6 Moral Lessons from The World of the Married

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The Korean drama The World of the Married ends its last episode last May 16 and it left us with moral lessons to consider in our daily life. This top-rate Korean drama has been the talk of the town since the first pilot and its ratings roar to the highest till the last episode.


The story of the Korean drama The World of the Married (부부의 세계) is about a successful family doctor Sun Woo (Kim Hee-ae) who thinks she has everything. A happy family, a great career, and good friends. But one day, she found out that his husband Lee Tae-oh (Park Hae-joon) was cheating on her and her friends knew about it. Thinking about his son, she decided to forgive him but finding out that his husband took everything that she owns she made up her mind to divorce him.

6 Moral Lessons from The World of the Married

1. Mother’s love is priceless

From the drama, we have seen how lost Dr. Ji Sun Woo was when her son hates her and went to his father. She tried drowning herself thinking that it was only the way to end everything and let them all live happily. But when her son called and asked her if she can pick him up, she didn’t think twice but run to her son as fast as she can. This proves that the mother’s love is priceless.

She’ll protect and fight till the end for her kids. She’ll stay strong no matter how hard the situation is. She can do everything for the sake of her children. That’s why the mother’s love is unconditional and knows no bond.

2. You’ll know who your real friends are when times get really tough

We all know that all of us have different groups of friends but do you know that you’ll know who your real friends are when times get really tough?

In this drama, we’ve seen who’s been really there for Dr. Ji Sun Woo till the end. We got pissed off from the first few episodes when they didn’t tell her about her husband’s affair. But we saw how they cared and stayed for her till the end, especially Ye-rim.

The same goes for Joon Young, her friend Yoon No-eul was been there for him until the end despite the things he has done and how he treated her in the last few episodes.

3. Know when you need to stop and let go

Do you know the signs that tell when you need to stop and let go? Those times that you can’t trust him/her anymore. When you have to sacrifice your personal values and started to be someone else. When you’re trying to prove to others that it’s worth holding on when it’s really not.

I’m proud of Da Kyung when she made up her made to divorce and leave Tae Oh. It might be hard for her to let him go but it’s the best thing she has done in her life. She’s pretty and young and she still has plenty of time to fulfill her dream and live peacefully and happily.

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4. Be strong and courageous

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9

Viewers like me have gone mad at Joon Young when it comes to his decisions. But my sentiments fall for him because we all know that once parents’ got separated the children are the most affected. He was lost, he felt so much pain and hatred. But I’m proud of him when he took the courage to tell what he really feels about everything and say sorry to her mom.

I also admire Dr. Ji Sun Woo for being strong and courageous after all that happened to her life and family. Especially when her son runs away and is nowhere to be found.

5. It’s okay to stay single

This drama also tells us that it’s okay to STAY single and there’s NOTHING WRONG to be single. Being single will give you a chance to build a better lifestyle and will give you more chances to value and love yourself.

6. Our choices and decisions are important

Now we have seen this drama we’ve also learned that we need to think about the actions and decisions that we need to do to avoid the consequences just like what happened to Tae Oh. He realizes and regrets everything after he lost those people who are precious to him.

The most precious person in the world is that person stands by your side.
-Tae Oh

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  1. I am an avid fan of the drama series, and truly the show is immersive. On your pointer that staying single is ok – I totally agree. There is nothing wrong about it, it is just the norms of the elders seems to be the standard, it seems the marriage is the ultimate goal in life – which is absolutely not.

  2. So, hindi ko binasa yung article kasi papanoorin ko palang tong drama na to baka kasi may spoilers HAHAHA inantay ko lang na matapos kasi ayaw ko nabibitin sa series 😀 ♡

  3. These are good lessons not just for a married woman but for all women out there. We don’t need a man to make us complete because we have our own mind and body who is capable of being independent. When a man cheats once, they can do it over and over again. Forgiving them once is enough but being unrespected is a big no to me regardless we have kids or not. If he cannot respect the mother of his kids, he will never love the kids as well.

  4. I planned to write about this, too, but I’ve been busy lately huhu! If I could add, I would say, “forgiveness” is still better. I feel sorry for Dr. Jin but at the first few episodes when Tae Oh said that he was willing to let Da Kyung go had the former not exposed everyone at dinner, it really made me think that the whole mess could have been prevented. Same goes with Da Kyung forgiving Tae Oh for the same. hehe

  5. These are really good moral lessons. I can relate to “our choices and decisions are important” we should be the one in charge of our lives

  6. Wow. Good points indeed. As I have also finished this Kdrama which gave me different feelings every week I watch the launched episodes I can totally relate to this content.

  7. As much as having a partner is great, being single is also the most amazing stage of my life. If my partner didn’t arrive in my life, I wouldn’t mind being single coz I am already happy.

  8. I haven’t watched that yet! but I love what you pointed out about friends! That is so true. sometimes they are more like a family. 🙂

  9. I love this breakdown of the show (though I haven’t watched it) and it definitely proves that there’s always a lesson in media, regardless of how deep or shallow you may find it. Going to your points, a mother’s love is truly, truly priceless. I can’t even emphasize that ’cause it is what it is. 🙂 Thank you for including verse in number 41 🙂

  10. These are all so true!! I haven’t watched the kdrama yet, but I’m now convinced that it is good and worth to watch!! I relate to a lot of these lessons and wish I’m somehow embodying them now. Hopefully. Hahaha.

  11. girl, ang galing ng post mo. from the heart talaga. buti naman you were able to share this with your readers after being so invested with the drama. ang daming apektado at nanggigil dito.

  12. #6 which is “Our choices and decisions are important” rings well with me. It is important that we learn how to be more responsible with our life choices. 🙂

  13. I’m still drafting my review on this but I agree on your post. It is not your average kirida drama, there’s life lessons on it.

  14. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this! I’ve been keen on watching this show but decided to wait until it finished, and now that it did, I’ll be watching this drama next! Your post just made me more excited to watch it.

  15. Actually, I like the way kdramas are made. One, because they don’t have any malice and two, the situations, twists andturns on their stories are not the usual. I also love how we Filipinos can relate to these dramas, especially, with these love stories even though they are in different language and culture. 🙂

  16. I haven’t watch The World of the Married pa. But it’s good na I’ve read this already, I’ll just remember these lessons to lessen my stress when I watch it. hehe I’ve heard it’s stressful to watch kasi. 🙂

  17. This is totally on point. I actually like the character development of Da Kyung. Although she did lots of bad stuff in the past, she was able to make a good decision in the end. It also helps to have a rich and supportive parents!

  18. I never forgot this drama. This drama makes me angry all day long! Every scene excites me and thinks about too many questions. what if….hahaha

  19. I’m not into KDramas, though I watched my first Korean movie in a long time, yung 200 pound Beauty on NF. My friend, who is into KDramas, said to me that she likes them because the stories are always rich in lessons and have depth. And I see it in this blog, as well.

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