Daebak: A Subscription Box Made in Seoul

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Do you like Korean products like snacks, skincare, K-pop items and etc but can’t travel? Here’s the Daebak Subscription box made with love in Seoul.

I know a lot of travelers who visit Seoul or Korea love shopping aside from visiting famous tourist spots. The top on their list is to buy Korean skincare, K-pop merchandise, snacks, and K-fashion too. But some friends of ours can’t travel but they love to receive and buy Korean products freshly from Seoul. Worry no more because Daebak Box is here!

Today, I’ll be sharing with you the Daebak subscription box that I’ve discovered recently. I’ve got two boxes, one is Daebak Box and the other one is Snack Fever. I will explain the differences between these two boxes below. For now, let’s hear the story of the company and how it started.

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Daebak’s Subscription Boxes

1. The Daebak Box

How much does it cost?

The Daebak Box comes in different designs depending on Korea’s season. For one time purchase, it costs $54.99 or you can get an annual plan for $199.96 only for four boxes.

When will it be delivered?

The annual subscription means the boxes will be sent quarterly, in short, 4 boxes in a year. The Spring box comes in the first half of March, the Summer box in June, the Fall or Autumn box in September and the Winter box in December. Although, when you are a new member you’ll receive your box within a month of ordering regardless of the date when did you order.

Does it do worldwide shipping?

Daebak Company ships official goods only and offers worldwide shipping. Here’s a reminder that you must check your country’s customs policy as Daebak Company is not responsible for additional charges like tax and other fees.

What’s Inside the Daebak box?

The box has a random 10 or more items with a selection of Korean beauty and snacks, K-lifestyle, K-characters, and a Daebak magazine which costs over $100 when you buy them separately.

Here’s what I’ve got:

I received the Fall box featuring the beauty of Namsan during autumn and it includes great products from Korea. I love the design of this box because you all know that autumn is my favorite season. And of course, Namsan is one of the top destinations for tourists in Seoul. 

  • P. Calm Barrier_cycle Toner: This is actually my favorite brand when it comes to toner and facial wash. The P.Calm Barrier_cycle toner is a gentle toner that removes the skin’s dead cells, reduces excess sebum, and maintains healthy skin. It is also suitable for sensitive skin.
  • P. Calm Cato Cream: This 80ml cream brightens and moisturizes the skin and removed blemished and protects damaged skin.
  • N Seoul Tower Ornament: It’s a magnet that is a pretty souvenir from N Seoul tower.
  • BT21 Strap Card Holder Shooky: A card holder with a strap that is perfect for BTS fans.
  • Korean Traditional Keyring: A keyring with a Korean traditional design that is lightweight and easy to bring anywhere.
  • Lavoir Scented Dryer Sheet: A dryer sheet that helps the clothes soften and smells good.
  • Orion Sun Jalapeno & Cheddar Snack: A nacho-type snack with Jalapeno and cheese seasoning.
  • Haitai Oh Yes Chocolate Cake Corn & Choco Double Cream Flavor: A chocolate cake with corn flavor and choco double cream filling.
  • Toy Blossom Fluffy Small Doll
  • 1st Look Magazine Volume 242
  • Daebak Magazine Fall 2022

2. Snack Fever Box

How much does it cost?

Snack Fever box has two options for one-time purchase; the deluxe box costs $45 and the original one is $32.

But you also get discounts when you get the Snack Fever Deluxe box recurring plan:

  • Get a 12-month recurring plan and pay $37.00 per box for a total of $444.
  • Get the recurring 6-month plan and pay $38.50 per box for a total of $231.
  • If you get a recurring 3-month plan you’ll pay $39.00 per box for a total of $117.

Also, Snack Fever Deluxe Box recurring plans auto-renews depending on the plan you bought. Cancellation of the renewal can be done anytime from your account’s dashboard.

When will it be delivered?

Unlike the Daebak Box which has annual delivery, SnackFever has a one-time purchase and can be delivered upon ordering. You can also get one box every month depending on your chosen recurring plan.

Does it do worldwide shipping?

Yes, and It’s Only $9.99 worldwide shipping per box.

What’s Inside the SnackFever box?

The box includes 11 up to 13 most popular Korean snacks like chocolates, chips, candies, jellies, and many more. I like the idea of these subscription boxes because it’s like a special gift that you will receive every month or annually.

It’s also a perfect gift for friends and family who loves Korean snacks and items, especially this coming Christmas.

Here’s what I’ve got:

  • Orion Sun Jalapeno & Cheddar Snack: A nacho-type snack with a combination of jalapeno and cheese. It’s not spicy at all! 
  • Lotte Jellycious Green Grape Jelly: A yummy and chewy jelly with a green grape flavor. 
  • Haitai Slim Baked Potato: A potato cracker that is thinly baked that’s why it is called Slim Baked Potato. One of my favorite snacks because of its savory taste.
  • Haitai Roly Poly Choco: A delicious and crispy rolled snack with a chocolate filling. Reminds me of my favorite snack back in my country. 
  • Haitai Homerun Ball Custard Cream Flavor: This is my first time trying the custard cream flavor and I can say that it tastes good too. I usually buy the one with a chocolate filling. 
  • Orion Chocochip Cookie Original: A cookie with chocolate chips on top which is a snack on the go for me! I like its individual packaging inside the box where you can bring it anytime and anywhere. 
  • Haitai Matdongsan Peanut Crunch Snack: A fried cookie covered in a light coating of sticky syrup with a crunchy, nutty, sweet flavor. 
  • Orion Super Sour Chewing Soft Candy: A soft chewing candy with a strong sour flavor that is perfect to have when you’re sleepy while studying or working. 
  • Haitai Oh Yes Chocolate Cake Corn & Choco Double Cream Flavor: It’s my first time trying this chocolate cake since I am not a fan. I find it sweet and yummy, perfect for break-time snacks with coffee or tea. 
  • Haitai Strawberry Wafer: A crispy wafer with bite-size and strawberry flavor. This is my son’s favorite among all the snacks that we’ve got.  
  • Halloween Candy Loot Bag: A mini loot bag with different kinds of candies and chocolates. Perfect for Halloween, birthday, or Christmas parties.  

Where to Buy?

You can buy the Daebak and SnackFever boxes at Daebak’s website. You can also use my code WANDERJIN04 to get additional discounts.

About The Daebak Company

Daebak Company started in 2015 in Los Angeles as Snack Fever with $500 and a dream to inspire others to discover more about Korea and Korean culture. With their passion, the whole team flew from LA to Seoul and started shipping boxes all over the world. The company wants to share an innovative way to give the best Korean experience at home through these subscription boxes.

In 2019, they made a survey to their customers to know what they really want to have or buy from Korea. Through this survey, Snack Fever named their subscription boxes Daebak Box.

In 2020, they changed their company name to The Daebak Company and made a website and app to expand their business. The company was co-founded by Howard Cho who continues to run Daebak today with the mission to spread awareness about Korean culture abroad.

Aside from the subscription boxes, their shop also has a wide variety of Korean products from beauty, snacks, K-pop and K-drama items, and many more.

Korean Word for the Day

Daebak [대박] in Korea is an expression to praise something that is terrific, positive, awesome, and great. It is also a slang word used when you are surprised or shocked about something.

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What are you waiting for? Why not give yourself, your family, or your friends a Merry Daebak Subscription Box this coming Christmas?

사랑, Hyejin 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this , no need na pumunta ng korea para mkabali ng mga ganito 😁😍 ganda din nitong pang gift ❤️

  2. Perfect Ito lalo na SA mga mahilig SA mga Korean products.. ang Ganda Ng box po and thanks for sharing this ms jin

  3. I appreciate Korean food and snacks, and would most likely enjoy getting a daebak box. i’m curious about the p.calm toner and cream. they said Korean skin care is one of the best in the world and I’m wondering if this would work well with my face.

  4. Grabe naman iyang Daebak Box and Snack Fever Box. Mapapa order ka talaga sa dami ng included products. Daebak!

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