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Korelimited Review | LA Korean Streetwear Brand

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Looking for streetwear fashions that show Korean culture? Here’s a review for Korelimited an LA Korean streetwear brand that is dedicated to Korean culture.

You know I love Korea and I’m always wondering where I can get some shirts or hoodies that have unique designs. Luckily, I found this Korean brand, KORELIMITED which they have every one of a kind designs of clothes.  I am not boyish because I also do wear skirts and dresses but I really love to wear hoodies and pullovers. They are very comfy and easy to wear.  That’s why when I found about KORELIMITED,  it was like love at first sight. Upon checking on the designs I wanna really have them all.  If you love streetwear fashion and Korea, this is the best brand for you since they have it all in one. It’s perfect, isn’t it?


KORELIMITED (aka KORE – Keepin Our Roots Eternal) is an LA Korean streetwear brand that has been established in 2013 which is dedicated to spreading awareness about Korean heritage and lifestyle. If you will look through their collection of designs they have the Korean dragon, the March 1st Movement, Seoul, and others. So here’s my review of the items that I got from them.

History, Culture Plus Fashion

I received my package from KORELIMITED a week ago and I’m absolutely happy and in love with all the items that I’ve got. The quality is excellent and the fitting, quite big since I am petite though I ordered small still I can manage to wear it. I got the army green Corea 1900 pullover windbreaker, black respect hoodie, and two Kore masks.

1. Corea 1900 Pullover Windbreaker, Army Green

I really love this one because it suits the springtime weather here in Korea. It’s very cool and comfy to wear. This is made of 100% polyester fabric and it’s actually water-resistant. At the front, there’s a zip front closure & mesh lined 3-panel hood. While at the back, the Korean flag pattern is printed.

Honestly, this is not just streetwear but this can be perfectly worn when you do hiking or mountain climbing.  I took this photo this morning since I got the chance to have a walk in the park. This windbreaker is available in army green and white, sizes from small to 2XL. You can click here if you want to order.

2. Respect Hoodie, Black

The Respect Hoodie’s design is inspired by the award-winning movie of Bong Joon-ho, Parasite. The front of the Respect Hoodie features 리스펙트 means respect, and the back of the hoodie you can see the image of Morse code, it’s actually a scene from the movie too.

This hoodie is actually best for the cold season, heavy-weight but it’s soft since it’s made in 100% cotton. It’s an oversized fit and the length is a bit longer. Click here if you want to buy this respect hoodie.

3. Let’s Live Together and KORE Face Mask

I got two masks two of which are very timely this time since we are all facing the pandemic. KORELIMITED made this unique mask to thank the healthcare workers who are on the front lines risking their lives just to save and take care of the COVID19 patients. Aside from that, the proceeds from the sales of the Let’s Live Together and KORE face masks will be 100% donated to the front liners’ needs and supplies.

I didn’t have a great photo of the masks yesterday so I ended taking some this morning and I think it ended well. What do you think?

Buy Let’s Live Together Face mask here and KORE Face mask here. If you want to check out and buy other products you can visit the official KORELIMITED website and available for worldwide shipping.

Final Review

The quality and texture are very excellent and the designs are one of a kind. Absolutely I love all the items I got from KORELIMITED! Aside from that the delivery from the US to Korea is about 10 days and that was very fast. So I’m highly recommending this brand when you wanted to give it as a gift to someone or to yourself. It’s something you can’t just pick up in a corner because it’s different.

P.S. Thanks to my friend Jasper for the awesome photos, you can check his Instagram @ou.image if you want to have some photoshoot around Seoul.

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Xoxo, Hyejin 💕

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33 Replies to “Korelimited Review | LA Korean Streetwear Brand”

  1. i love the style and colors. it is something i would definitely wear as well – im a hoodie loving type of person kasi. are these limited edition?

    1. It’s not limited edition but they have other designs na LE like the March 1st Movement long sleeves and tees.

  2. It’s a nice feeling to learn something from other parts of the world. I think Koreans are very fashionable in nature. They have unique talent and creativity!!! that’s why they became so popular in the Philippines

  3. Love those hoodies! I always admire Korea’s sense of fashion. When I went there, I was forced to buy a fashionable coat to fit in the trendy crowd. ❤

  4. That Respect Hoodie’s design is awesome! I like that it’s inspired by Parasite – one of my fave Korean movie now. Hahaha! Ang galeng ng image ng morse code. 🙂

  5. love this! and you look great on those hoodies. but i like how they make the brand relevant and updated with the addition of the face mask.

  6. I’d like to have the KORE Face Mask! It looks the same as what Korean idols wear when they go outside. hehe!

    1. You check the links that I have in my article. Kaso kimo siya it means for winter only so baka hinatayin ka sa init dyan sa Pinasm but they still have other designs you can check it out.

  7. Nice apparels! I love how street stylish they look especially the layer! I want to have one just like that!

  8. These jackets are very functional and practical. Tamang tama during older days and rainy season.

  9. ganda ng windbreaker na jacket! ang astig tingnan, gusto ko yung may design sya ng Korean flag sa likod! ganyang klaseng mga jacket gamit ko sa office

  10. I only know Spao because of SJ. This is my first time to hear the brand and, I think for me it isn’t very Korean-like. I mean you know those cutesy apparel in kdramas haha. But this one has that cool vibe.

    1. They don’t have a branch here in Korea. From US talaga yung company they are huge fans of Korean culture kaya nakapagtayo sila ng ganyang company related to Korean culture and lifestyle.

  11. I can see that this brand is very cool. I have no sense for fashiom whatsoever, but they look so good on you ah! It’s super nice that they’re also helping frontliners during thus difficult time. Kudos!!

  12. One of the things that fascinates me about Koreans are their clothing and designs. They have absolutely defined their own fashion and the world cease to amaze and go with their trend. And yes, I like your photo with the masks ❤️

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