10 Amazing Things to Do Near Lotte World Tower & Mall

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Have you been wondering about the things you can do around Lotte World Tower? Here’s a guide and some tips for you!

As a traveler, I use to look for places where I can do a lot of things in a day. That’s why I usually do research and write down the things that I can see and do whenever I travel. But for me, it is not easy to complete my list because I only have limited time. I work on weekdays and I only have one day off to have my ME time. That’s the time I roam around Seoul and if ever I got a chance I also go a bit far just like Suwon.

However, if it’s unplanned I always follow my instinct and learn from experience.

Anyway, let’s go to the main topic of this post. Have you been planning a trip to Korea and wondering what you can do in Seoul aside from visiting the Lotte World? And did you know that there are more amazing things that you can do near Lotte World Tower and Mall? Keep reading this post cause you might get some tips that might be helpful for your trip.

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10 Amazing Things to Do Near Lotte World Tower & Mall

Lotte World Tower is located in Olympic-ro, Songpa district. Aside from seeing the tower from afar experiencing is more perfect. Let’s check out the things that we can do at Lotte World Tower and its surrounding.

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1. Have fun at Lotte World Adventure

Lotte World Adventure is an indoor amusement park filled with exciting rides and attractions that visitors can enjoy throughout the year. There are also performances, festivals, and parade which is very popular not just with kids but also with every visitor including foreigners and locals.

Also, at Lotte World Adventure you’ll find the famous Merry-Go round carousel featured in many Korean dramas like Stairway to Heaven, Business Proposal, Our Beloved Summer, and many more.

For discounted tickets, you may use the Songpa L Pass (Lotte World Adventure, Lotte World Aquarium, and Seoul Sky).

2. Lotte World Magic Island

The Lotte World Magic island is the outdoor theme park of Lotte World where you can find the Magic Castle and giant rides like Bungee drop, Gyro spin, Gyro drop, Swing Tree, and Gyro swing.

You can also find the Snow White Castle at Magic Island which is really perfect for children and kids at heart.

3. Visit Lotte World Folk Museum

Aside from the fun and enjoyment that the Lotte World brings, there’s also a folk museum nearby. This is the Lotte World Folk Museum that exhibits the history and culture of Korea from the prehistoric time up to the Joseon era.

Moreover, the museum also offers traditional craft experiences like pottery, and Korean paper dolls as well as educational programs. Admission fee ranges from 2,000 won to 5,000 won but no extra charge for those who have a Lotte World Day Pass (park & museum ticket).

4. Keep it high at Seoul Sky Observatory

Wanna see Seoul from a 360-degree panoramic view? Visit Seoul Sky Observatory at Lotte World Tower. It is located on the top of the tower which is the tallest building in Korea with 123 stories and 555-meter height. The best time to visit the Seoul Sky Observatory is when the clouds are clear and during sunset.

The admission fee is 27,000 won (adult) and 24,000 won (children). Seoul Sky Observatory is open every day from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm.

5. Do the Adrenaline Rush at Sky Bridge

photo source: @jeffmabelle

Aside from the Seoul Sky Observatory Lotte World Tower also opens the breathtaking Sky Bridge. Visitors can enjoy the adrenaline rush of the Sky Bridge 500 meters in the sky. Taking photos and experiencing the view of Seoul on a different level.

The general admission fee is 100,000 won with a bridge tour and 2 photos. The special admission fee is 110,000 with a tour, 2 photos, and a drink at 123 Lounge. Opens from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Notes: Tour tickets can be booked 1 month prior to the date of use, and the reservation period can be adjusted. Online reservations cannot be purchased on the day of use.

Also, on-site purchase is available at the information desk on B1F and 117F, and the remaining quantity of online sales is sold.

6. Visit Lotte World Aquarium

If you are looking for a place where the whole family can enjoy, Lotte World Aquarium is the answer. It is located in the basement of the Lotte World Tower and Mall in Jamsil. It has more than 55,000 fish and aquatic life from different species in the world.

Lotte World Aquarium has 13 zones such as the Amazon River, Coral Reef Garden, Polar Region Zone, and many more. The admission fee is 31,000 won for adults and 27,000 won for children. Operates from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday to Sunday. Although closes at 8:00 pm every Thursday.

7. Wander at Lotte Museum of Art

Dreamer Exhibit last October 2021

Lotte Museum of Art (LMoA) is located on the 7th floor of Lotte World Tower. It was first opened in January 2018 as a contemporary art museum. Visitors can enjoy various artworks exhibited in the museum for 19,000 won. Early birds can also get a 50% discount.

Keep in mind that exhibits at the Lotte Museum of Art change from time to time so better check the museum’s website before visiting.

Last year, I visited LMoA and joined the Dreamer 3:45 exhibit thru Global Seoul Mate.

8. Have a walk at Seokchon Lake

Seokchon Lake during spring

Seokchon Lake is one of the busiest attractions throughout the year. Cherry blossom festival in spring, waterside concerts, and events during summer, the autumn festival in fall, and a snow-covered lake during winter. One place but have different experiences the whole year.

Autumn Festival

After 3 years, Seokchon Lake brings back the yellow super-sized rubber duck which is so cute and can be seen from September 30 to October 31.

9. Ehwa Korean School Uniform Experience

photo source: Ehwagyobok Facebook page

Wanna experience to being a Korean student for a day? Then don’t forget to try the Ehwa Korean School Uniform at the Lotte World. Here you may rent from 1 to 3 days depending on how long you will use it. You may take photos inside the Lotte World Adventure or nearby attractions such as Seokchon Lake.

Get a discounted ticket at Klook for as low as 20,000 won!

10. Shopping & Dining

Aside from the various activities at the Lotte World Tower and nearby, it is also open for shopping and dining. Here you can shop from luxurious brands to local brands. Dine with different restaurants that serve mouth-watering and delicious foods.

How to get here?

You can take a subway going to Jamsil Station (Line 2 and 8) and exit 2 or 11.

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  1. It looks like there is so many fun things to do and see. It always great to see other places around the world. Thank you for sharing your suggestions.


  2. Lotte world sounds amazing! Your pictures are beautiful. I have never heard of the concept of renting a school uniform before – that’s really cool! xxx

    1. Thank you!! Yeah the renting of school uniform is cool! I’ve tried it before but not the one mentioned here. It’s the one in Myeongdong but not sure if its still open.

  3. Wow, I love the look and sound of Lotte World! The lake looks absolutely stunning, I would love to visit it one day. This seems like a super fun experience 🙂

  4. oh my gosh, I don’t think I can do the sky bridge but I’m sure it’s safe, haha. I’m just skeeeerrd at that height!

  5. Lotte world seems to be exciting! I didn’t know that you can also get your thrills there with the Sky Bridge. That seems exciting but safer than doing bungee jumps- i am ALL FOR IT ❤❤❤

  6. This is the attraction that I really want to visit in Korea. They said it is like a Korean version of Disneyland. Sana FREE VISA na for PH passport holders, db?!

  7. so Lotte Tower is actually real big? kasi the theme parks are inside? did i get it right? Which from Lotte World Adventure or Lotte World Magic Island yung nasa jekyll hyde, me?

  8. There are so many fun things to do here! I will definitely have to check it out if I am every in the area! Thanks for sharing!

  9. never got to do the Sky Observatory the whole time I was living there, lol. I’m looking forward to Fall photos of the surroundings of Lotte from you. I’m sure they will be beautiful.

  10. You gave some beautiful locations. I loved the magic land for adventure sports, art museum, and lake as priorities. Great picks for those travelling there. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

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