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2021 Seoul Lantern Festival: Forest of Healing, the Colors of Seoul

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The 2021 Seoul Lantern Festival theme is Forest of Healing, the Colors of Seoul which features beautiful lanterns of hope and positivity.

Yearly, the Seoul Lantern Festival (서울빛초롱축제) is held throughout the period from the first Friday of November to the third Sunday of November.  Every year a lot of locals and foreigners visit the lanterns starting from Cheonggyecheon Square to Supyogyo Bridge. But this year, the 17 days festival was changed to 10 days due to some reasons.

What to see at the festival?

There are 83 beautiful lanterns are displayed in the stream of Cheonggyecheon from Mojeongyo Bridge (모전교) to Jeongtonggyo Bridge (정통교). This year’s theme is ‘Forest of Healing, colors of the Seoul’. It’s aiming to heal and give peace to everyone who is suffering from this pandemic. Sharing hope to all that everything will be all right.

As a supporter of the 2021 Seoul Lantern Festival, I decided to visit last November 27 (Saturday). Beforehand, I’ve checked additional information about the festival so I am not surprised by the long line when I arrived at the venue.

There are a number of people who can enter per batch, temperature check and electronic access call is required upon entry due to pandemic.

I have limited time to visit since I am also avoiding the crowd so I took the photos that I need from the festival and left. I used to enjoy this festival with my son but we can’t find a parking space. We actually went to a birthday party before going to the festival that’s why my son and husband went home.

Before the story gets longer, I’ll share with you some of the beautiful lanterns from the festival.

Offline AR Lanterns

Slow Trees <느릿마누>
A Secret Door <비밀의문>
A Starry Cat <별처럼 빛나는 고양이>
Owl Reading Books <책읽는 부엉이>

Forest of Healing, colors of the Seoul

Lunar Halo <달무리>
A Lovely Forest <도심숲>
Lotus <연꽃>
Flowerbed <꽃밭에서>

The above lanterns can also be seen thru the online AR exhibit, just visit the Seoul Lantern Festival website. If you are living in Korea, you can also join the event by taking selfies with AR lanterns, posting on your SNS, and win prizes.

Hanji Lanterns [Korean Theme]

Sorikkun <소리꾼>
Lantern <초롱이>

Sorikkun means a person who sings pansori, a Korean storytelling song, or folk song. I usually see this in Korean dramas but never seen in person. Although I have heard Korean folk songs or Minyo when I visited the Seoul Museum of Korean Folk Music.

The right photo is about two kids who are carrying lanterns which symbolizes Buddishm but for ordinary people, it means festive ornaments.

Finger Heart <손하트>

Who won’t recognize this finger heart symbol that means ‘I Love You’. I am not sure about this but according to what I have read that this finger heart was started in 2010 by Kim Hye-soo.

Hide and Seek <술래잡기>
<무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다>

These two photos of kids are about Korean children’s games. The first one is Hide and Seek and the other one is the famous Mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida. It’s been actually featured in the Netflix Series Squid Game.

For Kids at Heart

Aside from the main theme of the 2021 Seoul Lantern Festival, there are also lanterns that are made for kids and young at hearts. Disney Pinocchio, Mickey and Minnie mouse, Transformer Bumble Bee, and Ironman are also displayed at the festival.

Christmas Themes

Christmas is also in the air because of these two Nutcrackers. There are also cute Christmas elves but I didn’t take photos because the crowd was getting bigger. If you want to see the other lanterns, you can check Seoul Lantern Festival’s Instagram above.

Additional Information

Due to corona, there is some additional information that you should know before going.

  • Temperature check upon entry
  • QR code/ Electronic Access Call is needed
  • Wearing a mask is a must!
  • Follow social distancing
  • No Smoking
  • No Pets are allowed

How to get there?

Take the subway going to Jongno 3-ga or Jonggak (line 1) or Euljiro-1 or Euljiro-3 (Line 2) and take the exit going to Cheonggye Plaza

For other details, read Things to Know about the 2021 Seoul Lantern Festival. The festival will end this coming Sunday, December 5.

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What do you think about this festival? Is it worth visiting or not?

Xoxo, Hyejin 

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  1. Each of them are unique and exceptional! That’s the real colour of Seoul ❤️ very creative and innovative! I’ve been dreaming about this place and even!

  2. This is an enjoyable festival. Lahat ng lantern maganda. I like their theme of hope and positivity, we need it now.

  3. Ang gaganda ng mga lantern na gawa nila ta Talaga mng dadayuhin po ito🥰 Ang Dami dami at gustong gusto ko po ang tema na ginamit Nila 🥰🥰🥰

  4. Wow ganda naman po dyan ang colorful and nakaka enjoy panoorin and tignan nakaka amaze din ang mga lanterns na ito ang lalaki 🥰

  5. Aw so colorful Lanterns that’s awesome and so nice to see.
    Thank you for this Ms.Abby.
    Im sure its a nice experience to attend this kind of festival.
    Loved to experience this too.

  6. thank you for sharing! all the lanterns are beautiful, looking at them, no joke ha, parang nakaka heal talaga ng soul.. i was looking at each intently. what more if i was there. they surely brought hope to your land. i hope the pandemic ends, so that we could enjoy freely na uli

  7. I’ve always liked the Lantern Festival displays there in Seoul. All works of art. Congratulations on being a supporter this year. And good luck again next year!

  8. OMG these lanterns are spectacularly beautiful! I commend the many artists that make this festival possible. I wish I am there and enjoy the show personally.

  9. Wow, I haven’t heard that there’s a lantern festival in Seoul. The lanterns are all beautiful and well-crafted. Kudos to everyone behind the event especially the artists!

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