Jung Il-Woo ‘Healing’ 2022 Season’s Greetings

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I’m unboxing my Jung Il-woo ‘Healing’ 2022 Season’s Greetings which I got as a birthday gift from a friend. I’m super kilig!

Last time, I posted a joke that I wanted something for my birthday. Then a friend of mine wrote a comment ‘Go!’ and she said she’ll give it to me as a gift. I thought she was joking because I know the price it’s not a joke. But she said she was serious about it.

The gift that I am talking about is Jung Il-woo’s ‘Healing’ 2022 Season’s Greetings. I am a fan of Jung Il-woo since 2012 and have a few collections of him like photocards, magazines, keyring, and others. But I never had a season’s greetings because I have other priorities. But thanks to my dear friend she gave me something that makes me feel so excited.

Let’s check out and see what’s inside the package.

Jung Il-Woo ‘Healing’ 2022 Season’s Greetings

Jung Il-woo posted the behind scenes of the 2022 Season’s Greetings photos on his youtube channel, 1일1우 (ONEDAYILWOO). According to the video, the photos for the calendar were shot on Busan. I’ve never been to Busan but I’m looking forward to visiting the place one of these days especially when the pandemic is gone.

What’s Inside?

The season’s greetings come with an outer box, calendar, folding poster, phone strap, snap band, tin case, embroidery badge, and photo card set.

Outer Box

The outer box has the neon green color print ‘Jung Il Woo Healing 2022 Season’s Greetings’ with the size of W330 x H215 x D40mm.


Jung Il-woo’s season’s greeting this time carries the theme of ‘healing’. The photos are light, simple, and natural. Something can make you smile in one look. The calendar has 13 photos including the cover photo.

Folding Poster

I won’t deny that the folding poster made my heart skip. I love the shot and the design. The size is not too big and not too small. Also, the font size of the dates is readable.

Phone Strap and Snap Band

The season’s greetings of Jung Il-woo come with a phone strap and snap band too. I like the phone strap it is something useful for me. While the snap band, I think I will wear that if ever I am able to join his fan meeting or his event. Need to keep it for a while so it won’t get any damage.

Tin Case (Embroidery Badge & Photocard Set)

The package also has a tin case which includes an embroidery badge and photocard set inside. I will use the tin case to keep my Jung Il-woo photo cards.

Where to buy it?

Jung Il-woo’s 2022 Season’s Greetings is available on KRIBBIT for 45,000 won (excluding shipping). Internation shipping is also available but delivery charges may vary according to the destination and weight.


First, I am very thankful to my friend who gave me this Il-woo Season’s Greetings. I really love it and will use (hopefully) and keep it. Since am a fan of Il-woo, I am not sure if I can write anything on the calendar since I usually write my important memos in it. I might display it on my desk but will not write anything on it to keep it clean.

Also, while checking the photos on the calendar, it came to my mind to do some twinning photoshoots with Il-woo’s fashion. I tried to copy this denim jacket and white shirt style but I can’t find my plain shirt so I just wore the one I got from Seoul Brand.

What do you think? Is it yay or nay?

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Xoxo, Hyejin 

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  1. All in here are awesome! Yehey itl be the best ever! I just love to own one! “Jung Il-Woo ” Healing” Seasons Greetings! … Fantastic!

  2. I enjoyed reading this blog Ms.Abby.
    I cant imagine your reaction when you get this collection.
    Wow so happy for you to have a blessed friend that’s awesome and truly want you to be happy and give you this awesome collection.

  3. Ang sweet po ng friend nyo ms jin. Super love ko to, ang ganda ng merch. Love the shots, lahat ang gwapo ni oppa. I love your twinning recreation too. This is indeed an awesome birthday gift ever.

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