Korea’s issuance of short-term travel visas is resuming

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Good news to all! South Korea’s issuance of short-term travel visas is resuming on June 1 and here are a few things we need to know.

After 2 years, the government announced that starting next month, the issuance of short-term travel visas will be resuming. The short-term travel visa will be open to tourists and foreigners who will visit their relatives.

“The influx of foreign tourists will boost domestic demand and invigorate relevant industries, which will eventually help create more jobs and attract foreign talent. “

– Official from Ministry of Justice

Things to Know About the Resumption of Korean Tourist Visa (From June 1, 2022)

1. Multiple entry visa issued before 5 April 2020 that has not expired can be used without re-application. 

2. The Consent for Isolation will not be required to submit any longer. 

3. The detailed information on visa application procedure including required documents will be announced at this website soon. 

4. Please be advised that all the passengers must comply with the following protocols for quarantine and COVID-19 testing. 
A. Passengers must present either a negative PCR certificate(issued within 48 hours) or a negative RAT certificate(issued within 24 hours) prior to the departure date.
B. In principle, unvaccinated passengers will not be exempted from quarantine while vaccinated passengers will be exempted from quarantine. Check the detailed information at the Korean embassy’s website.
C. Online vaccination registration is required via Q-CODE before departure.  

[Source: Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Republic of the Philippines]

screencap from the Embassy of Korean website

Other Information

A few days ago the government also announced the free-visa entry to Jeju and Yangyang next month. Travelers from other countries can enter without a visa except for the following countries; Iran, Sudan, Syria, Macedonia, Cuba, Kosovo, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ghana, Nigeria, Yemen, Egypt, Gambia, Senegal, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Cameroon, Sri Lanka, Myanmar.

Also, countries that suspended the visa-waiver program with Korea during the pandemic should present a visa when entering Jeju.

Travelers from the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Mongolia can visit Yangyang visa-free through group tours (5 people and more). They must travel through a travel agency accredited by the Gangwondo province and can stay up to 15 days.

Guides and Tips

Read the tips and guidelines for visa application and for more detailed information please visit the Korean Embassy website. Once the visa is approved, don’t forget the guides and tips on using the subway and buses in Korea. Of course, the itinerary is very important, here are some lists of places that you might want to visit.

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