First Garden in Paju: A Secret Haven

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First Garden opened its doors to the public last 2017, it’s a European theme with different kinds of gardens and they have a restaurant too, an amusement park, a wedding hall, four-seasons sleds, challenging activities, and a greenhouse.

This garden in Paju is one of the many filming locations of Korean dramas like Go Back Couple, 18 Again, Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Missing: The Other Side, My Holo Love, Abyss, Love in Sadness, Devilish Joy, While You Were Sleeping and  Manhole.  

What to see in First Garden?

BOSCO Café and Maison de Bon Restaurant 

BOSCO Café and Maison de Bon Restaurant is a restaurant where you can have a drink and food with an amazing view outside.

Toscana Square and the Byeokcheon Fountain look like Zeus pouring water are the beautiful fountains featured in Korean dramas like Go Back Couple.


Rose Garden

Rose Garden shares the different kinds of roses from white, red, yellow, pink and etc. It’s a garden that shows the love story of Cupid and psyche.


Festival Garden

Amusement Park has different kinds of rides where kids can play with a variety of exciting rides and games. You can buy your ticket separately using the machine inside the garden. At the amusement park, you can try the Garden Train, Bumper Cars, Carousel, Gyroscope, Trampoline, four-season Sled, and Spaceshot.

Gaudium Wedding Hall is usually is for events like weddings or parties. This garden was featured in the drama “Return of Bok Dan Ji- 돌아온복단지” (Episode 3)  of MBC, where they held a wedding.

The GreenHouse also has different kinds of species of plants and flowers, animals like birds and hens where you can check out and at the same time learn together with your kids. There’s a big cage with different kinds of birds ins

You will fall in love in every corner of this place due to its ancient Greek theme and it’s like you were in a fairy tale when you enter this place.

White Garden

White Garden has different kinds of statues like this big heart with a statue and a carousel just like in fairy tales.

Make a special memory with your family and friends in this place. If you are living in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do this is a good place to check out.


Ticket and Admission 

Business Hours:  10: 00 am ~ 오후 10: 00 pm (last ticket: 오후 9: 00)

CategoryWeekends / HolidaysWeekdaysComparison
Restaurant 5%Discount
(Present coupon)

Infant group inquiry (031-957-6864)
[No entry for group program]

Children/Disabled 8,000

경기도 파주시 탑삭골길 260 퍼스트가든(상지석동 1021-3) 

How to get here:

By Subway:
Take Line 90 from Bus Stop (20-335) in front of Exit 6 of Baekseok Station on Line 3 → Get off at 20-386 and get off at Madoo Station (Line 3) → Take Bus No. 90 → Take Bus No. 90 → Get off at 20-386 Get off at Unjeong Station on the Kyunggi Line (Exit 2). Approximately 160M to the left. Unjeong Station → Take bus # 088 (Bongilchon direction, 30-221 stop) → First Garden

By Bus:
General Bus: 3, 90 – Getting off: Park Ae-Won (Stop No. 20-387, 20-386) – Town bus: 088 – Getting off: First Garden 088 Town buses are 30 ~ 40 minutes on weekdays, please check the service information.

By Car:
Search “First Garden” in Navigation

Direction: Go straight from the office of Jori-eup to the left direction about 350m -> turn right and go straight to the highway at about 2.3km -> turn right at the GS Caltex location,

Ilsan direction: Janghang IC -> Turn left at the intersection of Newcoa Department Store -> Move 1.43km along the central road -> Turn right after passing Ilsan Police Station -> Go to Bongil Stream 7km -> Turn left at GS Caltex -> 600m

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