Jangwon Village from True Beauty + Lunch Date with Friends

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Visiting the filming location of Jangwon Village from True Beauty was my mission today plus a lunch date with my friends. 

If you are my avid reader or follower from my old site you’ll know that the farthest Korean drama filming location that I have been was from It’s Okay To Not Be Okay in Gangwondo. We went to visit the It’s Okay Hospital which appeared in the drama and in real life it’s actually a cafe near the beach.

Today we visited Jangwon Village, Lee Su Ho’s house from True Beauty plus a lunch date with friends. I decided to visit Lee Su Ho’s from True Beauty by hook or by crook. I invited my friend Hazel, she’s actually my Korean drama filming location tour buddy. To complete my mission I prepared screenshots from the drama to recreate the scenes from the drama. Aside from that, I asked another friend, Cherry, the content creator of It’s All About Time, how to go there by taking a bus, and thanks to her, I found another way not to spend 7,000 won on taxi fare.

Then another story was another friend of mine, Ate Samie, sent me a message then I told her that I was on my way to Jangwon Village and meeting another friend of mine (Hazel) at Pangyo station. Then she answered, “I wanna go too”. So to make the story short we met at Lee Su Ho’s house. Actually, she arrived first because her house is nearer than ours.

Lee Su Ho’s house from True Beauty  is called Jangwon Village [장원빌리지] in actual life which is a luxury villa located in Saetbyul Village [샛별마을] located in the district of Bundang, city of Seongnam, a province of Gyeonggi.

Jangwon Village is consists of 15 villas with an area of 60 to 70 squares per unit. According to the source, these villas are 3-storey houses with a living room, kitchen, and bathroom on the first floor.  The second floor has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom and attic on the third floor. Each villa costs about 720 million won which is almost 31 million in Philippine peso. 

Address: 경기 성남시 분당구 예원로6번길 18
How to get here: Take the Shinbundang line going to Pangyo Station and get out from exit 2. Ride a village bus number 602 going to 샛별마을. Then walk for about 5 minutes.

After exploring Lee Su Ho’s house we decided to go to Avenue France and had lunch at Bientoi (비앙또아).  While waiting for our order, we talked about so many things and enjoyed the company of each other.

We ordered shrimp pasta, french toast, and shrimp cream with toasted bread. Thanks to Ate Samie for the very special lunch treat and for the free ride from Jangwon Village to Pangyo station.

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Xoxo, Hyejin 💕

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  1. Grabe po super ganda pla tlga ng house niya . Sarao mkrting sa mga filming location ng mga kdrama . Ang ganda super laki pa 😍🙋

  2. That was Really Awesome Experience talaga ate Jin Super Duper Ganda ng Filming Loc. Na Yan and such a great Experience to see this kind of Beautiful Village, napakalaking Halaga, at hindi mo makukuha agad agad .

  3. ayy bongga nga ng villa na yan Wander with Jin pero kahit si suho lang sapat na sakin hahah hayy 😍

  4. Wow I’m amazed 😃 pangmayaman din pala in real life tong house ng bf ko sa true beauty, 31M talaga 🥺 I’m glad that you were able to visit this with your friends po, it’s a nice bonding na din po. I really love filming locations tours 🤗 how I wish that I was able to watch my oppa during the filming of this series 🥰

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