Olympic Park Travel Guide and Stamp Tour

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Here’s an exciting Olympic Park Travel guide and stamp tour for you to enjoy. This park is a combination of leisure, nature, and the culture of Seoul.

Olympic Park is one of the wide-spaced open parks in Seoul where you can enjoy leisure and culture at the same time.  This park was created in memory of the 86 Asian Games and the 88 Seoul Olympics which the abilities and potential of Korean people have known in the whole world.

It’s also one of the parks that is easy to reach inside the city since it’s near Jamsil and Lotte World Tower. This park also has nine spots where you do a tour course by doing the ‘Gu-gyung Stamp Tour’. Also, this park is also one of the best destinations throughout the year, especially during autumn and spring.

Olympic Park Travel Guide and Stamp Tour

Spot #1: The World Peace Gate

The World Peace Gate was designed by Architect Kim Jung-up in July 1988. This statue was built in memory of the ’88 Seoul Olympics’. If you don’t know because of the ’88 Seoul Olympics’ the abilities and capabilities of Korean people have been known throughout the whole world. 

The statue is 24 meters tall, 37 meters wide, and 62 meters long representing the greatness of the Korean people. Aside from the representation of rising, traditional Korean architecture is can be seen too. This represents how Koreans love their culture since the beginning.

At the rear of the ‘The World Peace Gate,’ there are also national flags that belong to each nation in the world.

Spot #2: The Thumb

This sculpture was created by a French sculptor 1988, Cesar Baldaccini. The Thumb is 5 meters tall which can be seen easily from the Olympic Park Station, exit 3. He also made a 12-meter-tall thumb located in La Défense in France.

I am not sure of the true meaning of this sculpture. But I saw from Entouring site that the sculpture means a ‘Good Luck’ gesture.

In addition, this scenic spot is near the Information Center of Olympic Park.

Spot #3: Monghon Moat Music Fountain

This spot is a musical fountain installed in September 1988 with 14 different scenes and 14,000 impressive patterns coordinated with beautiful music.  But historically, this moat was once a military defensive place to prevent enemies from entering the castle.

Spot #4: Communication

This sculpture was made by Amara Mohan in  1987. She’s a world-famous Algerian sculptor and she created the ‘Communication’ for 50 days while staying in Korea.

‘Communication’ represents the rule ‘Close your mouth and open your ears.’  This is actually based on a story of twins who always fight every day. They stopped talking to each other but one day the angry god took away their eyes so that they could not see each other. They were also forced to sit beside each other for the rest of their lives but their mouth is closed.

The lesson of the story is ‘listen before you talk.

This spot is also near the SOMA Museum of Art which is the filming location of  Her Private Life.

Spot #5: Mongchontoseong Trail

Mongchontoseong Trail has five paths but my favorites are the ‘Mud Castle path’ and the ‘Memory path’. The ‘Mud Castle path’ is 2.21 kilometers and it takes about 30 minutes to complete.  This course has a beautiful view and scenery of the Lotte Tower, the Music Fountain, and The World Peace Gate.

‘Memory Path’ is the best spot for sunset photos. A quiet course that takes about 45 minutes to complete.

In Korean, Mongchon means ‘dream village’.

Spot #6: A Lone Tree

Every place has its main attraction and A Lone Tree is the most visited spot in Olympic Park. The tree is standing tall and beautiful even though it’s alone.  But do you know why this tree was alone?

Before there are many private houses in this place and for the preparation for the ‘88 Seoul Olympics’, the houses were demolished and trees were cut down. A Lone Tree was so tall and beautiful to cut down so they left it alone. 

The best spot for pre-nuptial photos, friendship photos, travel photos, and others.

Spot #7: Lake 88

Lake 88 has a perfect view of the Korean traditional pavilion, a lake, and trees. This spot is a perfect picture where you can see the harmony of culture, nature, and people.

Spot #8: Flower Garden of Deulggod Maru

This spot is known as the seasonal flower garden because the flowers that you can see depend on the season of Korea. From May to June, you’ll see the field full of poppies, baby’s breath, cornflowers ad tricolor chrysanthemums. When you visit from August to October, you’ll experience the spiderflower, sunflowers ad yellow cosmos. During this time, the people are planting new flowers and preparing for the next season. 

yellow cosmos flowers

Do you see something on the top? It’s called Heungbu’s wondomak or Heungbu’s Booth in English. It’s a small resting place to enjoy the view from the top to the bottom of the flower garden.

Spot #9: Rose Plaza

Who won’t love roses? I, myself really love roses that’s why I have always visited the Seoul Rose Festival yearly since I came to Korea. But this year the festival was canceled due to corona and the same here at Rose Plaza in Olympic Park. Roses usually bloom from May to June, so there are no roses at this time.

Rose plaza has 12 rose beds named after the 12 Olympus gods like Zeus. As you can notice from the video on my youtube channel, Rose plaza’s theme is harmonized with the modern and ancient Olympic games.

How to do the Olympic Park Stamp Tour

1. Visit the Information Center (Meeting Square or Peace Square) and get your tour map.
2. Collect the stamps on each spot (Look for the green small box)
3. When completed the 9 stamps go back to the nearest Information Center
4. Received your completion gift.

Reasons to Visit Olympic Park

1. Have a wide-spaces for picnics and other activities
(But due to corona these activities are not allowed in the meantime)
2. Have a great view of the Lotte Tower
3. Have a beautiful photo location at the ‘A Lone Tree’
4. Great place for walking or unwinding.

Additional Tips

1. Wear comfortable shoes
2. Bring some water especially if you are visiting during the summer
3. Bring a friend with you to take good photos
4. Bring an umbrella and wear sunglass during summer
5. Best place to have an autumn photoshoot
6. Bike rentals are also available near The World Peace Gate

Map Guide

photo source Olympic Park website

How to get here?

📍Olympic Park
Address:  424 Olympic-ro, Oryun-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul
🚉 Olympic Park Station (Seoul Station Line 5), Exit 3 (The Thumb)
🚉 Mongchontoseong Station (Seoul Subway Line 8), Exit 1 (The World Peace Gate)


What do you think about this place? Share your thoughts below!

Xoxo, Hyejin 

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