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Korean Drama ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One’ Filming Locations

The new Korean drama ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One’ is giving us another trip because of their filming locations. So let me share with you where they filmed the said Korean drama. The new tvN series Twenty Five, Twenty One [스물다섯 스물하나] is the new apple of the eye of many viewers around the world as …

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Korea Travel Guide Restaurants & Themed Cafes

Only Go: Single’s Inferno Moon Se Hoon Restaurant

Visited Only Go, the restaurant of Single’s Inferno celebrity Moon Se Hoon located in Gangnam. Let’s check out what’s on their menu! I was hooked on the Netflix TV program Single’s Inferno (솔로지옥). It is a variety show about nine Korean singles who are stranded on a deserted island. To escape the island they must …

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