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Welcome to Wander with Jin and I’m glad to see you here! What I did this time is another risk that I may regret or not later on. But I always believe that we only regret the chances we didn’t take. So let’s take those opportunities to travel and enjoy life whenever we can. Anyway, before anything else let me introduce myself first!

Hi! I am Marvi (aka Abby, from My Onni You) but from now on I’ll be using the name Hye Jin. (The reason why I am using a Korean name will be posted in this blog soon.) I am Filipina married to a Korean. I don’t have any profession but I’ve worked in the freelancing world for 7 years and I just lost track when I got married and move to Korea. I am also a Multicultural leader mom who teaches Philippine Life and Culture to Korean students. I love to collect notes and cute stuff. I am also a food lover, not a good nor bad cook but I can cook haha, I also love traveling and taking photographs.

Here are the 4 things that you can expect in my new blog.

4 things to Expect from Wander with Jin

Guides and Tips when traveling to Korea

I may not be an expert on this but I would love to share my traveling experiences here in Korea. I know that I lot of people want to travel in Korea and sharing some guides and tips will help someone who’s traveling for the first time.

Random Musing about Koren Drama/Movies

I really love watching Korean dramas and movies and I know that a lot of people also had the same thoughts about me when it comes to kdrama and movies. In my blog, you can expect my reviews, recommendations, and written life lessons about the new drama’s that I have seen.

Tips on how to study Korean

Due to kpop and kdrama a lot of people now our trying to learn Korean. I can say that learning Korean is interesting. It is easy at first but when the level is getting higher and higher it’s getting harder and harder. I am not that fluent in Korean like the others but I’m willing to share the things I have learned in studying Korean.

Tips on how to teach Multicultural Education

Living in a different country with a different culture is very hard but through multicultural education, children are more open and understanding when it comes to their schoolmates that are born in a multicultural family. In my future blogs, I am happy to share with you my teaching journey here in Korea. I am not a teacher actually, I never graduated with a degree but due to some opportunities, I am able to share with other children how beautiful the Philippines is.

There you have it! I hope you and I will enjoy this new journey of this blog!

Xoxo, Hyejin 💕

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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  1. Im happy to know more about you po, I thought nasa late 20s palang po kayo. Anyway super interesting po ng mga topic niyo lalo napo about sa Korea, oh how I love to visit and stay in South Korea. I also love the name of your subscriber po hihihi 😊❤

    1. Wow! Im so excited to read more! Esp the earn from home blog tips and the Learn Korean Language 😘 The last time Im so eager to learn Korean and tried learning Hangul was a long time ago (2010 i think) and reading this made me wanna learn again ! Mwah mwah keep safe

  2. Im happy whatever makes you happy Mommy Abby. What should we call you now? Hahahahaha!

    Can’t wait to know more about Korea and Koreans. Would love to see you with your Bae-B!

    Best regards,
    @naynaynilucas ♥️🥰

  3. Hi Mommy. Support you whenever You are or whatever your name is. We’re here ,Your followers support you in any platform of social media accounts.

    More vlogs and blogs about Your Journey in Korea 🥰

  4. wow these are interesting contents. i love kdrama, i used to study korean but was not able to pursue it so i only know few basics. i want to visit south korea someday especially filming locations. i am looking forward also for some ways to earn at home, it is very timely and relevant for jobless like me who was hit not only by the pandemic and taal volcano eruption, but also due to some health issues. it will be a great help if i can find a suitable job for me. God bless you and i am looking forward for more upcoming blogs.

  5. Was a bit surprised by the name change, but I recognized your blog right away. Excited for the new type of content you’ll be releasing soon. To another prosperous year of blogging for all of us!

    1. Yes! A lot of followers where looking for the old site but I have to changed it. Hahaha Goodluck to us for our new journeys next year! Merry Christmas

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