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A Meaningful Gift for Jung Il Woo’s Birthday

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Fans from all over the world prepare a meaningful gift to celebrate their idol Jung Il Woo’s birthday this coming September 9.

Other people think that fangirling or fanboying will not bring any good thing to someone’s life. But for some people it has. Some fans don’t just collect stuff from their idols but honestly, they also do good things on behalf of their idol. That’s why the fans prepared a meaningful gift to celebrate Jung Il Woo’s birthday this year. In short, it’s a fangirling with a cause.

Who is Jung Il Woo?

He is a South Korean actor born on September 9, 1987.  He debuted in 2006 and he was first known in his role as a rebellious teen in Unstoppable High Kick in 2006. Then he appeared in television dramas like 49 Days, Cool Guys, Hot Ramen in 2011, Cinderella, and Four Knights in 2016.

For me, he is the king of ancient drama because he had done almost 5 ancient dramas including The Return of Iljimae (2009), Diary of a Night Watchman (2014), The Moon Embracing the Sun (2012), Haechi (2019) and the latest was Bossam: Steal the Fate.

Aside from being an actor, he is also good at cooking. He also proves that his talents are not just in television but also in theater. In 2019, he played Michael in the play ‘The Elephant Song‘. The fans were enchanted by his sweet voice when he has sung the songs ‘Someone Like You‘ and ‘A Person of Yours (너란 사람) for the drama Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. There are many reasons to like Jung Il Woo that’s why the Jung Il Woo PH fan group was made.

The Making of Jung Il Woo PH

Jung Il Woo PH is a Philippine-based fan group that started on July 25, 2011, with a simple goal to gather Filipino fans of Jung Il-woo. At first, the group started with 2 fangirls who created Jung Il Woo PH, currently, only one admin is running the whole fan page of Jung Il Woo PH. As of now, there are 16,420 people who are following the Facebook page.

Jung Il Woo PH Official Facebook Page

The fan group is not just for Filipino fans but it is also open to international fans. It’s been hosting projects and accepting support from International fans.

The fans love Jung Il Woo because of his versatility as an actor. He is a man full of talent and respect. His quote really hones their well-being.

As for me, happiness means to make other people happy. – Jung Il Woo

His belief about happiness really suits him because he charms his fans and makes them generally happy and inspired.

Jung Il Woo as an Inspiration to Many

I also asked them how do they differ from other fans? According to them, they follow Jung Il Woo’s whereabouts and they said that they were really delighted to know that he is doing charity works behind the camera. Last April, he made a Vlog about making 100 Bossam meals for Caritas Seoul. You can watch the video on his Youtube Channel 1DAY 1LWOO. The group was inspired to do more than just by supporting Il Woo. That’s the reason why they started their first charity project with World Vision Philippines.

Photo Source from Jung Il Woo PH Facebook Page

This is a memorable project wherein the group will be sponsoring a child in World Vision Philippines under Jung Il Woo’s name. The fan project was called Spread Happiness Donation Drive. This is such a meaningful gift for the celebration of Jung Il Woo’s birthday and 15th Debut Anniversary.

The beneficiary of the fan project is a 12-year old boy living in a rural area of West Misamis. The World Vision Philippines personally chose him to be the child sponsor. The fans who have donated will also receive a token of appreciation and will become official members of the Jung Il Woo PH fan group.

Photo Source from Jung Il Woo PH Facebook Page

Aside from the fan project for the actor’s birthday and debut anniversary, Jung Il-woo PH is also currently expanding to different social media platforms to unite all Jung Il-woo fans worldwide. They recently launched their Stationhead Radio. In their first broadcast, they played a playlist of Jung Ilwoo’s drama Original Soundtracks. Around August 29, they have a scheduled Twitter Spaces, wherein fans can chat with each other and get to know more of each other. I am looking forward to this!

The Admin of Jung Il Woo PH, Ms. Francezca also wants to extend her gratitude to all the local and international fans who support their fan projects.

I am deeply thankful to all those fans locally and internationally supporting us in our fan projects. I remember when I showed my support to Ilwoo through the Golden Rainbow 2016 Rice Wreath project using my own money plus sharing with 1 local fan, a Singaporean fan, and an admin from DCILWOO. But now, we have been receiving lots of support not only locally but also internationally. I am very grateful for all those who have been trusting us and continuing to support our projects. I have compiled all our projects for Jung Il-woo through these Instabio links.

– Ms. Francezca (Admin of Jung Il Woo PH)

He Changed my Life (Fangirl’s Stories)

Here’s the story of how Jung Il Woo changes the life of some fangirls. Francezca said that in reality, she became organized and learned to be a multitasker! Since she has been hosting fan projects, she was able to learn how to distribute and juggle her time working and being a fan. There goes the saying “Work hard, play hard!” It helps her also to showcase her talent through the designs and ideas they have come up with on each project.

My very first trip to Korea was last year in 2019 in Ilwoo’s Korea fan meeting, I traveled solo to Korea!. Good thing, I have met a co-Filipino Ilwoo fan and a Singaporean fan in Korea! It was a fun 3-day trip and I was able to see Ilwoo up close and have experienced this ultimate fangirl experience. I have also saved my money while he was in his Army service so I was able to fund my trip to Korea. It was surreal and really dreamy! This is a learning experience also for me, that you can achieve your goal, if you have worked hard for it!

– Francezca

Photo Source from Jung Il Woo PH Facebook Page

According to her, it’s definitely really fun to be able to meet fans from other countries while also sharing their support for Il Woo. They were able to help each other to create FUN-FAN projects such as the Stay-At-Home Cupsleeve Event (kit video). This CSE event was originally planned for local fans. But she was overwhelmed by the fans from Japan, Slovenia, Brazil, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, and the USA since they were eager to join this first cup sleeve event that they hosted. They were also able to launch the raffle prizes virtually through this fun duck race and wheel of fortune.

Another fan said that she started liking Jung Il Woo in 2016 because he was kind and handsome. She likes how the actor treats other people with love and kindness.

Jung Il Woo change me a lot about Korean drama. He always shere inspirational sayings that I am able to apply in my life especially in family matters. He makes me feel like everything goes easy in some part that you maybe been down. I wish that someday I could meet him and tell him how much I admire him. I wish him more goodhealth and precious heart as always on his birthday and God guide him wherever he is.

– Fe, Jung Il Woo fan

Josie is a friend of mine. She’s a Pinay living in the United States and we met each other because of Jung Il Woo. She started to like Il Woo when she saw the actor’s Korean drama Cinderella and Four Knights.

I immediately fall in love with his character, cuteness nd his acting skill.  I love how expressive his eyes is.  Then I watched all his dramas and the more I fall for him Ilwoo is my happy pill.  Being alone in this country and no family at all life is so boring.  But after I become a fan of Ilwoo I’m always excited to go home so I can watched all his drama.  There are dramas that I really cried a lot but there are dramas too that makes me feel like a teenager again

When I’m feeling down watching his drama makes me happy and energetic.  How he touch my heart and soul.  Whenever he have an IG update I’m so thrilled and excited.  Thanks to Ilwoo I meet so many friends internationally.  It is so much fun because we can all discuss about him as we all love him.  I will always love and support him.  I wish him all the best on his upcoming projects.

– Josie Ann, Jung Il Woo fan

Honey really loves Il Woo. I met her in the Jung Il Woo PH fan group and I saw their dedication and admiration for him. She said that she was happy to know someone like Jung Il Woo. She also added that the actor added value to her life and it really made her happy.

He changed my life in terms of the emotional aspect, I became more selfless in supporting someone even though I don’t know him personally. There is really happiness in loving someone behind their back without them knowing that you exist being a fan. It teaches you a different kind of unconditional love. The happiness that I get from Il Woo made me more generous not only to him but also to my co-ilwoolies and to others, it is more than just a “fangirling thing“. His generosity and kindness to other people really inspired me to do the same. Just seeing him makes me happy, so I learned to be more appreciative and to smile for those little things because life is short.

– Honey, Jung Il Woo fan

Birthday Greetings and Wishes!

There are how many days left before Jung Il Woo’s birthday and the fans are extending their greetings and wish to the actor.

Happy Birthday Ilwoo-ssi! All of us wish you a day filled with happiness and a joyous year ahead. We all know that this era is really hard for all of us, but you have exerted effort to connect with us through your 1DAY 1LWOO Youtube Channel. We are grateful for the efforts poured and continuously reaching out to your International fans. Be safe, have fun, and enjoy every minute of this exciting time in your life! We’ll forever and always be here to support you! Keep on doing what you love and thank you for inspiring us!

– Jung Il Woo PH Fans


Jung Il Woo PH has also launched our first doll merchandise through Jung Il Woo’s character in his hit drama series “Bossam: Steal the Fate.

Photo Source from Jung Il Woo PH Facebook Page

You can check the details here if you have other inquiries.  They are encouraging fans to support this merchandise since they were also looking forward to creating other characters from Ilwoo’s drama!

If you also wanted to send a birthday greeting card you may also check Jung Il Woo’s fan cafe IlWoostory Cafe on Instagram.

Follow Jung Il Woo’s account
Instagram: @jilwww
YouTube: 1Day 1Woo

Follow Jung Il Woo PH accounts
Facebook: Jung Il Woo PH
Twitter: @jungilwooph
Instagram: @jungilwooph
YouTube: JungIlwooPH

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What do you think about this fangirling with a cause? Share your thoughts and please comment your Birthday greetings to our dear Jung Il Woo.

Xoxo, Hyejin

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18 Replies to “A Meaningful Gift for Jung Il Woo’s Birthday”

  1. I’m not really into it.but upon reading it,kinda interesting me .he’s worth reading to. My kids love him ,I may say he’s extremely extraordinary kind of man

  2. Have the best birthday ever Jung Il Woo! Wherever the year ahead takes you,Your great work has resulted in tangible, beneficial results to all the ones you’ve aided.

  3. You are very thoughtful!
    I didn’t know his name but I recognized him in several K-drama series and movies that I’ve watched before. He is very talented, and a good actor. Ang guwapo pa rin niya!

  4. That’s one good thing about being a fan. You’ll feel loved every single day. Ako honestly di ko siya kilala pero so happy for him. 🙂 Parang gusto ko panuorin isa sa mga palabas niya. Anong marerecommend mo? 🙂

    1. All of his drama are good but I really started admiring him sa 49 Days, just prepare a lot of tissue. Sa ancient naman ung latest Bossam.

  5. Hindi ko pa sya napapanood yata. pero its so good that even for a Korean Idol, Pinoy fans can do this. Sana this could reach Jung ilwoo din, sarap siguro ng feeling ng PH fans pag malaman niya and of course and for sure maappreciate niya yun.

  6. Yassss, you’ve been a Jung Il-Woo fan for a long time now. good to see the fan-girling for a cause. the recipient must be very happy. also, have you received na your gift for him? hahaha… i thought this was what the post is all about. i was excited to read it.

    1. Yes ate! He’s a 12 year’s old and 3 days lang ung pagitan ng birthday nila. IlWoo’s birthday is 9 and the kid is 12. About sa gift, I’ll send you a message.

  7. Not really a fan of K-drama. But I love Jewel in the Palace and Empress Ki. (Reveals my age huh? LOL) anyway, after reading your blog, I understand now why lots of Filipinos love Korean artists. They are a source of inspiration.
    By the way, is Jung Woo’s shows on Netflix?

    1. The Sweet Munchies and Cinderella and FOur Knights are on Netflix here in Korea. I just don’t know in other countries. His other drama are available on VIU Philippines.

  8. Grabe noh, it’s crazy how a fangirl can do para sa mga idols nila. Kaya I have so much respect sa mga fans talaga who take an extra mile. Also, I have to agree about what he said that happiness is about making other people happy. You know you’re in the peak of genuine happiness pag nakikita mo na talaga yung saya ng ibang tao by making them happy.

  9. Hi, I am from Singapore. Would like to join a fan club of Jung IL woo but don’t think we have one in Singapore. Am I able to join the Philippines one?

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