid vaccine and I want to share with you some details that may help you in case you’ll get your vaccine too.

Here in Korea, 41.6% of the population has been fully vaccinated according to the new statistics of Our World in Data. Before you get vaccinated, you need to do a reservation according to your birth date. My schedule of reservation was last month then I was scheduled in October but the government sent another message that I can get another reservation before the holiday. I canceled my first schedule and changed it to September 17, so it was yesterday.

Steps on How to Get the Vaccine

I went to the vaccination center near my area. I was actually scheduled by eleven in the morning but I actually arrived earlier to avoid the hassle. The first thing that I did after I enter the center was to check my temperature and sanitize my hands. After that, I went to the first table and showed my identification card. I am already a naturalized Korean and can speak and understand the language but for safety purposes, I asked for a Korean-English registration form to fully understand what’s written on the paper.

Photo from Canva

After that, I went to another table where they checked my form and asked me to go to another window. They told me details about the vaccine that I will receive and explain some more details before receiving the vaccine. Then I was told to get the nurse assigned to me and get my shot. By the way, I got Pfizer.  After receiving the shot, I was told to follow the yellow line and give my form to the staff. Then they gave me a pamphlet where some information about the adverse events following vaccination and what to do and what to expect. The staff also gave me a timer set into 15 minutes and asked me to sit and stay on the provided empty chairs.

Lastly, after 15 minutes, I returned the timer before I left the venue. Maybe you were curious why I don’t have any photos inside the vaccination center it’s because taking photos inside the vicinity is not allowed

Do’s and Don’ts

There are Do’s and Don’ts after receiving the vaccine including the following:

  • Stay for 30 minutes after vaccination
  • No drinking alcohol for 3 days after vaccination
  • Too much workout or exercise is not allowed within3 days
  • Do not take a shower after vaccination, it should be done the next day

The Common Mild Side Effects of the Vaccine and What You Can Do

  • Swelling or pain after vaccination put a clean dry towel on the affected area and put a cool, damp washcloth on the top of it.
  • Having a mild fever, drink plenty of water and get some rest.
  • Having some discomfort due to muscle pain or fever, take a pain reliever or fever medicine.

When to See a Doctor?

  • If you experience swelling and pain in the vaccinated spot and it does not improve after 48 hours.
  • Severe or persistent headaches that last more than two days after the vaccination.
  • If you experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, abdominal pain, and swelling of legs within 4 weeks after receiving the vaccine.
  • Bruises or bleeding in the vaccinated spot

When to go to the Emergency Room?

  • If you experience severe breathing difficulties or dizziness after vaccination
  • If you experience swelling on lips or severe hives all over your body after the vaccination
  • If you experience fainting or loss of consciousness

How Am I Feeling After the Vaccination?

I didn’t feel any like fever or headaches after the vaccination although I felt some pain in my left arm. I don’t have any allergic reactions too. The only thing I noticed is I always feel sleepy all the time since Friday and yesterday. It’s my second day today after having the Covid vaccine and I’m doing okay. I just refrain from doing heavy works and exercise for a while and just get some rest.

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How’s your experience after having the covid vaccine?

Xoxo, Hyejin 

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  1. Congrats sa 1st dose ms.abby , anyway thank you for sharing this lalo pa na waiting dn ako sa schedule ko kung kailan ang 1st dose ko . Very informative and helpful tlga lalo na Do’s and Dont’s . Musta share this ❤️❣️

  2. Thanks for sharing this ate jin! It’s good to know na nakapag pavaccine na po kayo. Congrats po! and walang side effects pa. Gusto kona din po magpavaccine kaso wala pa pong slot sa amin. Thanks po sa mga do’s and don’ts. Now I know ano po ung mga dapat at hindi dapat gawin kapag nakapag pavaccine na ako. 😊

  3. Wow congratulations Ms.Abby .
    Be safe po always and thank you for sharing your experience during your 1st dose covid vaccine. I’ve got an idea about the dos and don’t after vaccination. This is very helpful especially to those who are in doubt of having this vaccine.
    Good to hear that you’re in good condition after your vaccination.

  4. Thankyou for sharing this ms abby Very informative blog, ngayon alam ko napo after ng Vaccine kung ano dapat ang mga hndi dapat gawin. Thanks po sa Do’s and Don’t 💞 Sana kami naman po ang next na makapag pa vaccine. Dipapo ata kasi pwede samin. Kasi kakagaling lang po namin sa Covid. ANyway congratulations po !

    1. COngrats on your first dose! What took it so long before you got your first jab? I thought mas mabilis in other countries compare dito in Manila. Oh my. i took a bath right after i got home kanina. XD what will happen ba? kanina was my 2nd dose eh. i was able to take my picture naman, bawal lang video. anywhoo.. one step closer na to vacctonormal.. almost there.. kaya natin to! stay safe always momma

      1. Mas mabagal sa amin compare sa ibang countries. Inuna nila yung mga patients ng covid, elders at mga front liners.
        Under government facility kasi ung center na pinuntahan ko kaya it’s prohibited to take photos except if it’s a private clinic.

  5. I haven’t had my first shot yet, although I’m already registered. It’s great read articles like this to know what the experience is like. Helps with the nerves.

  6. Thanks for sharing your vaccination experience, and letting your readers know the good value of being safely protected. There are still heaps of false information circulating around about vaccination even here in Australia, but we will still keep encouraging many to get vaccinated. Let’s make vaccination a new norm!

  7. Good job on getting vaccinated!!! Buti pa dyan talaga huhuhu sobrang systematic. I remember watching BTS Jimin’s Vlive and he said he got vaccinated nga according to his age group. Then on UNGA, J-Hope confirmed they all got vaccinated. You all did amazing getting vaxxed! Stay safe still and take it easy for now <3333

  8. I read a lot of different,blogs about it
    But yours sincerely differ from those i have read,it’s precise and accurate information.
    One thing also is our scenario, location does also a big factor, it’s up to reader,how they got it, from their perspective point of view

  9. Congratulations for getting your vaccine! Let’s do our part to help fight the virus and get vaccinated. This is a very good content that those who don’t have their vaccines yet must read. 👍🏻

  10. Congratulations for getting your vaccine This is a helpful article for those people na mag1st dose vaccine palang, thank you for sharing this tips buti nlang at nabasa ko itong blog nyo

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