Korean Movie Review: Hope (소원)

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Have you seen the Korean movie HOPE? This is one of the Korean movies that made me cry and today I’m writing my personal review about it.

In life, there are incidents that we don’t expect to happen and in a glimpse, it will change our lives. There are also instances that we blame ourselves because of what happened. But sometimes due to unexpected circumstances we also see what’s missing and what should we do.

There’s a movie that I have watched a few days ago and it made me cry so hard. It’s been circulating over the internet but I never thought of watching it because the viewers said it was a sad movie and I don’t want to cry. Then I saw in the news that the culprit from the said movie will be going out of jail, I got curious about what really happened and why he only received a 12 years sentence.

Here’s my review of the Korean movie Hope.

Korean Movie Review: Hope (소원)

cocomong child girl

Hope or 소원 is a film based on a true story and was released in 2013 and directed by Lee Jon-ik. It also won the 34th Blue Dragon Film Awards as Best Film in 2013.

Im So-won was played by Lee Re, Sol Kyung-gu played the role of So-won’s father (Im Dong-hoon), and So-won’s mother (Kim Mii-hee) was Uhm Ji-won. Ra Mi-ran and Kim Sang-ho are also included in the cast as So-won’s family’s closest friends.

The story of the movie is about an 8 years old girl (So-won) who has been brutally beaten and raped by a drunken 57-year-old man. Despite what happened to So-won she survived that day and was able to call the ambulance. She suffered from multiple injuries, undergo major surgeries, and needed to wear a colostomy bag forever. Regardless of what happened to So-won, she was able to recognize the culprit when she regained her consciousness. Despite their effort and pieces of evidence presented in court the culprit only received a 12 years sentence.

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Movie Review

First, this movie is a real tear-jerker and will let you bring a bunch of tissues while watching. The movie didn’t show much of the cruel scenes but the director focused on the story of how the family of the victim copes up after what happened. The movie also shows the importance of family and friends’ support during such a hard time. I never thought that your favorite cartoon character and a psychiatrist can help to heal your mind.

Secondly, the characters portrayed their role so real that made me cry. I felt their pain, hardships, and emotions throughout the movie. I’m also touched by how the father dressed up the mascot Cocomong to make her daughter happy.

Lastly, the portrayal of the movie is amazing and it has beautiful cinematography.


Literally, this movie is an eye-opener to us that we should always take good care of our kids despite our busy schedules. We should always make time for them. Through this movie, I also saw the importance of having one true friend who will be there for you in times of need. This movie also shares with us that in spite of having a law, some don’t have a fair judgment. Even though the judgment is not satisfying don’t take the law into your hands. Let God judge the man in the afterlife.

This movie is highly recommended and don’t forget to prepare a box of tissue.

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  1. Sobrang nag enjoy po ako sa blog nyo😊lalo nat nabasa ko nanaman ang Movie natong HOPE.Isa talaga to sa mga di malimutang pangyayari na naggimbal sa buong Korea.Nakakapanghina panuorin at nakakaiyak sobrang tapang din ng bata despite sa hirap ng naranasan nya nagawa padin nyang lumaban pra sa sarili nya.Yung sakit sakit na nararamdaman ng pamilya nya ramdam korin di ganun kadali ang tanggapin na sa loob ng 12 yes mkakalaya na yung hayop,dapat di na sya makalaya.Di makatao Ang ginawa nya di nya deserve makalaya.
    I always support you Ms.Hyejin❤️more Aabangan kopo next content nyo.

  2. Hi po! I already watched this movie out of curiosity kasi marami na ang nagshare sa fb (around April 2020) , and while watching , I said to myself “Bakit ko to pinapanood? Ang sakit sa puso! ” as in mangiyak ngiyak talaga ako sa kwarto! Maganda sya (not because of what happened) but because ang galing ng mga artist and it shows the reality of life, the poverty, the justice system, the neighborhood. As a mom with my eldest as a girl, it gave me realizations not to be complacent about my daughter going out of the house na alone. I may be a bit hard but I am disappointed on how the case end , like what the culprit did deserve a life sentence. 😩 Dun ako mas naiyak, yung na fifeel ko yung agony ng parents. The girl was suffering a lifetime of pain and that man will only serve 18 years? Hays life. 😰

  3. Parang ang bilis naman nya makalaya sa ganun kabigat na kasalanan. Okay lang sana kung kwento lang talaga kaso true story pala talaga sya kaya na bother ako. Kulang ang ganun kasandaling panahon na pagkakakulong, dapat habang buhay na pagkakakulong talaga.

    Hays. Feeling ko maiiyak ako kapag napanood ko to momsh. San po kaya pwede panoorin to?

  4. I only saw the trailer of this movie but until now I dont have the courage to watch this. Masakit kasi sa dibdib tong ganitong true to life story tapos bata pa yung victim.i agree po that we should be extra careful and give ample time to our kids.

  5. Oh my thank for this review ate naalala ko ang cell no.7 na movie dito na talagang iniyakan ko. At iiyak ulit ako dito for sure sa Hope. I will definitely watch this and recommend to ny friends. Base sa review mo mga aral talagang makukuha more on self explanatory nga lang siya. Super thank you for this ok lang si tissue pag wala si heart lang e ready. Hehe

  6. I don’t think I can watch this kind of movie because I get so affected easily especially I have a daugther who is close to the age of one of the characters. But, anyway, I hope this movie will teach us to take care of our kids more and be responsible parents as well.

  7. The best Korean movie I watched are Parasite and Miracle Cell No. 7. The former is beautifully made and inspired me to order The Great Leveler by Schiedel, and the latter made me cry. Since this is about life, I would definitely give it a shot!

  8. Antagal na nito sa plan-to-watch list ko kasi may nagrecommend sa akin, kaso di ko pa napapanuod dahil wala sa Viu. Pero dahil nabasa ko review mo parang gusto ko na siya unahin panuorin… sana nasa kissasian 🙂

    1. Yeap sis nasa kissasian siya. Sa Netflix ko nga lang sya pinanood. Ang tagal din bago ko siya pinanood kasi nga sabi nila nakakaiyak kaya hindi ko binalak panoorin. Pero dahil dun sa paglaya nung kriminal nung last week nacurious ako bakit 12 years lang ung sentence nya kaya pinanood ko.

  9. I feel like i would be a mess after watching a movie like this. It’s scary that this is based on a real story and rapists should never be let out of jail anymore!!! I hope for a world with a better justice system for crimes like this to never happen again!

  10. Ayokong manuod ng mga ganitong movie kasi gaya mo ayoko din umiyak. After nung miracle in cell #7 na no doubt maganda talaga but it made cry so hard na even after a few days naiiyak pa rin ako. I’m sure this movie is really great based na rin sa review mo but I don’t have the courage to watch this for now lalo na kasi true story and the rapist got out pa. I don’t think I can handle my emotions. Even just reading your blog it already made me incredibly sad.

  11. This movie seems interesting and unique… I’m sure it will make me cry indeed, so thanks for the reminder about prepping some tissue. I’ll definitely watch this. Kahit di ako masyado fan ng mga korean movie, I appreciated Korean movies like Miracle in Cell #7 and Parasite, they’re such eye-opener too.

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