BTS TinyTAN Breath Sports 2.0 Mask: Yay or Nay?

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Have you ever heard about the new launch BTS TinyTAN Breath Sports 2.0 Mask? I got one and let’s find out how cool and safe this mask is. 

It’s been a year since when coronavirus struck all over the world and it’s been a long time that we are all wearing masks to protect ourselves. And that’s what we call now as ‘new normal’. Different kinds of masks have been out in the market. There are cloth masks, surgical masks, KF-AD, KF 80, and KF 94. All of these are allowed to use here in Korea but wearing a mask all the time is not really good for us. We got skin problems like maskne and we have hard breathing because we can’t breathe well. Another thing is, it’s cold here in Korea and our masks got moist inside because our breath can’t freely get out. The moisture stays inside the mask and it gets wet and a bit irritating so you need to dry it first before using it again or else just change it.

BTS TinyTAN Breath Sports 2.0 Mask Personal Review

Then I saw this BTS TinyTAN Breath Sports 2.0 mask over the internet and I decided to get one and try it. Here’s my review:

Five Reasons to Buy TinyTAN Breath Sports 2.0 Mask

1. It’s been tested and certified by US FDA, EPA, JAPAN KAKEN, FITI with 99% filtration efficiency

This mask uses a nanofiber filter which has a lasting and strong filtering efficiency from bacterias, viruses, dust, and pollens. The nanofiber blocks the external particles like bacteria, while it transmits body heat and humidity from the inside to the outside.

2. It’s 90% UV Protection

It has 90% UV protection which protects the skin from UV damage.

3. Quick dry and cooling effect

It quickly drains sweat and dries quickly which is very nice because it gives freshness and cooling effect during the summer season nor the winter season.

4. It’s reusable and washable

Not all masks can make you save some money but this mask will do. It costs 16,000 won or 700php, it’s reusable and washable at the same time.

5. It’s lightweight, stylish, and flexible

The design is very light and thin but has 99% anti-bacterial protection. It’s stylish which is not awkward to take selfies and photos. It’s also flexible with adjustable straps that can perfectly fit in your face.

girl wearing mask
Proper wearing of a mask

Proper Wearing of a Mask

1. Wash your hands first before putting on the mask.
2. Wear the mask and make sure it covers your mouth and nose.
3. Adjust the strap on both sides to get the perfect fit.
4. Store the mask in a clean plastic bag or mask pouch.
5. Wash if needed.

How to Wash?

1. Separate hand washes with a neutral detergent.
2. Dry naturally in a cool place.


1. In the case of pregnant women, patients with respiratory problems, kids, and senior citizens, please consult a doctor if you have discomfort ability after using the mask.
2. Stop using when it causes your skin rashes.
3.  UV protection and antibacterial effect may be weakened with frequent washing.

This item includes one mask, cute packaging, and a necklace strap.

Where to buy it?

Naver Store: Breath_Silver
Instagram: @breathsilver_kr
Facebook: Breathsilverkorea

This mask is actually a sports mask before but they did an upgrade to make it usable this time of the pandemic. I love the design plus the adjustable strap which makes it easy to fit on my face. It’s also easy to breathe and you’ll feel like you are not wearing any mask because of its lightweight and slim design. Aside from that, you can also choose from a black or white color.

-Wander with Jin

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  1. I love this bts tinytan breath sports 2.0 mask 🥰 aside that I love bts, the mask itself is very fashionable and will give you a lot of protection and comfort. I like that it has 99% filtration efficiency and 90% uv protection. I love that you also included precautions and tips on how to properly wear and wash it.

  2. Hi this review is very helpful! I’d like to thank you! I do have a concern and hope that you can help me. I really like the mask and want to use it for everyday use outside. However, I researched this mask but didn’t find anything that says it prevents covid or such.

    1. Yes, I’d tried searching for that too but I didn’t find any answer. It’s good to use for outdoor sports. But what I do is I put a filter inside whenever I want to use it outside.

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