Year in Review: My Achievements in 2020

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I’m writing my year in review and my achievements before 2020 ends but this blog is not to brag but to inspire others. I don’t others to feel envy nor intimated but I want them to encourage and continue aiming for their goals and dreams.

The year 2020 is maybe not a year for achievement but there are small things that we need to be thankful for. Being negative for the coronavirus is the best thing that we can have, we might lose our jobs during the pandemic but having a complete family is better. We can still make things better on our own even we lose something.

2020 came to an end and the new year came. I know that the year 2020 ends already but on the first day of 2021, I am reflecting on the memories I had from the past year. It might be a tough year but honestly, I received so much from 2020. Some might say I am lucky, yes maybe! I am not lucky with other things but Thanks to God he really knows my hardships.

Year in Review: My Achievements in 2020

1. Re-branding of my blog site

If you are my avid reader, you’ll know that I was writing on my old site “My Onni You”. My blog got almost 119,659 visitors across the world and I am very thankful to all my readers. Even if it’s hard to let it go I made the decision to rebrand my site. Rebranding is never easy, it has a lot of work to do but everything goes well.

Hope you’ll still support me and read my blog!

2. I passed TOPIK 2 Level 3

Passing in level 3 for TOPIK 2 is also one of the things that I never expected. I took the exam without studying because I am also working part-time.

TOPIK is one of the ways to get a better job in Korea or to be accepted in universities. So if you are planning to work in Korea, start studying TOPIK.

You may also read My First TOPIK II Experience blog!

3. I got a part-time job

Last August 18, 2020, I was hired as a part-time leader mom (Philippine culture educator) under the government here in Seoul. My work was to educate the students here in Korea about Philippine culture. I am surprised that a lot of students here love to know more about the Philippines. The students really enjoyed dancing tinikling, making Philippine crafts like DIY Sampaguita flowers and parol, and they also want to taste the halo-halo.

I really enjoyed my part-time job from the beginning to the end because I have learned so many things with my co-leader mom. I’m hoping they’ll give us another opportunity to teach this 2021.

4. I was selected as Global Seoulmate 2020

To become a Global Seoulmate was one of my wishes and it became true in 2020. Global Seoulmate is a group of foreigners living in Seoul who are selected to promote Seoul Tourism.

Being a Global Seoulmate, I am happy to travel and share the hidden gems of Seoul with my friends, family, readers, and followers. It was a great experience and new discoveries. Before the year 2020 ends, I received the Bronze award and winning an Airpods pro.

5. Became a Honorary Reporter

I got selected as an Honorary Reporter but I wasn’t that active honestly since I was also busy doing other stuff. I wrote only one article for the whole year but because of that article, I was lucky to receive a gift from the Blue House which includes a letter from the First Lady of Korea.

Check out my article, [Stay strong, Korea] Cherry blossom gives hope amid COVID-19 outbreak.

6. My Korean Citizenship Application was approved

If you also remember I have posted in my old blog that I have passed my Korean Citizenship exam. In January 2020, I applied for citizenship and the result came out last September. I got my Korean ID exactly on my birthday.

That was the perfect gift I got!

Lessons I Learned

Being a mom is not easy especially if you are living in another country with a different culture and language. So finding a balance of time between life and being a mom is very important. I also experienced working even in a short period of time. It wasn’t easy at all but thanks to God I survive. I felt sorry for my son because of work he needs to wake up early and be in school at 8 am.

Now that I am a stay-at-home-mom again, I’ll be spending my quality time with family and will continue blogging.

I also learned how important life is. Due to the pandemic, all our plans have fallen through and others caught the virus and still fighting for their lives. Therefore, 2020 is not the year to get everything we want but instead, it’s a year to appreciate everything we have.

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

Xoxo, Hyejin 💕

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  1. Hello, Hyejin!

    Congratulations on all your achievements this year, especially on your new job, your citizenship and the rebranding of your site.

    I’m looking forward to reading more about your adventures and life in Korea.

  2. Hi Abby… Hyejin! what a tough decision you had made! di ko din yata kaya if ganun na karami!! I’m sure it is for the best! congratulations on everything you achieved in 2020 and the best part is you are negative in covid because health is the most important of all!

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