Only Go: Single’s Inferno Moon Se Hoon Restaurant

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Visited Only Go, the restaurant of Single’s Inferno celebrity Moon Se Hoon located in Gangnam. Let’s check out what’s on their menu!

I was hooked on the Netflix TV program Single’s Inferno (솔로지옥). It is a variety show about nine Korean singles who are stranded on a deserted island. To escape the island they must search for love for 9 nine days. The Single’s Inferno ranks number 3 in the Top 10 TV Shows in South Korea today.

Photo from Netflix

One of the casts of Single’s Inferno has a restaurant in Gangnam which has been shown in the TV show. After hearing that I went to check out Naver and searched for it. I found out that the name of the restaurant is ONLY GO (온리고). It is actually famous and many Korean bloggers have written reviews about the restaurant. Out of curiosity my friend and I went to visit the said resto yesterday.

Photo from Netflix

Only Go Restaurant is owned by one of the Single’s Inferno cast Moon Se Hoon.

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Dining Experience at Only Go Restaurant

My friend and I tried Beef steak, Ragu Pasta, Croffle with Ice Cream and French Fries. The main dish and side menu are diverse and it’s a good place to enjoy from time to time.

– Wander with jin

The restaurant has a lot of visitors so RESERVATION before visiting is a MUST.

Food & Beverages

Only Go serves pasta. steak and salmon which is really compatible with wine. That’s why it is also known as a wine bar during the night.

Beef Steak
beef steak
Beef Steak (살치살 스테이크) 39,000 won

This menu has beef steak on it, veggies, potato puree, wasabi, and mustard. Some might say that Beefsteak is a common menu but Only Go has something that I might visit again and again. The steak is tender, juicy, and flavorful which is perfect for my taste buds. As you can see in the picture there’s a white cream on the plate. It is actually a potato puree (감자 퓨레) and I love it! I can really taste the potato which is mixed with cream cheese, milk, and butter. I am not sure how exactly they made it but that is how it tasted to me.

Ragu Pasta
ragu pasta
Ragu Pasta (라구 파스타) 24,000 won

If I am not mistaken Ragu Pasta is actually an Italian dish. According to Italian cooking, Ragu means a sauce typically made with ground meat, tomato puree, onions, and red wine, then served with pasta.

Only Go’s Ragu Pasta is cooked perfectly and pleasant to taste. The Italian parsley also gives an additional flavor to the Ragu pasta.

Croffle with Ice Cream
croffle ice cream grapes
Croffle with Ice Cream (하겐다즈 코로플) 12,000 won

The croffle (croissant waffle) is so tasty and perfectly combined with the ice cream and grapes.

Cajun French Fries
french fries
French Fries (케이준 감자튀김) 7,000 won

The cajun french fries are a good addition to the side menu. It has a savory taste which is also perfect when dipped into hot sauce or mayo.

Minimalist Interior

The unique exterior of the building is made of arched glass, and the large and rustic sign is not attached to the outer wall, so it looked neat.

Only Go has a minimalist and classy interior. It also has a calm atmosphere which is really perfect for romantic dates, especially at night. The moody lights also give a great atmosphere to the restaurant.

The restaurant doesn’t have a valet so visitors who bring their cars need to park on their own in the parking lot. But as I can see, it has a narrow alley the driver has to drive back to park.

How to get here?

Only Go is located in Apgujeong, the hot place for the upper class. Take the subway line 3 going to Apgujong station, take exit 3 and walk about 640 meters. Use a GPS if not familiar with the place.

Quick Info for Only Go

  • Korean Name: 온리고
  • Address: 신사동 628-39 웅빌딩 1층 101호
  • English Address: 628-39 Sinsadong Woong Building First Floor
  • Telephone Number: 070-8888-2755
  • Opening Times: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

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  1. Ayy wow perfect place . Madalas tlga kpag nkikita natin sa mga palabas ang saya din na mapuntahan ❤️ ang sasarap ng mga foods dami choices . Ganda ng ambiance , tlgang nkaka enjoy ❤️😍

  2. You tour us to a awesome place which we really appreciate the line up of food they have and the ambiance made me say wow ! Minimalist style and design

  3. Thank you for sharing po about sa One Go sarap ng food nila Ms. Abby parang na satisfied ka talaga kahit ano orderin mo. Ang ganda din po ng ambiance 😍.

  4. Must visit po talaga ito super ganda po dito and sure na enjoy dahil maganda ang ambiance and madami pang choices na pagpipilian sa foods and drinks 🥰❤️

  5. Wow , thanks for tagging us to this famous restaurant! I only watched 3-episodes of Single’s Inferno and didn’t finished it coz nakakainis yung Englisg subtitles here in Australia (and I’m not sure if tama ba yung translation kasi super shallow yung conversation). Also si Jia lang tinitingnan ko dun coz of her fashion style. Deadma ako sa negative publicity about fake designer goods.

  6. Love the architecture outside the restaurant! Minimalist design is already so eye-catching yet so simple. Btw, The puree on your plate was so intriguing!

    1. Naintriga din ako sis! Kaya nagresearch ako paano gawin. Sana makuha ko lasa. Super yummy kasi nung puree nila. Sana may refill sila para sulit.

  7. yay, super popular na yan even before the airing? or now lang when he got known na as one of the casts of SIngles Inferno? galing noh how these businesses get attention through their owners and kdramas.

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