Things to Know About Chuseok, A Korean Holiday

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What is Chuseok (추석)? There are things to know about Chuseok, a Korean holiday known as a thanksgiving day in Korea. It is one of the biggest holidays in Korea, and the other one is Seollal. This is one of the most important Korean holidays because it is the way to say thank you to the ancestors for having a plentiful harvest.

Chuseok is also known as Hangawi which celebrates during 15th of August in the lunar calendar. The female members of the family usually do the preparation for the “charye“, an ancestral memorial ceremony.

Along with Chuseok, Koreans also celebrate Seollal or Korean Lunar New Year.

Things to Know About Chuseok

Ceremony: Charye  (차례)

An ancestral memorial ceremony held during the second day of Chuseok. It is usually done in the morning where all the family members most especially the male members will do the memorial service to their ancestors thru a bow. Each food has its own significance and proper place on the table. Red-colored fruits are placed on the fifth row east side while the white-colored fruits on the west side. Fish are placed on the second row east side and meat are placed on the west side. A dried fish called “포” (Po) placed on the fourth-row left side and “sikhye” (a Korean sweet rice drink) on the right side. On the fifth row from the left side, jujube, chestnut, pear are placed.

Food: Songpyeon (송편)

Songpyeon (송편)

During holidays, there are special foods to be eaten like in Chuseok, Koreans eat Songpyeon (송편). Songpyeon is a traditional rice cake made of rice powder. It is made in different colors with a half-moon shape and with sweet fillings. Old people say whenever you make a beautiful moon shaped songpyeon you will have a beautiful baby girl. Koreans served songpyeon at the Charye (차례 )in saying thank you to their ancestors.

Full Moon: Making Wishes

During Chuseok, watching the full moon and making a wish is one of the traditional practices in Korea.

Games: Ganggangsulae, Ssireum

Chuseok is not just about traditional ceremonies but also it’s time to play. Most women cannot go outside most of the time. But, during Chuseok they form a big circle and hold hands while rotating clockwise under the brightest full moon, it is called Ganggangsulae.

Ssireum (씨름) is also one of the traditional games during Chuseok. It is composed of two opponents who wrestle while holding each other’s belts, called ‘Satba (샅바)’. To win, the player must bring down his opponent to the sand.

What to expect during Chuseok?

  • Traffic jam – Most of the families are going to the provinces so going out of Seoul will surely be traffic.
  • Ticket Reservations are tight – Koreans always book their KTX tickets earlier to avoid running out of tickets when the holiday approaches.
  • Fruits, Chuseok Gifts are in demand – Family members always prepare Chuseok gifts like fruits (in boxes), kitchen seasonings, toiletries, special beef, and others.
  • Bus Terminals and KTX are crowded – As the holiday approaches expect that bus terminals and KTX are crowded.
  • Palaces are free entrance – One good news for those who don’t have families to celebrate the holiday or for tourists.
  • Some restaurants and shops are CLOSED – Expect that during holidays some restaurants, shops are closed.
  • Themed Parks are 50% off – Since most Korean families stay at home to prepare and celebrate Chuseok altogether, theme parks offer discount coupons and sometimes 50% off. This is to let the families enjoy the said holiday too.
  • Busy daughters-in-law – Being married to a Korean man, expect that during this holiday you need to do the cooking, serving, and dishwashing.
  • Lastly, for daughters-in-law, DO NOT EXPECT THAT YOU WILL RECEIVED A GIFT to avoid disappointment.

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    1. Thank you for sharing!!! So nice naman po. Ngayon alam kona na ang Chuseok ay isang piyesta opisyal sa Korea na kilala bilang araw ng pasasalamat sa Korea. Sasarap naman po ng mga pagkain. Talaga namang nakakatakam. 😋😋 Happy Chuseok po 🥰💞

  1. Chuseok, a Korean holiday known as a thanksgiving day in Korea. It is one of the biggest holidays in Korea, and the other one is Seollal. This is really one of the Korean culture that I wanna experience someday.
    I loved alk things during this holiday.
    Very detailed info thank you for this.

  2. It’s good to know that Chuseok is a Korean holiday known as the thanksgiving day in Korea. Thanks for sharing this. The foods is looks so delicious and also I want to wish on the fool moon 😍 hoping soon I’ll have a chance to experience this kind of holiday in Korea 🤩❤️

  3. Wow ang galing ganito po pa tlga kpg holiday season ang sasarap ng mga food 😍 ang saya kapag thanks giving sa korea nakakatuwa 🤗❤️ thank you for sharing ! Happy chuseoks day . ❣️

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