Am I Positive for Coronavirus?

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How would you react if you get positive for coronavirus? It’s not a joke so I took the coronavirus test yesterday. I’ve been following social distancing and protocols since the coronavirus outbreak started. But what was the reason why I took the coronavirus test? Do I have the symptoms of coronavirus or I just wanted to be sure that I don’t have the virus?

Why I took the Coronavirus Test?

From August 18, I was hired as a part-time employee, under the supervision of one of the district offices here in Seoul. Since I travel to work every day, I might be exposed to people who have the virus without even knowing. Before my contract ends which is tomorrow, the office asked us to take the coronavirus test. That is the reason why I took the coronavirus test yesterday.

So what happened in the testing center?

Together with my co-workers, we went to one of the temporary screening clinics (임시선별검사소) in Seoul. Actually, Seoul is providing a free and anonymous coronavirus test regardless of symptoms until January 3, 2021.

Upon arrival, we saw the medial team at the screening clinic wearing PPE’s, and honestly, I was wondering if it’s enough to wear since it’s winter here in Korea.

We lined up at least 2 meters away from each other, then the first step was writing our phone number answering a few questions like if we have a cough, respiratory problems, or none. I checked none since I am not sick or anything. After signing up for the paper, we received another piece of paper stating the precautions we need to follow after the coronavirus test then went to window B (there are two windows A and B) to receive the bottle with my phone number written where the examiner will put my swab test. After that, I lined up at lane B since I came from window B.

From lane B, I went to another window for the saliva and nasal swab testing. The saliva swab test was easy but when it comes to nasal I felt a bit of pain but that was fast. I thought the corona testing was hard but it’s not and the line isn’t long so we didn’t wait much.

After the swab test, I was asked to sanitize my hands and leave. Leaving the screening clinic doesn’t end there because you need to wait for the result from 24 to 48 hours. While waiting you also need to isolate yourself until you received the result.

Am I Positive for Coronavirus?

The result came out today and I’m happy to say that I am NEGATIVE for coronavirus. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t need to worry. Coronavirus is still existing and we need to be more extra careful this time. I still also need to follow precautions like hand washing and sanitizing, wearing a mask, and social distancing.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is still holding a free coronavirus test until January 3, so if you are living in Seoul and want to be sure about your health better hurry and take the swab test. Check out the Seoul Korea Facebook page for more details.

*I didn’t take many photos to protect the privacy of others who went for the coronavirus swab test.

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Xoxo, Hyejin 💕

In times of corona, don’t forget to send socially distance hugs to everyone!

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  1. Yay!! God is Great po talaga mommy Abby. Thank God You’re negative from the virus. Stay safe po and Godbless po always mommy 😊

      1. Good news! Nakakagaan po sa pakiramdam na malaman mong negative ka sa coronavirus, but still need parin sundin yung mga safety protocol. Nakakatuwa at may pa free testing diyan sa Seoul.

    1. God is good all the time tlga . Thanks god at negative po kayo sa viru .. pero need pa dn ng doble ingat kse hndi natin alam ang pwedeng mangyare . Keep safe po momsh 😊❤️

  2. So happy to hear that Ms.Abby.Buti nman po at negative Ang result,much better po talaga na nagpa swab test kayo para sure.Lalo na at exposed kayo sa labas.Biti nman at di ganun kahirap magpa swab test.Keepsafe po kayo palagi dyan..

  3. Oh thank God you’re negative Mommy Abby. May schedule na din ako for my swab test bago ako ma confine. January 11 ang schedule ko. Im a bit worried, kasi sabi nila masakit, but now I felt okay kasi hindi nmn pala ganon ka tagal yung pain na mararamdaman mo. Hahaha kaya triple ingat din ako dahil ayoko may mang yari o magkasakit ako bago ako manganak o kahit after ko manganak, dahil may 2year old din akong inaasikaso at walang magbabantay pag manganganak ako. So dapat healthy kmi both ni baby para maka uwi agad ng maaga, dahil nadede pa saken si Lucas.

    Sana okay lahat ang results ng magiging lab tests ko. Pray mo din ako Mommy for my safe delivery hehe.

    1. Oo mamsh, masakit pero saglit lang ginulat ka lang kumbaga. Pero depende din siguro sa magswabtest sayo. Meron din kasi mabigat ang kamay. Goodluck sa delivery mo mamsh! Stay safe and healthy with your kids.

    2. I am glad you are negative 😃 God is good. Pls stay safe, sooner or later we will get through with this. God bless po.

  4. That’s nice to know that the Korean government is offering free testing for residents there. I think here in tbe Philippines, may bayad. 🙁 I haven’t tried undergoing the test yet, but some of my friends who have tried already said masakit nga yung sa nasal. Anyway, I’m glad yours turned out negative. Thank God! Stay safe! 🙂

  5. That’s nice to know that the Korean government is offering free testing for residents there. I think here in tbe Philippines, may bayad. 😦 I haven’t tried undergoing the test yet, but some of my friends who have tried already said masakit nga yung sa nasal. Anyway, I’m glad yours turned out negative. Thank God! Stay safe always!

  6. i am glad you are negative! kudos to SoKor’s government! i wish we have free testings here as well. actually i wanted to get tested eh, wala lang for piece of mind. i hope this pandemic ends na. stay safe always and happy new year!

  7. Im so glad that you turned negative. I’ve never taken tests but I definitely don’t want to experience it myself. Please stay safe.

  8. Good that you are negative, however we ahould not make any actions that will give a bad stigma to those who got it and become positive. Bad stigma changes people into a different being, and that will not bring any good to any sides.

  9. Oh it’s nice na its Free. Here I experienced to had SWAB test kasi requirement sya once manganganak. I need to pay 6k, good thing na less Philhealth so naging 2k plus nalang peso still malaki parin un compared in Korea na Free.

  10. Thank God you are negative! I hope they will also offer free testing here in the Philippines.

  11. Glad to know that you are negative. Stay safe always and enjoy your holidays.. Sana all noh meron free testing, here in our country may bayad and super expensive pa.

  12. Wow!! It’s super nice that swab testing in korea is free!!! Here in the philippines, its super frustrating because it’s mad expensive and people aren’t as scared of going out anymore. The virus is literally everywhere. If only we can have like an at home, swab test kit for covid we can buy at drug stores right?

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