Things to do on Children’s Day in Korea

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Every 5th of May, Children’s day is held in Korea, and aside from giving the children a gift, there are many other things to do on the said holiday.

The celebration of Children’s day differs depending on the country but Japan and Korea have the same day celebrating Children’s day. This is a holiday where parents prepare and give gifts to their children and spend time with them.

History of Children’s Day in Korea

Children’s day in Korea was introduced in the 1920s when Korean students and leaders gathered together to support and improve the social status of children in Korea and encourage adults and parents to teach awareness to their children’s about unprivileged independence. During that time a children’s writer Dr. Bang Jung-Hwan started using the word eorini (어린이) instead of using aenom (애놈) and esaekki (애새끼).

Children’s day in Korea is called 어린이날 (eorini-nal) which eorini (어린이) means children and nal (날) means day.  Originally, Children’s day has been celebrated on May 1st but due to conflict with Labor Day, it was moved to May 5th and became an official public holiday in the 1970s.

Things to do on Children’s Day in Korea

We all know that all parents anywhere in the world are busy with their work every day and as a parent, we don’t have so much time to spend with our children. That’s why Children’s day in Korea is very special where parents take a break and spend time and do some effort for their children. Aside from buying them toys and other gifts, there are other things to do on Children’s day in Korea, including the following:

1. Going to a Picnic


The most popular activity in Korea these days is the picnic. There are so many open spaces in Korea like the parks along the Han River in Yeouido which allow people to do picnics. You can put a small open tent and rest, food and snacks to eat, and bikes, kites, or soccer balls where children can play. If bringing this stuff is a burden a picnic mat will do and there are many convenience stores nearby and you buy there or you can order a delivery too. 

2. Bringing the kids to the zoo

zoo deer
Seoul Dream Forest

In Korea, the zoo is always a package when you go to parks like Seoul Grand Park which has the main zoo in Seoul. While Children’s Grand Park has a smaller zoo. Our house is near Seoul Dream Forest where there’s a mini zoo where you can see some wild animals like deer and others. 

Children in Korea enjoy a trip to the zoo. Like my son especially when you are allowed to feed carrots to the donkeys and sheep.

3. Going to Amusement Parks

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Everland and Lotte World in Seoul are famous amusement parks in Korea. That always reaches its peak during Children’s Day.

Everland contains many rides like a roller coaster, Viking and etc., safari park, zoo, restaurants, and gift shop. Rentable strollers for babies and kids and wheelchairs are available. Aside from that nursing rooms for babies are provided too.

Lotte World is located in Seoul not too far from Jamsil station. It looks like the Disney Land of Korea. This amusement park also includes an ice rink where children can do ice skating.

Another amusement park located in the city is Seoul Land which contains various rides. Water festival at the end of June till the end of August and Snow party during winter.

Children’s Grand Park Musical Fountain

Children’s Grand Park in Seoul is the best place to go if you want to do a lot of activities. It includes different kinds of facilities like the zoo, botanical garden, and amusement rides. There is also a 30 minutes musical and dancing fountain which the whole family can watch.

4. Join Children’s Day Events

2019 Nowon-gu Children’s Festival

We have also attended the Children’s festival in 2019 and it was really fun. We’ve seen families with their children watching the parade and played games. My son enjoyed watching the mascots that he has seen on TV and playing Korean traditional games. We ate lunch together and went home after.

Children’s Day 2020

Yearly, the Children’s day festival is held but this year due to coronavirus some events are on hold.  So today, my son and I went to a nearby park to celebrate Children’s day. He’s been staying at home for about two months so I let him play outside.  I also bought a small and inexpensive gift to bring home.

Korea will also celebrate Parent’s Day on May 8 which is known as Mother’s day in other countries. How about you? Do you celebrate Children’s day and how do you celebrate them?

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  1. I wish we could bring our kids again outside to explore and enjoy. Unfortunately us parents, I think we have to find an alternative way to teach our kids and keep them busy during these days.

    1. So nice naman po nito ms jin meron din po palang childrens day sa korea talagang sure na maeenjoy ito ng mga kids and nakakatuwa na mga gantong celebration for them 🥰

  2. Our school here in the Philippines (Angeles City to be exact) celebrates National Children’s Day on the 17th of October. We prepare a short programme for our students and us, teachers present them with gifts. I wouldn’t mind observing this event the way you guys do. Parents having a day off from work to spend time with their kids is a luxury some parents can’t afford.

  3. I love how South Korea celebrates Children’s Day. We also have that here in our school in Indonesia. Hopefully in the Philippines this will also be widely celebrated. The kids deserve this day.

  4. I hope there’s something like that celebration in the Philippines, especially that there many impoverished children in our country.

  5. Upon reading this, it made want to go badly in SoKor, not being influenced by watching KDramas alone. I like their culture festivals, events and activities being held. Keep Safe!!

  6. aww such special day for children!! i bet if we have this in PH, nako,, abalang abala din ako to make is it special for coco.

    1. Nakita ko sa wikipedia, November 20 and Children’s Day sa Pinas kaso hindi kasi siya public holiday kaya hindi masyadong napagtutuunan ng pansin.

      1. ahh meron din pala! Pero baka nga di ganun kaimportante. Although pag summer medyo kina campaign dito like example, SM yung everyday is play day ganyan. Pero hindi literal na childrens day.

      2. Oohh meron din pala dito. Ang naiisio ko yung mga campaign na play day ganyan., like sa sm meron. Pero not childrens day talaga.

  7. Aww this is so cool! I wonder if Philippines have this as well. Meron ding Children’s Day sa Japan 🙂

    1. Philippines Children’s day is November 20, it’s not a public holiday like here in Korea kaya hindi siya ganun ka special.

      1. Wow ang galing po sa korea and japan . My childrens day . And nkakatuwa ung celebration na pwedemg gawin , picnic spend time etc . Maganda din po ung ganito .. isa na dn po ito sa way para mas maramdaman nla ung pagmamahal natin sknila . And kahit picnic im sure tlgang magugustuhan na nila ito 🤗❤️

  8. I think the first time I heard of Children’s Day was a few weeks back when some of my students talked about it. I’m not familiar since we don’t really celebrate it here in the Philippines but once I learned about it, I wished that we also had it here in the Ph. 🙂

  9. ahay!!! these are the things we can’t do this year. how did you celebrate the Children’s Day?

  10. I love that Korea celebrates children’s day too. When I was working there, my co-worker informed me that we’re not required to go to the office because it’s an official holiday. I love how they value children too. I remember going to amusement parks during holidays, the lines are really long but I can see lots of kids with wide smiles on their faces!

  11. May children’s day ba sa Pinas? Parang di naman kasi yata nacecelebrate, di tulad ng mother’s day or father’s day! Pero meron man o wala pwede din naman yan gawin for the kids… pero di muna sa ngayon. 🙂

  12. I didn’t know Korea also celebrate Children’s Day same day as Japan! In Japan, they honor their children by raising koi fish lanterns I think. Ang sarap maging bata noh? In Korea they receive a gift pa? Niicee parang birthday lang hehe

  13. I think Christmas is our only Children’s day here in the philippines. It’s great that you’re allowed to stay in open places there in korea. We’re still in complete lockdown, but I’m sure that also means lot more time for family bonding at home.

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