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Flight and Space: Jeju Aerospace Museum

Flight and Space Jeju Aerospace Museum was one of the museums in Jeju where you able to learn about the airplanes and jets used and developed in South Korea.

Jeju Aerospace Museum or JAM is an education facility operated by Jeju International City Development Center. This facility runs a beneficial education program with a variety of fun experience facilities, making dreams and building hopes for future generations in the aerospace field and providing a memorable experience not just for adults but same as with kids.

The first floor of the Museum is the “Aviation History“, where a selection of planes that bear traces of the world’s aviation history and Republic of Korea Air Force can be seen here.

Different Kinds of Planes and Fighter Jets

F-51D Mustang

Wild Horse that Fought in Two Wars, The F-51D Mustang was mainly used during World War II. Its first flight took in 1942 and retired in 1957. After the outbreak of the Korean War, about 130 F-51D’s were delivered to Korea Air Force from the United States in 1950.

Goblin of the Sky, F-4D

F-4D is a large-sized twin-engine plane produced by Mcdonnell Douglas Corporation of the United States in 1958. It was widely used worldwide including by the US Naval Force and European countries for its high performance and multipurpose features. First produced in Korea as an improvement over the F-5A in August 1969. F-4D’s was used to attack a North Korean espionage boat found in Soheuksan-do Jeonnam in 1971. The plane retired in June 2010.

The F-5A Freedom Fighter

Winning the Fight for Freedom, The F-5A Freedom Fighter, served as one of the three key cards of the Korea Air Force along with F-16 and the F-4. This is a light fighter aircraft that is famous for having a compact twin-engine and its first flight was in 1959.

The F-5E Tiger II

Brave Tiger of the Sky, F-5E Tiger II first flight was in 1972 and been exported to other countries in 1974. This aircraft is an improved model of the F-5A developed by Northrop of the United States. It easy to maintain and handle, it boasts superior control stability at ultrasonic speeds and with high reliability.

The F-86F Sabre

Fastest Fighter of the 1950s, The F-86F Sabre served as the mainstream fighter jet of Korea Air Force before it was retired in 1993. This was America’s first swept-wing fighter jet and it took its first flight in 1947.

They also displayed different miniatures of the airplanes which kids will love if they have an interest in airplanes and dream to become a pilot.

The second floor is about the “Astronomical Universe”, it is a journey into a mysterious universe with the realization of human imagination toward the universe and shows the history of ancient and modern astronomy.

They also have a Childcare experience space that fosters the unlimited imagination and creativity of our kids and they also have an Imaginary Studio where they support educational and creative activities through Maker Space.

Customer Convenience Facilities:

1. Observatory on 4th Floor
2. Grass Square – for outdoor events like rocket launching programs
3. Amenities like the convenience store and gift shop.
4. Lightning Pizza – it is the only pizza in the world made with over 30 fresh Jeju local toppings.

Opening Hours:

9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Entrance closed at 5:00 pm)
※ Tickets to view exhibitions: can be purchased up to one hour before closing.

The third Monday of the month
※ (If the third Monday is a public holiday, the museum will close on the first business day after the public holiday.)

Admission Fees:

Adults (19 – 64 years)              10,000 won
Youth (13 – 18 years)                 9,000 won
Children (3 – 12 years)              8,000 won
Children younger than 36 months: Free
Groups (10 or more): Additional KRW 1,000 off the discount price


218 Nokchabunjae-ro Andeok-myeon Seogwipo-si, Jeju, South Korea)

By Car:
Jeju Airport
Pyeonghwa-ro ▶ Donggwang Yukgeori ▶ To Gueok (Shinhwa-Yeoksa-ro) ▶ Jeju Aerospace Museum

Jungmun Tourism Complex
Hanchang-ro ▶ Donggwang Yukgeori ▶ To Gueok (Shinhwa-Yeoksa-ro) ▶ Jeju Aerospace Museum

By Public Transport:
From Jeju downtown (Airport)
(Express)No.150-1, No.182 ▶ After getting off at Donggwang Transit Center Transit to the Western Tourist Resort Circular Bus(No.820-2), get off at Jeju Aerospace Museum (Main Line)No.255 Get off at Jeju Aerospace Museum

From Seogwipo downtown/ Jungmun Tourism Complex
(Express)No.181 (Main Line)No.282 ▶ After getting off at Donggwang Transit Center, Transfer to West Area Tourist Circulation Bus (No.820-2) or Interchange to Karsan Bus No.255 and get off at Jeju Aerospace Museum

From Hallim
(Main Line)No.784-1, No.784-2 Get off at Jeju Aerospace Museum

From Moselpo
(Express)No.150-1 ▶ After getting off at Donggwang Transit Center Transit to the Western Tourist Resort Circular Bus(No.820-2), get off at Jeju Aerospace Museum (Main Line)No.255 Get off at Jeju Aerospace Museum

For more information, visit:
Jeju Aerospace Museum Website

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