My Year in Review for 2019

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The year 2019 is a great challenge for me and the hardships that I’ve been through made me more stronger and motivated, here’s my year in review for 2019. 

The current year is coming to an end, and it’s time for us to reflect on how it went.  Before we end this year, let’s look back to the goals and plans that we have achieved. Let’s thank God, our family, and ourselves for being a fighter and for holding on.  Aside from looking back to what we have received let’s also remember the lessons we have learned from our mistakes. Always remember that every beginning has its own ending, and endings have their new beginnings. Just keep ongoing.

My Year in Review for 2019, The Things that I am proud of:

1. Building up my own blog site

Around July this year, I decided to have my own domain and hosting to put up my own blog. With the help of a newfound friend, I got the courage to start writing again. I am not as good as other bloggers or writers but I know I have done something that I can be proud of. Writing is not a joke, it’s actually hard work and not all people understand that. Not all readers would be pleased, some might be your critic and some will be your fan. But I will always be thankful for those people who look down on me because I accepted it as a challenge to be better.

2. Finding Balance Between Life, Studies and Being a Mom

One of the biggest challenges I had this year was trying to balance everything between, life studies and being a mom. Being a mom is such a hard job where you are not able to take some off when you wanted. In my spare time, I usually roam around Seoul looking for places and things that I am able to write on my blog. Aside from that, I make sure that I am spending quality time with my family. I might have done some sacrifices that I’m regretting till now but I know in time I can fulfill that too. My studies became harder as I been taking levels 5 and 6 this year but it’s been much easier and convenient for me since I do not bring my son with me in class anymore. I only wish I had much more time writing and time to spend with my family. It makes my heart full and happy because I feel that I have done something special at the end of the day.

3. Reaching My Goals

I have some goals for these years that I’ve achieved and some are not. But I will always be thankful for this year and to God for always guiding me and giving me enough strength to fulfill my goals.

4. How much I Learned

Aside from the things I have learned from my mistakes, this year made me more motivated this year. I took my KIIP class levels 5 and 6 twice this year and it was much easier for me to understand the lesson. In addition, the museum tours that I have joined made me more interested in Korea’s history and culture. I wish that I can still join another tour next year. Learning new things was fun and it helped me to be more confident with myself.

5. Finishing my KIIP Class

Finishing my KIIP class is the most important thing that I have done this year and one of the things that I am proud of. It took me 2 and a half years to finish my KIIP class from level 3 to 6. I got 42 points in my pre-level test that’s why I started in level 3. If you think that I didn’t fail in my exams, honestly I did. I failed once in level 3 and level 6 so I needed to take the class twice. I finished my level 3 and 4 last year and this year I have completed the course already.

Completing the course doesn’t mean I am fluent already in Korean, I am still not. It will take more years to be more fluent if I will continue studying. I just learned from my mistakes that if you do not study and put your goals in your heart, you will not achieve anything.

6. Passing my Citizenship Test

Completing my KIIP class means passing my citizenship test. I failed on my first try but I passed on the second time. I can say that I’ve been so stressed and been worried that I might fail again. But I was very thankful that my hardships paid off. Everything went well and I am happy with it. Read the story, My KIIP Citizenship Test Experience.

7. Fangirling Dream Came true

One of my wishes on my wish list came true before this year ends, which is meeting my favorite actor. Called me childish but it’s really a dream for me as a fangirl. Check out the whole article, 2019 Jung Il Woo Share Your Love Bazaar Experience.

The Biggest Lessons I Learned

i. Love and trust yourself more

Loving yourself is not being selfish, it’s just you can’t truly love others if you don’t know how to love yourself.  Loving yourself means trusting yourself and your instincts too. Don’t focus on others and life and do focus on your own. Be comfortable with yourself so you can learn to love yourself. Loving yourself provides self-confidence, self-trust, and self-worth. Learning these things will make you happier and you will know your worth.

ii. Give Yourself a Break

Sometimes we get stressed and disappointed and you can be hard on yourself. It’s actually natural but we need to give ourselves a break from time to time. We should learn to be optimistic. No one is perfect, we don’t need to be on the top every time. We don’t need to push ourselves to the extent that we feel exhausted, tired, and overextended. We should learn how to treat ourselves like a friend, with love, understanding, and kindness.

iii. No Expectations, No Disappointments

When expectations are not meant, it leads to disappointments. Expectations cannot make us happy because we are not enjoying what it is but we are striving for something that hasn’t come yet. We can’t accept the present moment that’s why we tend to build them in advance. So if you don’t wish for disappointments, don’t expect anything. Take life as it is. Life is beautiful when we learn to enjoy the things we have.

Happy New Year everyone!

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.

Xoxo, Hyejin 💕

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  1. I’m so proud of you Abby Eonni! If ever I get a chance to visit Korea again, I’ll definitely make time to meet you. Hihi

  2. So proud of your manay achievements. Congratulations. I’ve also learned a lot from reading this thank you! I hope the new year will bring blessings to you and your family!!

  3. I feel you. I am also having struggles in juggling my time between my career and mommy duties. Good thing that I am now doing homebased jobs so it is easier for me now. One of my goals this year also is to update more my blogsite

    1. I’ve been doing homebased too before when I was in PH. I just stopped when I came here. Wish to get back to the track again kaso grabe ang competion sa freelancing world ngayon.

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