Hanbok Experience with OneDay Hanbok

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Oneday Hanbok is one of the famous hanbok rental shops near Anguk Station. It’s a walking distance of Samcheong-dong, Bukchon, and Changdeokgung Palace. If you are looking for a great experience while in Seoul, wear Korean traditional clothes while roaming around the palace and famous tourist spots.

Hanbok Experience with OneDay Hanbok

Oneday Hanbok

The entrance to the building was behind the building and go up to the 2nd floor. I and my friend went there without reservation but reservation is highly recommended because they prioritize the one who has a reservation.  All you need is to email your booking details (Name/ Date/ Time/ No of People) to onedayhb@naver.com or send them to their Facebook page.

Hanbok Rental Fees

  • 4 Hours – 18,000 Korean Won
  • 1 Day (24 Hours) – 28,000 Korean Won (Minimum rental duration is 4 hours)
  • Additional hourly fee – 4,500 Korean won
  • Basic accessories – Free (Hair accessories, bags, dress underskirt)
  • Special accessories – 2,000 Korean won (King’s hat, King’s belt, Gisaeng hat, Gat,  etc.)

Hanbok Rental Process

1. Choose your Hanbok

When we arrived at 10:30 am, we wrote our names on the sheet given to us, and then we waited for our turn. After 30 minutes, we are called to follow the staff, they checked our sizes and told us to choose 2 sets of hanboks that we want.


Then the staff assisted us in wearing the dress and if you don’t like the first one you fitted you can change it just tell the staff and you can try the second one. But if you still don’t like the 2 sets that you have chosen, the third choice will have another fee. So I suggest better choosing the best designs. 

2. Choose your Accessories

After putting on the dresses, choosing the accessories you like is the next step. They provide simple hair braided service and they will help you tie your hair in braids or a ponytail. They can also help in putting the Korean traditional ribbon in your hair if you want.


NOTE: They don’t provide makeup (so bring your own) but they have free hair accessories as well as hair irons and curlers.

We’re done and ready! But before anything else you need to do an important thing before leaving.

3. Inspection, Deposit, and Payment

Before anything else, this is very important, you need to check the hanbok you were wearing if there are some damages, so you can tell the staff about it to avoid additional charges. You need to show your ID or passport, for the deposit (10,000 won) and payment. I paid 18,000 won for 4 hours of rental. A deposit/collection slip will be given to you to use upon collecting your bags/valuables, deposit, and return the accessories and hanboks that you have rented.

4. Photo Shooting with you Hanbok

hanbok two girls

And here we are, dressed with our rented hanboks and thanks to One Day Hanbok.

5. Return Hanbok

If you have rented 4 hours, you need to return the hanboks and all the accessories at the given time. They will give you your belongings and then you will be told to go inside to remove the hanboks and return them to the staff.

How to get there?

Take the subway Line 3 going to Anguk Station, Exit 2. Just go straight until you saw the yellow stall and love above it you’ll the shop of One Day Hanbok. The entrance is behind and you need to go up to the 2nd floor.

Address: OneDay Hanbok
2nd Floor, 4 Bukchonro5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Exit 2)
Website: http://www.onedayhanbok.com/

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    1. Thanks 🙂 I tried searching their Instagram for the designs of their hanboks that looks great in photos. Luckily, the one I like was available (that’s what I’m wearing in the photos)

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