6 Things to Know Before Visiting Yongma Land in Seoul

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Want the world to stop just like magic? Visit Yongma Land in Seoul where you will feel like that time has stopped for a moment.

There’s this place in Seoul that is gaining popularity even though it is not that pleasant at first sight. Also, who would think that this place will become famous even though it was once abandoned?


Yongma Land [용마랜드] is getting in demand by photographers and cosplayers. Some visitors are having their pre-nuptial photos and others are having their best shoot thru photoshoots. And some visitors are like me who’s doing some filming location.

amusement park

Yongma Land is an abandoned theme park in Seoul that was opened in 1983 but closed down in 2011 due to low profit. A businessman runs the business without operating the rides but opens its doors to photographers, videographers, people who do cosplay, tourists, and even locals. Visiting alone will give you creepy vibes due to the rusted feature of the park but honestly, it is worth it.

6 Things to Know Before Visiting Yongma Land in Seoul

1. Does it have an entrance fee?

Yes, it has. The price is a bit expensive for an abandoned park but it is getting known because of Korean dramas. That’s why the 5,000 won entrance fee was increased to 10,000 won for adults and 5,000 won for kids. Cosplay, photoshoots, and video shoot has different price so better check it first with Yongma Land. Also, the owner only accepts cash or bank transfer for payment.

I want to share my experience at the front desk because it might give you some problems when you see that the Ahjumma is not on her desk. When we arrive, no one was at the front desk so I called the cellphone number written on the notice but it was off. So I searched Yongma Land on Naver and call the landline and at last, someone answered the phone and she went to the booth. After checking my payment, she let us in.

2. How to get there?

There are three ways to reach Yongma Land; the first is to take the subway going to Mangu station and take exit 1 and walk for about 10-15 minutes. Second, according to other visitors taking a taxi from Mangu station is better than walking because of its confusing road. Although you can use a GPS if you want to walk. Lastly, if you worry about parking, Yongma Land has a free parking area which I like that’s why we went there by car.

Address: 9-1 Mangu-dong, Jungnang-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 중랑구 망우동 69-1)

3. What to expect when visiting Yongma Land?


Since it is an abandoned theme park keep in mind that you will expect some rusty and non-operating carnival rides. Some are filled with dust but no one minds it as long as you are not that fussy. Even though the place was abandoned I can say that the owner kept the place clean and there was no foul smell at all. Just be careful with the bees.

Also, if you think that this place will be crowded even on weekends, the answer is NO. It’s not crowded at all. When we visit, there was no one inside and a few guests came after us. When we enter the amusement park I felt the world stop. It was so quiet and it was only us. As an introvert, who hates a crowd, I felt that the place was really made for me.

Pose and take many photos as you can because this place makes you’ll feel like you own the whole world.


I went to the upper side of the amusement park and saw an old vending machine, carnival rides, and the Yongma Land arc.

4. What to bring?

If you plan to stay for a longer time, better bring food or snacks with you since there’s no restaurant or convenience store inside. Although, there’s a working vending machine inside where you can buy some water and other beverages.

If you are visiting alone, bringing a tripod is the best because there will be no one to ask to take photos of you since it is not crowded at all. But if you want to take some extra special photos bring a photographer with you.

5. They have a restroom

Unexpected call of nature? Don’t worry they have a restroom with working water and a roll of tissue. I am not sure about the lights if it’s working since we went during the daytime and I didn’t bother because I only went to the restroom to wash my hands.

6. Filming location of variety shows, music videos, movies, and Korean dramas

I didn’t know that there are so many Korean dramas and shows filmed in Yongma Land until the day that we visited. Aside from the Korean drama The Sound of Music the other dramas filmed here are the following:

  • Sisyphus: The Myth [시지프스] starring Park Shin Hye
  • Healer [힐러] of Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook
  • Pretty Boy [예쁜 남자] starred by Jang Keun-suk and IU
  • Room No. 9 [나인룸] starring Kim Hee-Seon of Tomorrow
  • Tale of the Nine-Tailed [구미호뎐] starring Lee Dong-Wook and Jo Bo-ah
  • Alice [앨리스] by Kim Hee-Seon and Joo Won

On April 5, 2020, Running Man also filmed episode 497 of the variety show here with their guests starring actors Ahn Bo-Hyun, Ji Yi-soo, Lee Joo-young, and Song Jin-woo.

Aside from that, some of the music videos of Kpop groups were also filmed here.

Girl’s Day (걸스데이): ‘I’ll Be Yours’ special clip
Twice (트와이스): ‘Like Ooh Aah’
Juniel (주니엘) and CNBLUE’s Lee Jong-hyun (이종현): ‘Love Falls’ 
WJSN CHOCOME (우주소녀 쪼꼬미): ‘Super Yuppers!’
Crayon Pop (크레용팝): ‘Bar Bar Bar’ (빠빠빠) 
EXO’s Xiumin (시우민): ‘A Glass of Soju’

It is such a home for many K-pop idols and of course, BTS isn’t an exception. Look what I’ve found!

bts carousel

Also, aside from the Korean dramas mentioned above Yongma Land was also featured in the last two episodes of Cafe Minamdang.

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    1. It is not difficult to buy tickets because the details are already posted in the window and you just need to pay in cash or do a bank transfer. If you cannot speak Korean, just show in your fingers how many people are going to visit the place. Not sure if the Ahjumma speak in English because we spoke in Korean. Maybe she can speak a little since a lot of foreigners are visiting too.

  1. I understand the steep ticket prices, and I wouldn’t blame the management for doing so. Demolishing this place will be much expensive costs from their pockets, and it is best to just live it as it is. Hopefully when the right time (and investors) comes in, this place will be developed into a modern attraction.

  2. This is one of the places I wanted to go to while i was living there. kaso, never got to do it so i always end up just admiring from photos.

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